Mieszko Talarczyk buried

Today, March 30, Mieszko Talarczyk, was buried at the Church of Almby, Örebro. I guess most of you have experienced at least one funeral in your life. Funerals are a bit strange, they are both terrible and wonderful at the same time. You have to bury someone to get on with the whole grief process, and even though you feel terrible during the actual ceremony, crying and shaking, you feel a little bit better afterwards.

Ever since we faced the fact that our beloved friend most likely was dead (which more or less was mid-January to be honest) we have had trouble to really cope with reality. When the body was identified mid-February we got one step closer to really understand everything, and now with the body put to rest in the ground we're supposed to finally understand that our friend is dead.

It's still a hard truth to swallow, but I think we now finally can start to mourn and remember free of the anxiety we felt when we didn't know if he was alive or not, if the body ever should be identified.

A couple of weeks ago I met Mieszko's father. He wanted to get Mieszko's guitars and I showed him our rehearsal place where we've been located the last year. The day before I was at the place for basically the first time since the Tsunami. Everything was a mess - we hadn't unpacked anything from the tour and the last two one off shows we did in December. I unpacked my drums and got Mieszko's guitars together. It felt strange, knowing that no one would ever again play on them and that I would never again enjoy him as my best musical colleague ever.

Mieszko's father told me that they wanted to place one guitar inside the casket since music was such a big part of his life. I told him to choose the thin Ibanez guitar since that was Mieszko's oldest guitar which he has used in all of his bands. They also wanted to have one guitar next to the casket during the funeral and I told them to use the BC Rich which was Mieszko's main guitar.

If there is an afterlife, I'm sure Mieszko is really pissed at me right now for picking that Ibanez guitar since he hated tuning it… :)

The funeral had about 60 guests including family members and numerous musicians from band such as Nasum, Genocide SuperStars, Millencolin, The Peepshows, The Project Hate, 2 Ton Predator, Nine, Disfear, Regurgitate etc and many other friends of Mieszko.

During the ceremony two songs by Mieszko's favorite band Kent were played, "Din skugga" ("Your shadow") and "Utan dina andetag" ("Without your breath"). These songs were chosen by the family and felt really appropriate.

After the interment everyone took a last farewell passing flowers and gifts down into the grave. It was a beautiful and sunny spring day in Örebro, a day that would have made Mieszko happy. He always enjoyed the first sunny days of the spring.

Goodbye, Mieszko, we'll see you on the other side.


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