Mixed, mastered and hand-delivered

The Making of The 3rd Album 2010-2011

"The Doomsayer's Call" is finally mixed, mastered and finished! Dan Swanö has worked hard during the last couple of weeks dealing with all our opinions and ideas. All of us, including Mr Swanö, obviously wants the album to be as good as possible and it's been worth all the hard work.

Today Dan Swanö even came and delivered the master CD's himself. Here's a shot of the historic moment:

He has also supplied a little comment or statement:

"I was thrilled to be asked to work with these guys again, because I love to follow a band's evolution and also make sure to improve my work with them each time.

And the coolest thing is that Coldworker is one of the few bands that didn't peak on their early releases; they get better and better. I can honestly say that there is no "fillers" on this release at all. It sounds to me like every riff was the writers darling!

This time around we had an extra attention to detail, that resulted in the drums being 100% acoustic through out the album. It's really cool, because there we be no doubt that the excellent performance from Anders is really him playing, and not the work of some Beat Detective junkie that moved stuff around for a week. Audio quantize is for losers.

The guitars and the bass were recorded with Johan "Ülgnor" Berglund, and from what I have heard, he went boot camp on their asses! It really paid off, because it's much more "together" than the previous albums, and we also settled with one guitarist in each speaker and the bass in the center. Slayer-style!

I also have to mention the vocals. Joel does an excellent performance. There's a lot more variation in his voice and the phrasing is excellent, even in the sickest vocal patterns! The guest vocals from Jason from Misery Index is also really cool.

All in all, I am very happy with my work on the album. I think the sound is very clear and full of natural dynamics. I think we have a winner!!!

Dan Swanö/Unisound (www.unisound.se)"

As Dan revealed in his text, none other than Jason Netherton from Misery Index has supplied some guest vocals on a track called "The Reprobate" which he also has written the lyrics to.

The trackorder on the album is as follows.

1. A New Era
2. The Reprobate
3. The Glass Envelope
4. Flesh World
5. Murderous
6. Pessimist
7. Monochrome Existence
8. Vacuum Fields
9. Living is Suffering
10. The Walls Of Eryx
11. Violent Society
12. Becoming The Stench
13. The Phantom Carriage

On the Japanese edition and the iTunes deluxe edition there's a cover of Autopsy's "Critical Madness" as a bonus track.

So this is it, the final post in the studio diary. There will be more info about the album during the spring, but not in this diary.