Week one of guitars

The Making of The 3rd Album 2010-2011

This time around we're recording guitars using my Peavey 5150 amp, as well as a line signal. I think it'll turn out great, but it's hard work! We've been doing evening shifts all week, as well as two full day shifts. We've still got four songs to go, but at least we're making good progress.

Recording really puts your playing skills to the test, and most of time it kicks your self confidence to the gutter. I feel that my playing is at its best when we play live, and adrenaline kicks in. I'm actually not that much of a fan of the recording process.

I use a Jackson WRXT for the recording of this album. Jackson guitars is the way to go, and the fact that I'm not using a USA made Jackson should prove that they're solid.

More to come, some videoclips and additional pictures. I should probably add that I'm stoked to hear the final result, and I think it'll turn out to be a solid record!

/Anders Bertilsson

As Anders mentioned, we've been tracking 10 out of 14 songs this week and following is a list of what songs we managed to complete each day:

Day 1, Monday Jan 3 - "The Walls of Eryx"
Day 2, Tuesday Jan 4 - "Monochrome Existence"
Day 3, Wednesday Jan 5 - "Flesh World"
Day 4, Thursday Jan 6 - "The Phantom Carriage", "Living is Suffering" and "Violent Society".
Day 5, Friday Jan 7 - "Murderous"
Day 6, Saturday Jan 8 - Day off
Day 7, Sunday Jan 9 - "Becoming the Stench", "The Reprobate" and the cover for the Japanese edition.

Tomorrow night we will continue with the four last remaining songs and we hope to have all the rhythm guitars put down by Wednesday.

Up to now I've been using my snowwhite finished, lightweight (How Death Metal is that?) Jackson SLS3 soloist. The plan was to use my Jackson SLS USA Custom Shop soloist, but as I started recording guitars it became obvious that it would not do the trick for me right now and that it is in need of some further adjustments. Apart from that I think everything has been going quite well so far.

I believe that the songs we brought to the studio this time are the best tunes in Coldworker history and I can't wait to get a taste of the first mix.

Anders an I will do a more detailed update with more pics and info as soon as time allow us to do so. Probably when the guitars are all done. There are more to come for sure, so stay tuned.

/Daniel Schröder

First day of tracking guitars. The ever patient Johan Berglund is a true class act, and we're lucky to have him as a helping hand! The first day meant soundcheck, last checkups of our instruments of death, and recording "The Walls of Eryx".

The Takelist in between two different moods in the studio.

Daniel, Anders and Johan in Ülgnor Studios.

Oscar is paying us a visit and doing some filming.