Out debut album "Inhale/Exhale" was released May 26 1998, which means that 20 years have passed! How time flies! Starting from the actuall 20th birthday, May 26 2018, we will celebrate the album with some stuff from the vaults.


We begin with a never before heard "in studio" rehearsal from 1997 with 25 songs of which five are unused songs. The rehearsal is available now FOR FREE (or pay whatever) at and there are detailed comments on the rehearsal and the unused songs here.

This first update also includes the liner notes from the 2014 LP reissue aswell as the previously released discography pages at See the box to the right for all the links.

There are more to come. Here's what is in the pipeline:

A brand new interview by Decibel Magazine.
Notes and other documents.
Reviews of the album from 1998.
Interviews from the time of the album.
A second in studio rehearsal (*)
The four studio outtakes (*)

(*) Funds needed - see below

Keep coming back for updates!


I have a lot of Nasum "vaults". There are the digital vaults, harddrives, CD-R's and whatever that contains some stuff. And then there are the analog vaults. Boxes filled with documents and notes and boxes filled with tapes containing rehearsals and rare stuff. I'd be more than happy to share this with the fans, but I need some funds to take time of from work to really do all that boring excavating that's needed to find and document everything.

The "Inhale/Exhale" rehearsal #1 1997 is a start. There are much more. Somewhere those four excluded tracks from the album recording are waiting to be heard. I would very much like to find them.

I have put together a GoFundMe page for this: and any donation is appreciated. You can also support this cause by paying for the free rehearsal at Bandcamp. Or you can make a donation without going through GoFundMe or Bandcamp - just contact me at

I really hope you can help me to preserve The Rare Nasum for the world. Thanks!

- Anders Jakobson, May 2018.


Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of "Inhale/Exhale" (May 26 1998 - May 26 2018) with selected goodies from the Nasum archives.

Introduction page
Rehearsal #1 1997 with comments
Liner notes from the 2014 LP reissue
Discography page
Track by track commentariers


The complete biography of Nasum covering the entire history of the band, from the early years to the end of band in 2004... And a slight addition of the 2012 Farewell return.

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The definite guide to the Nasum discography with lots of photos of every release, along with all possible information and comments written by Nasum's Anders Jakobson.

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Nasum remembers former lead singer, guitarist, song writer and producer Mieszko A. Talarczyk with eulogies, pictures and more. Includes Mieszko's own words about the "Helvete" recording.

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A complete run down of each and every show Nasum performed from the first one in 1995 to the final stage appearences in 2012.

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Lyrics to all Nasum songs, organized release by release.

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T-shirt History

A gallery of most of the official and Nasum produced t-shirts.

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