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Inhale/Exhale 25 years old!

Today, May 26 2023, it's exactly 25 years since "Inhale/Exhale" was released and ultimately became Nasum's big break. Up until then we didn't really feel that we had a following, although we obviously sold a few records and t-shirts and answered interviews (per regular mail, of course!). But it really was when "Inhale/Exhale" had been out for a while and Relapse sent us xerox copies of reviews in magazines and such that we really understood that people listen to our stuff. And they like it!

So, "Inhale/Exhale" was the stepping stone for Nasum as a real band, I would say.

It feels like yesterday when the album celebrated 20 years. Time really flies... Anyway, five years ago was the start of The Rare Nasum project when a rehearsal for "Inhale/Exhale" got released at Bandcamp. So why not celebrate in style and release another rehearsal for "Inhale/Exhale" today?

That's right - check out Bandcamp for a new 14 track album with rehearsal songs, and read some liner notes here.

In all honesty, this is a slightly week 25th celebration and I assure you that "Inhale/Exhale" will be celebrated in style, just not right now...

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Nasum 30 years old! Big celebration!

Let's say that Nasum is 30 years old today. No, it's not the proper "birthday" of the band, that was probably during the summer some time, but let's say we celebrate today. And let's say Nasum brings the gifts. What do you get?

Well, two brand new OLD rehearsal albums from the vault. Last year I went through all my tapes looking for things from the past and I found a lot, but not all. I've been sitting on the "Earliest Recorded Nasum Reheasals 1992" for quite a while as I was hoping to find some more stuff that I know exist, but I never found it. Then we have the "Smile When You're Dead/Grindwork Rehearsal 1994" with a creatively charged trio version of Nasum.

Great stuff from the vault, but not with the greatest sound of course... I've priced the albums low, the early stuff extra low, so feel free to visit for these two albums and many more.
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And celebrate the 30 years of Nasum any which way you want!

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Minidiscs, Mieszko tapes and masterreels

There has been some exiting things going on with the vault related stuff lately. I posted a few video messages on the Nasum Facebook page, but I figured I needed to put it down in print as well.

To begin with, last Friday the 8th album in The Rare Nasum project was published on Bandcamp. I let the members of the Nasum Facebook page vote between a "Domedagen" rehearsal and a "Frankensteined" live show from November/December 2000, and the latter"won" the vote this time. That means that the "Domedagen" rehearsal will be next release, coming this March.

The live show was glued together from four different shows out of eight recorded on seven Minidiscs that I found in my archives while looking for other stuff. You can read lengthy notes about the show and the sources here.

In the first of the two video messages I explained that I have reached the end of the cassette project, where unfortunately not all things that I had hoped to find had been discovered. Some might not exist at all, while others do exist, so the definite end is floating at the moment. Are there more tapes somewhere? I don't know.

I also explained that from the start of the project I have gotten requests from people wanting to buy original tapes. I am not going to sell any of my tapes since they have such a big personal value. But there are some tapes that I am willing to sell. I inherited a box of tapes from Mieszko and my memories of Mieszko aren't connected to his tapes so I figured that they could be cool and unique collector's items for the fans. There are like 4-5 tapes that I am planing to sell, among others Mieszko's master copies of the "Domedagen" demo and his compilation "Corpse Flesh Genitals". At the moment, those who are interested in buying these should write me at and I will add you to the list until I figure out how to proceed. There will probably be some kind of auction for the stuff. I don't know yet, but if you are interested - write me!

And then, the huge thing, that came out of nowhere... A few weeks ago I met with Mathias Färm who used to run Soundlab Studios together with Mieszko back in the day, and still does these days on his own, and he gave me a bunch of master tapes that he discovered when they moved the studio a few years ago. There were five ADAT tapes that has "Human 2.0" and then five 1/2" reels with stuff connected to me! One of the tapes has, according to a paper inside, the 16 track recording of "Industrislaven", and two tapes has the recording of "Inhale/Exhale" which is REALLY exciting. Unfortunately, "Inhale/Exhale" was recorded on three reels and I have number 1 and 3... But then there's one mystery tape that is marked only "Nasum" and that can be the missing second reel, or it can be either the "Regressive Hostility" recording of the Warhate-split stuff recorded between the albums.

I don't know, but if it is the second "Inhale/Exhale" reel, I would be extremely excited. The goal with the cassette project was to find the four unreleased songs from the album and I found only one. During the project I came to the conclusion that they probably never were mixed properly and therefor never put on a cassette. But I know now that at least two more are on the reels I got (since we wrote the reel content in the Soundlab guestbook) and hopefully all four are there.

I need to bake (!) and transfer these tapes digitally and I have some options how to proceed with that, but it will cost some money, so if you want to help me to fund the work, support The Rare Nasum or donate in some other way. All proceeds from the Mieszko tapes will obviously also cover this upcoming cost. Once the reels are available digitally there are exiting stuff to be done!
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America! Fuck yeah!

