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Happy birthday, Inhale/Exhale! Let's celebrate big!

Today it's the 20th birthday for "Inhale/Exhale". It was originally released May 26 1998. It's strange how time flies. In one way it doesn't feel like 20 years have passed, but it another way it really feels like that. Nasum has done a lot over the years, but still... Wow! 20 years!

My life has had a number of mile stones and this album is certainly one of them. Without the unexpected success of the album I had never been where I am today musically, so thanks for that "Inhale/Exhale"!

Obviously I want to celebrate. Today I launch a celebration page for "Inhale/Exhale" with a number of nuggets from the vaults, for example a 25 song in studio-rehearsal from 1997 with five songs NOT used on the album! This is pure gold for the die-hard Nasum fans, and I hope to be able to bring more stuff like this from the vault in the future.

The rehearsal is available FOR FREE at which I hope can develop to be a home for a number of rare audio stuff, because I have lots. But to be able to locate everything and prepare it for free releases like this first rehearsal, I need some funds and I have put up a GoFundMe page for this sole purpose. Obviously you can donate funds through Bandcamp or just directly by contacting me at I'd really like to do a focused excavation of the vaults and get all this good stuff out there for everyone to enjoy.

But today we celebrate "Inhale/Exhale". Don't miss the celebration page with the rehearsal, comments and some other stuff. There ARE more to come...


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