The Loneliness of the Short-distance Drummer

The Making of The 3rd Album 2010-2011

Two sessions done and half the album is recorded. I'm quite satisfied so far. The last couple of weeks solo-rehearsals has definitively paid off.

I'm all alone in the studio. I have the songs recorded to clicktracks so I can do it all in my own pace without wasting someone elses time. It's pretty lonely though, but the main thing is the result.

I'm running in and out of the control room. I push the record button, go through two doors and sit down and put the headphones on and a few seconds later the music begins. Then I run back to stop the recording once the song is finished. And then everything over and over again. It's a lot of running, but it's the shortest distance possible -- the drums are right by the door.

Here's some proof of that:

I will try document all the microphones in use as I know some people find that very interesting, but for the time being I leave you with my view these days.