T minus not so many hours...

The Making of The 3rd Album 2010-2011

The recording of the third album begins today. Sort of. The drums have been transfered to Soundlab Studios and in a few hours they will be tuned and eventually soundchecked. The real start of the recording is tomorrow.

We're doing the same sort of recording procedure this time as with "Rotting Paradise", the drums will be tracked in Soundlab, the guitars in Ülgnor Studios with Johan Berglund, the bass at my home studio A Noble Home and the vocals at Coldworker Studios. We have a few days booked for the drums now and will do the rest early next year. Dan Swanö will mix it all at Unisound.

Release period and title and such will be announced later on.

We will record 14 songs where one is a cover to be put on the Japanese edition of the album. Some songtitles are "The Reprobate", "Flesh World", "Monochrome Existence", "Becoming the Stench" and "The Phantom Carriage".

We've been working a long time on these songs and needless to say we are very proud of them and they are definitively "the next level" for Coldworker.

This diary will be updated every now and then with all sorts of info, pictures and videos. In the meantime, enjoy this clip of Joel recording some preproduction vocals to a song called "Murderous".