There has been two additions to the Vault, both related to the US tour of 1999. The other week I wrote some notes to a YouTube clip of the first Nasum show in the US, at Milwaukee Metalfest. This clip has been online for ages, so it's not new-new but the notes are brand new.

Today I have released another album in The Rare Nasum project over at Bandcamp which is a soundboard recording from New York roughly a week after the Milwaukee show. For this release I have written A LOT of words speaking about the entire tour and the New York show in particular. It was at the legendary CBGB's after all.

That said, it might be interesting for the die-hard Nasum fan to compare the shows. What happens to the music, the performance and the whole thing during a tour? Quite a lot if you ask me.

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The ongoing cassette project

In case you don't follow Nasum on Facebook, you might have missed an ongoing cassette project that has been going on for the last couple of months. I have been posting a few messages and videos about this on Facebook. In short: I have loads of cassettes from back when, some marked, most of them unmarked, that I have been wanting to explore for quite some time. I know there are some gold on them, but I haven't had the time to do a serious take on this lengthy project. Until now.

For the last couple of years, I have been publishing some odd recordings from Nasum over at Bandcamp as The Rare Nasum project. It started with an "Inhale/Exhale" rehearsal and some of you have been kind enough to pay for the music. I have earmarked all the money that has come my way through this to be able to take a week of from work to go through all the tapes.

This happened the last week of September. The plan was to go through all the tapes, identify and hopefully find the good stuff, digitalize it and go from there. I had also planed to go through a few boxes of documents, but I only had time to do the first part of the tape project. It takes a lot of time to do this!

But I am close to the end. I have found some good stuff and started the digitalization process, but there are still lots of tapes left to explore. And there are a few things I KNOW I have recorded but haven't found yet, some stuff that I need to find before I can finish some other parts.

I uploaded the first release from this ongoing project the other week. It was a rehearsal with the original three piece preparing for the "Industrislaven" recording. It was a fun find.

Some other stuff that has been found and that will be released eventually are this:

• The earliest known recorded Nasum rehearsal. It has Rickard and I playing three of the songs from "Blind World" and some cover stuff. It’s rough but very cool. I am hoping to find some more early stuff to add to this "album" as it's a little bit too short at this time. I have some acoustic riffs from the second recording ("Really Fast vol 9") that might fit and there is an unrecorded song called "Maze" that Mieszko and I recorded a rehearsal of just playing the guitars that I hope to find. That would be real gold!
• A rehearsal for the "Smile When You're Dead"/"Grindwork" session. Again with the original three piece. This one has been digitalized but I have yet to write some notes about it.
• A rehearsal for the "World In Turmoil"/"The Black Illusions" session. Actually, a FEW rehearsals... I have 42 recorded songs and that is way too many to release, so this session will go through some serious editing before it's ready for a release.
• More "Inhale/Exhale" rehearsals. Again, it's a bunch of sessions and too many songs, so more editing to do.
• More "Helvete" rehearsals... Copy + paste from above. Needs heavy editing and the sound is so so...

There are more to explore, but this stuff is most likely to appear as The Rare Nasum releases soon.

But what is next? Well, I can tell you right now: A soundboard recording from Nasum's show at CBGB's in New York, August 1999. This was actually found on a DAT that I had to send away for transfer but it's interesting, to say the least. The sound is a bit on the rough side but it works and after some editing I have about 30 minutes of Nasum live for you all. I have a lot to say about this evening in The Great Apple so I have some writing to do before it can be released. But be patient - it's coming soon!
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I am still looking for those four excluded songs from "Inhale/Exhale" but I am sort of losing hope. I might not have them after all. Perhaps they were never mixed? I have found ONE of the songs so that will be released in some way soon, but I guess I will wait until I KNOW that the other three are nowhere to be found.

In this project I have of course found a lot of other interesting stuff that doesn't bear the monicker Nasum. I have found demos and recordings from friends and local bands that I have been digitalizing and distributed to the people involved. I have found several rehearsals and similar stuff from related bands such as Necrony, Krigshot and Bloodshed. I have also found more obscure things like Carbuncle, a grind/noise project who did an improvised session when the Necrony 7" EP was recorded (basically it's Necrony + Dan Swanö) and Stalemate, a grindcore project I had with two members of Altar in the early 90's.

You should not expect any of the stuff mentioned being released in any form (with the exception of Necrony, perhaps). This stuff is mainly for me. I am still looking for a project called Illuminate which was Mieszko and I doing some "hardcore stuff" that could pass for some of the odd Nasum songs. I hope I will find that when I go through the last tapes.

Anyway, the gist of it all is that quite a lot of stuff will be added to The Rare Nasum in time and you should keep an eye on Facebook for more video messages along the line. You don't need to have a Facebook account to see the Nasum page.

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Shift: Drums & Scratch in the vault

The other week I found a box of CD-R's and DVD-R's with some different stuff on them. One actually had some scribblings on it and I realised that it was a "work in progress" CD from the recording of "Shift", with the drums and a scratch guitar.
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As I started to listen to it I discovered not only one or two but THREE unifinished songs from the session, which made this a perfect addition to The Rare Nasum project. Of the 33 songs recorded for the session, I picked out a total of 10 including the three unifinished songs and made a digital album at Bandcamp.

