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Question from dino (IP: posted December 28, 2008 14:16:08:
hey man
i have a esp/ltd viper fm 100 guitar
and i wanna use heavy strings on it
so i can get that crust grind sound you guys have
but im not sure if my guitar could hack it
and not fuck it up
have you got any idea if it would work
thanks man

i fucking love nasum
to bad you guys arnt around anymore
but im loving the other projects you all do
The sound is more about the guitar mikes, the pedals and the amp rather than the guitar and strings itself. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted December 26, 2008 12:20:54:
Hey man! I have two questions.

I know enough Swedish to know the meaning of "skit" in Swedish... Was Urban's last name made fun with or is it pronounced completely differently?

Also, I got the Grind Finale as a present from my brothers girlfriend who had it lying around (it actually was a gift from her ex boyfriend) yesterday. I saw that the booklet was layed in upside down. Is this normal?

Thanks! Happy Christmas for all of those who come looking here, or something.
Skytt isn't pronounced the same way and I can't remember one single time that we made fun of it in that sense. The word "skytt" means shooter, so it's quite different from "shit".
No, the booklet isn't supposed to be upside down so you got an unique and - would I imagine - annoying copy. / Anders
Question from krakozyabra (IP: posted December 26, 2008 11:44:55:
are Nasum veg(eteri)ans?
Nasum doesn't exist any more. / Anders
Question from Victor (IP: posted December 23, 2008 02:09:25:
Hi, I write from Belém/Brazil.
Did you come for the World Social Forum?
I heard something about.
If yes, has some way to bring merch?
sorry for propably english mistakes!

Never heard of it, so no. / Anders
Question from ryan (IP: posted December 21, 2008 09:42:56:
i know this will sound lame
what is every tuning for each string
for the songs you did it for
its confuseing haha
sorry mate
Use a tuner and figure it out. / Anders
Question from ryan (IP: posted December 20, 2008 10:37:28:
i see thanks man
i was also woundeirng what guitar equipment you used and stuff
because im working on some crust grind stuff right now
and yeah just checking what sorta equipment you used
cheers dude
Again, I recommend this text. / Anders
Question from ryan (IP: posted December 18, 2008 13:41:20:
hey dude
hope all is well
i was woundering what tuning for the guitars you use
Used, you mean. The last years: Drop-A on the recordings, Drop-A# live. First two recordings were D and then we went to B until the recording after "Inhale/Exhale" where we mixed B and Drop-A. / Anders
Question from Finland (IP: posted December 15, 2008 19:19:54:
I see the new Grind Finale has hit the stores.Have you seen them yet?
Yes. They look good, but obviously not as good as the first edition. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted December 15, 2008 13:30:34:

can you tell me what mieszko is saying on doombringer when indroducing the song "just another hog"?
i love this part so much. its actually my ringtone for the cellphone. hehe. it's the coolest introduction to a grindsong performed live ever in my opinion!
Think I've answered this before - he's introducing the band. / Anders
Question from Grindfan (IP: posted December 13, 2008 05:21:52:
Hey Anders
From your memory what guitar pedals or effects did the band use when playing live?
Basically the same as described in this text. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted December 7, 2008 17:29:15:
Hehe, positive. It's weird, but indeed, very good. Actually it isn't that weird, it's unlike anything I've seen before. Maybe my knowledge of movies is crap, I don't know. But it was very good yes, hehe. I wouldn't be able to judge other Swedish movies, I only know Fucking Amal and Pipi Longstockings, haha. I believe Fucking Amal was from the same director?
Yes, but after "Tillsammans" he turned towards more disturbing movies. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted December 7, 2008 12:12:08:
Hey man

Are you fimiliar with synesthesia? It's a mental disorder where people can see sound, or smell colors, etc. You have different forms, but I noticed you might have the visual-sound form when I read with the detailed description of the cover of Helvete: "We wanted to have the cover look like the guitar sound". I also have that form of synesthesia, and it makes your music slightly more interesting to me, because your album covers always match the colour of the sound, and even the form sometimes.

BTW: Tilsammans was on yesterday, that was one freaky ass movie, man.
Hey, not familiar with "synesthesia" since before, but I am happy that the combination of our artwork and music works fine. Aesthetics have always been important in everything I do.

