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The Making of The 3rd Album 2010-2011

Since we have a fine tradition in Coldworker to always record the bass guitar twice for almost every release we've done, we figured that why should this time around be any different? I've been scared about small tuning issues along the way on this session, since the tuner we used for the guitars does not really work with the bass guitar. I've also learned that 34" scale necks and the not too thick Elixir strings that I use are not perfect for the drop C tuning. Perhaps I am a bit too paranoid, but I felt that the end result was all that mattered. Therefor I relocated to the same place as where the guitars were recorded, studio Ülgnor. Since Johan works in a music-store all day he have a more trained ear, and hears stuff that perhaps would be overlooked otherwise. Besides that he is also a bass player, so it felt good to have him and toss ideas with on some parts in certain songs. Anyway...

Johan and I began recording Saturday the 15th. We started with some easy ones to gain confidence, something that I soon would be drained of and run out of. It's been really hard to track some of these songs, and I've been struggling. At the same time I know that I've raised the bar of how good the takes have to be in order to stay. It took about 2-2,5 hours for each song. Some parts have been recorded over and over and over again just because the "feel" haven't been there. On some songs we have adjusted the tuning according to where I've been playing on the neck, the intonation is never 100% accurate.

We started Saturday the 15th as mentioned, and did 6 hours that day. 8 hours on Sunday. Then approximately 2-3 hours Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. About 1 hour Friday night and finally about 7 hours on Saturday afternoon/night. And now I'm talking about 7 straight hours of tracking... No breaks, no fooling around, no small talk. There has been full focus on getting the songs done. 30 hours of bass!

Considering the amount of takes it took I'm not sure whether I should be proud or ashamed, but I am now done! All in all, the counter stopped at 1548 takes. Total madness! But I can say with ease that this is the absolute best bass playing I've ever done, and I am sure that I will be able to be proud of all the time and effort I put into making this album!