Accompanying notes are available for your reading pleasure here at

I have loads of interesting stuff boxed up and every little dollar or EURO from each purchase of The Rare Nasum stuff is put aside and will sponsor a THOROUGH vault excavation after the summer. So loads of stuff will be added, most of it totally for free.

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The vault has been updated

In case you have missed it, The Nasum Vault is where I collect different things from the years, be it exclusive audio recordings, videoclips, artwork or some written stuff.

Today the vault has been updated with some of the latter. I begun when I searched for something else over at where snapshots of webpages are collected in the Wayback Machine. Some how I checked out the earliest snapshots of and found some stuff that I had forgotten we had there.

To start, I found a tour diary from 2000 when we toured Europe for seven weeks with Napalm Death. That was from the time of the "Human 2.0" album and I also found a bunch of reviews that were fun to read. With those in place I had some "Human 2.0" related material and decided to add the liner notes from the 2014 LP reissue to the vault.

As I continued going forward in time in the Wayback Machine I found another tour diary, this time from 2003 when we did a shorter thing in Finland with Rotten Sound. That was quite a fun read.

This might not be as exciting as a rehearsal with unreleased stuff but it still fun stuff from the past that I wanted to add in the vault. With that said, I can tease that I plan to do a focused and thorough excavtion of the vault this coming fall. That might bring the really exciting stuff to light...

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The show from a parellel world?

Today I got this image in the mail. It's a poster for a Nasum show at Kafé 44 in Stockholm together with Murder Squad. But: it didn't happen. And I can't even remember that it was supposed to happen! It's like it's a poster from a parallel world!

The date, September 29, is not a clue to this unknown show. Most likely the poster is from 2002 or 2003, but there are no other historic Nasum shows particularly close to that date that can boil it down to a certain year.

I have digested this for a few hours and I might have slight memories of a possible show with Murder Squad but that might be an afterthought. One possible explanation is that it was part of the “Helvete” tour that was cancelled due to different reasons, but it would surprise me a lot if Kafé 44 had made posters for the show.

So, it’s basically an enigma of huge proportions. If anyone has any info, please get in touch at!

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A new (sort of) release! A green tape!

It's time for a new Nasum release, if you by "new" mean "old shit rehashed in a new format", that is. This time it's a tape, a green tape to be specific and its content are the songs from the "Regressive Hostility" compilation CD, thus the release is called "Songs of Regressive Hostility".

Why is this released now, and why a tape and why a green tape in particular? Well, I will answer those questions:

Why now? This recording is one of my personal favorite recordings with Nasum. It's the second recording we did after I started playing the drums and doing part of the vocals. This was the first one in the first version of Soundlab Studios (then called Punkpalace) and the sound was far better than the previous recording ("The Black Illusions"/"World in Turmoil"), that had its definitive charm but was on the rough side. Anyway, I was – and still am – very proud of this recording and I have always thought that had it been a stand-alone Nasum release it would have been a classic. So, I have sort of been longing for an individual release of these songs for years and years.

Why a tape then? Well, last year, when the whole pandemic shit put the world on hold, I saw that my friend Doug Brown, the director of the "Slave to the grind" documentary and the man behind the Death by Digital label, asked if someone could help him with some Photoshop work for a few cassette releases. I said that I could do it and I helped to do the J-Cards for tapes with Agathocles, Meth Leppard and Lurid Panacea. Quite recently Doug asked if he could do something with Nasum and I thought of my old idea once again. I fooled around with a few different titles before settling on the most "on the nose", as I didn't want to give the impression that this was new or unreleased stuff, so it's named after what it is. The artwork I acquired after discovering a fan made Nasum t-shirt on Instagram. I got in touch will Ill Will that screen-printed a few t-shirts and we came to an agreement and I could use the design for future projects. I was going to do a t-shirt only first but it's such a good and fitting artwork that I really needed to use it as a front cover for the tape.

And finally, why green? This recording was done in 1997 and we had begun talking to Relapse about doing something together. I had previously done two demos with a band called Stationwagon where the first one was blue and the second green, and I had some green tapes left. So I recorded the songs on one of the leftovers and sent it too Relapse and they liked it and it eventually led to a record deal and obviously "Inhale/Exhale". At some point they referred to "that green tape" and it really stuck with me. I doubt that any of the current Relapse employees knows what "the green tape" is, but it stayed in my mind and it was of course obvious that this re-issue should be green!

So, completists or tape freaks, this is now available for order. It's limited, as it should, so act fast. The artwork is of course available as a black t-shirt with green print, but it is also done with grey print as the latest addition to the official merchandise selection over at Selfmadegod Records.


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Live stuff from 2000 added to the vault!

This is a VHS from Fuck The Commerce III. A German festival held in 2000. This VHS has been laying around for years and I finally found time to rip it to digital. The result is... well, it's something for the die-hard fans!

Here are some notes about the festival and the clip, and you can also see the video embedded or at The Offical Nasum YouTube Channel.

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