Is "freaky ass" positive or negative? To me it's one of the greatest Swedish movies of all time. / Anders
Question from SIMO (IP: posted December 1, 2008 16:59:36:
Hey Anders,

After the tragedy,When i bought Grind Finale i feel very happy to have another songs from Nasum,particulary the outtakes of helvete and shift(the best album ever for me),
about this,inside "Finale"i read that there were three songs never got finished,also in one interview just you say that,before the desaster in Thayland,
there were some ideas in project for the sequel of "Shift"album before meeting in studio in january 2005...
so my question is:the six songs that we could download called"rehearsal demo by Ex-Nasum"are the result of this project,you completed the unfinished song of shift,
or there are not correlated?
and,another question:are there any english translation of"Ros"song that is song i prefer?

Thanks of all(i knew my English is very,very Shit!!)sorry..
No, the Ex-Nasum thing isn't any old Nasum songs or ideas reused.
No translation is available. One day I will try to have all the Swedish lyrics translated on / Anders
Question from Andrew Coutts (IP: posted November 30, 2008 03:31:40:
Hi Anders! Hope all is well with you.

This is probably a irritating question but do you happen to know what John or the older bassists tuned too?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Drop A. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted November 29, 2008 21:16:35:
Hello, Anders.

I'm not sure why I haven't asked this before.. but what was it like shooting a music video for "Wrath"?
How long did it take for the actual video to be made?
How fun was it?
Before we did it, the director said "You're gonna play the song 50 times", and we were like "Yeah, right". But actually it was true... We started around 6 in the morning or something and carried on for most of the day. It was quite exhausting in the end and as I played the song for real each time I'm quite happy we didn't do a video for one of the blasting songs. I would have died.
The most fun part was when the extras came in the coveralls and gasmasks. It was a bit strange to play with a haunting person standing next to me... / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted November 21, 2008 03:39:19:
"Helvete" finns i grå splatter också...

Var sjutton får man tag i den vita (?) I/E!?

Kommer du få in några ex. av "nya" "Grind Finale"?
Den gråa är väl den splattriga? Jag har så dålig koll...
Jo, jag har har nya "Grind Finale" som promos. / Anders
Question from jonas (IP: posted November 18, 2008 14:54:57:
Tjena! Uppskattar som fan och kollar fortfarande in den regelbundet för att läsa Q&A delen mm. Jag samlar på Nasum skivor och då jag har en förkärlek till LP:s så undrar jag lite om fullängdspressarna som ju finns i olika färger. hur många ex finns vart och ett i? här är hur jag fått ör mig om att pressarna ser ut:

inhale/exhale 300gul, 700svart
human 2.0 100svart, 900vit
helvete 100clear, 400vit 500 grå
shift 500svart 500 röd??
grind finale 1000ex
dombringer ??
de tre försnämnda i 500ex picture disc
har du funderat på att i diskografidelen ha med hur upplagorna på skivor ser ut?
Nått nytt om ND spliten?
har också en fråga om vilka kent åtar som spelades på Mieszkos bergravning. minns att jag har lst det på sidan men inte det inte nu. vill minnas att en av dem va "után dina andetag"
till sist måste passa på att säga att jag bla genom denna sida, dina texter mm har fått uppfattningen om att du är en oerhört bra person med hög integritet, bra åsikter om musik och livet i övrigt samt med båda fötterna på jorden.
Jag har så dålig koll på pressningarna att jag inte bemödar mig med att ha med den informationen på sidan. Din lista ser ganska korrekt ut, fast "Inhale/Exhale" kom i en vit (?) press också, fördelningen mellan röda och svarta på "Shift" stämmer inte och "Doombringer" kom i fyra olika utföranden (vilka tog slut innan jag ens hann få personliga ex av dem, förutom den genomskinliga...). Kolla med skivbolagen för mer exakta uppgifter.

Splitten kommer när den kommer (vagt svar jag vet, men jag kan inte säga något mer exakt än så)...

Här är rapporten från begravningen.

Tack för de snälla orden, jag gör bara så gott jag kan! / Anders
Question from Finland (IP: posted November 12, 2008 19:58:35:
Do you listen to any doom metal?
Not as regular as other kinds of metal. What is doom these days? Last good - if not excellent - doom band I heard was Kongh, before that Yob... / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted November 3, 2008 18:09:23:
Hey man, I'm letting you know that I'm starting a blog to review bands, interview them, some other stuff as well. Would you be interested in doing an interview? Maybe Jon, Jesper en Urban as well?

Perhaps. Can't answer for Urban and Jon though. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted October 28, 2008 03:02:10:
Morning, Anders.

I had a few questions on some music around the Swedish Scene..

1. On a previous question of mine, you said you did some rehearsal things with Regurgitate, and on some Youtube videos, I saw you on drums for one of their shows... How was that for you? Do you sometimes jam with them from time to time to get used to the songs?

2. What do you think of Retaliation? I know they were on the "Grindwork" split with you guys.. I thought some of their stuff sounded quite in the vein of Nasum. Did you ever play shows with them?

Have a good day!
I did a few shows with Regurgitate when Jocke was unable to participate, so it was basically the same setlist at every show so the songs pretty much stuck with me after the first one. We had a few rehearsals prior to each show. It was quite fun to play their songs, and I guess if they would ask me to do a show today it would be pretty easy to get the songs going again.

My biggest problem with Retaliation is the lack of lyrics, which leads to improvised vocals that pretty much sound the same all of the time that makes it hard for me to distinguish one song from another. Other than that they are cool. We never played with them during the Nasum years, but Coldworker and Retaliation shared a stage a while back. It was a noisy performance for sure... / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted October 27, 2008 14:49:26:
Hey, man.

Are you planning to continue your blog about grind/death metal drummers? And my second question, Nasum is still considered as one of the greatest death/grind bands up to date. Now we have seen bands like Sayyadina, Gadget, the Arson Project, etc. from the same country as you guys. How do you feel towards the current grind scene? Note that a lot of screamo/emo/metalcore dudes misunderstand the term grindcore...
I don't have time to do any more Masterblasters interview right now, so perhaps in the future. I don't keep track of each and every grindcore band out there, but seeing as 10 years has passed since "Inhale/Exhale" came out when the grind scene was pretty small, it really looks good nowadays, so I am happy as long as people keep on playing grindcore the old fashion way. / Anders
Question from martin (IP: posted October 24, 2008 11:41:36:

have you ever filmed a whole nasum gig, if yes, is it possible to release it on dvd one day?

cheers from germany
Yes, and no. There are quite a few different live shows available at this page so download them for your own pleasure. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted October 18, 2008 22:06:08:
Yes! He, he, long hair again?!
Are you letting it grow because you are more into metal again through Coldworker?
Looks badass!;)
I don't think it will remain for long though... / Anders
Question from Dantrooper (IP: posted October 16, 2008 22:49:25:
Hey man.

I was wondering, considering that Mieszko recorded to tape, if the vinyl releases of Nasum's albums sound any different from the digital releases. Admittedly I don't know jack shit about the technicalities of recording etc., so bear with me if this is merely a retarded brainfart of mine...

Alltough the LP's and CD's are made from the same master I would say - without having done any A/B comparisons - that there are a slight difference in the sound, but that's basically because they are two different formats. It might also differ from vinyl to vinyl due to the pressing plant, the turntable and so on.
Also, only "Inhale/Exhale" was recorded on tape, everything else - from that point - was digital. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted October 15, 2008 20:51:51:
At the time you finished Shift, were there any plans for a next album/splits/comps/etc.? I'm thinking no, cause I, as a "musician in 5 bands" (I hate to call myself this way), am always planning for next shit when there's something recorded, but mostly I'm tired of that band for a while. So I can understand after touring extensively and all... But still, were there any plans? What I also wanted to know was: did you ever plan to form a thrashcore/fastcore band or a crust/d-beat band? I know Sweden had Bruce Banner in the fastcore genre. What about other guys in your environment?
Yes, we had an idea of what we wanted to do next. We were inspired by some of the more spontaneous songs on "Shift" that basically were made in the studio (for exampel "Circle of Defeat" didn't exist when we started the recordings), so the plan was to create a bunch of songs in the studio and see how that would pan out.
As for crust/d-beat - it can't possible be more crust/d-beat than Krigshot... / Anders
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