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Question from Richard (IP: posted December 29, 2005 00:03:15:
Hej Anders!
Hoppas du haft en bra helg!
Nu är det dags att förhandsboka Grind Finale och jag undrar var man ska köpa den för att ni i bandet ska få mest pengar? Får ni mest om jag köper skivan från cdon som säljer den för 269kr eller får ni lika mycket om jag köper den på Relpases hemsida för $16?
Haha, ja det är vilket som. Du ska kanske tänka på vad som är billigast för dig och då är ju Relapse klart bäst. Jag vet ännu inte vad andra svenska affärer kommer att ta för den. / Anders
Question from Johan (IP: posted December 28, 2005 17:59:35:
1.some time ago,you posted a video online in which Barney (friendliest man in the music scene) was talking Swedish.I always wondered (since I don't understand Swedish,shame on me!),what was the good man actually saying in that video?
2.Imagine Napalm Death asks you to become their second guitarplayer,would you accept the offer?
1. He was saying most of the Swedish words he's picked up from touring with Swedish band - odd phrases and mostly animals.
2. No. I am a drummer you know. / Anders
Question from Von (IP: posted December 28, 2005 17:47:13:
Now that it's been a year since the tsunami, I find myself thinking often of what Nasum's music has meant to me in the short period that I discovered the band before the tradgedy. The creativity, power, and message behind Nasum is something very rare in music these days. I can't wait to hear Grind Finale, and have already pre-ordered my copy from, but I was wondering when I saw the photos from Mieszko's grave, do you have any fears that someone might steal Mieszko's copy of "Grind Finale" from his grave?
If that happens I hope the ghost of Mieszko and the others at the graveyard will haunt him forever... Ultimately I want the family to take care of the copy, I just thought it was appropiate to put it there on the one year aniversery. I didn't plan to do it first, I just grabbed a copy as I was leaving home just to show it as I promised in my eulogy but as I stood there I thought it was the right thing to do. / Anders
Question from Emil Henry (IP: posted December 28, 2005 12:36:16:
Hei igjen.

Hva slag utstur sverget Nasum til på bassgitar- og gitarfronten? Forsterkere, trommer etc.? Hadde forøvrig Mieszko (RIP) noen formell videre utdanning, i og med at han visstnok var god med audioteknikk (ingeniørsaker)?

Krigshot ser jævlig bra ut!
Utrustning har jag svarat på tidigare, och det går att se på bilder etc. Mieszko gick en ettårig utbildning i ljudteknik, resten lärde han sig själv. / Anders
Question from bong (IP: posted December 26, 2005 01:47:08:
Hail from the Philippines!

What's up, (ex) Nasum!!!

I have no question, I would just like to say that this is the best band website I have seen! I haven't been here in a while since the release of Helvete, so this is the first time I saw this Q&A page. It's fucking awesome and cool of you Anders to have this page and even answer your fans! I wish you happiness in your personal life and music. It would be cool if other bands have this feature in their site to interact with fans.

Ranting over. I got no question but any comments would be really cool. hahaha
Thanks. / Anders
Question from Jon (IP: posted December 24, 2005 02:01:29:
Hey, how come you guys chose to include a USB cable on the cover of Grind Finale?

It just seems like a very odd thing to put on a cd cover.
It was Orion's (Relapse) idea. I think it's brilliant, it sort of goes along with the futuristic approach we had on "Human 2.0". The idea of the cover was to pick inspiration from all our other covers. / Anders
Question from JRH (IP: posted December 22, 2005 21:37:39:
outside of grind, do you write any other music? anything more "commercially accessable"? i know you're a fan of all kinds of different music, and obviously a great writer (as is shown in MANY Nasum songs), but do you plan on ever doing anything outside of the realm of extreme metal ?
During the mid 90's I was in a lot of different bands (all inside the alternative style though) and wrote some non-metal stuff, but since 1998 I've only written grind (apart from a few Krigshot-tracks), so now I am actually hopelessly stuck in this writing style. I wouldn't know how to begin writing something else, especially "normal" music. / Anders
Question from CoLoneL KurtZ (IP: posted December 22, 2005 13:11:22:
Grind Finale is so.... beautifull!!
But I have some questions:
How will be "Grind Finale" bought?? Only on the Net or in the shops where we find other Nasum cd's?
Will Grind Finale be limited? How many do you product?
Thanx for an answer (and sorry if my english sucks, i'm french).
Good luck, and thanx for everything you've done and you do.
Goodbye Mieszko, see ya in a grindcore paradise!!
Yes, "Grind Finale" will be available at the usual places where you can buy Nasum/Relapse records. It's limited in the sense that it will not be available forever, but it's not a small, numbered edition. / Anders
Question from tuoski (IP: posted December 21, 2005 11:37:33:
The Ex-Nasum -project recordings sure sound damn good! I'm looking forward to hearing it some more in the future.

And boy am I looking forward to January ;)

Have a noisy xmas and new year.
Thanks! / Anders
Question from JRH (IP: posted December 19, 2005 17:45:14:
Anders, what kind of label interest have you had for the new "ex-nasum" project? Have Relapse or Burning Heart approached you about it? Do you plan on touring with this new project, or will you just take it slow and see what happens with it? Are you going to produce the album yourself (with your newly aquired talent), or will Dan Swano? Any ideas on what we can expect as far as lyrical content goes? Will it be a political approach similar to some of the Nasum material, or something else?
1000 questions...
As stated over and over again - this is a project, not a band - so it will exist on a pure project level, i.e. get together when the time is right, write some songs, record demos, perhaps record a record of some kind. I don't think shows or tours are in the picture, to be honest.
I would estimate that the lyrical content should be as old school as the music and not have a political approach. There was an original plan for the lyrics when I approached the guys about the project, but I don't think we will follow that plan due to the quality of the songs. / Anders
Question from Micke (IP: posted December 19, 2005 14:29:36:
Underbara demolåtar, vill ha mer av denna varan.

Vem är påtänkt som sångare?
Är det antingen Jesper eller Rickard, eller någon helt annan?

God jul på er alla.
Om Rickard vill vara med så blir det han som får sjunga. Annars får vi väl se. / Anders
Question from Brian P. (IP: posted December 18, 2005 19:18:02:
Nice demos, man. Thank you. Have a great holiday season.
Same to you! / Anders
Question from Jens (IP: posted December 18, 2005 14:47:44:

Du svarade på en tidigare fråga såg jag att man får 99% av nasums låtar när man har Grind finale och samtliga fullängdare..

Vad är den sista procenten som saknas..?

Det är tre eller fyra låtar från "Inhale/Exhale"-inspelningen som är försvunna och några få från de andra som aldrig färdigställdes med sång, mycket som jag själv inte har kopior på. / Anders
Question from Davida Loca (IP: posted December 17, 2005 20:29:05:

Well here's a question I've been asking a couple people I know and no one has a accurate answer. I thought why not ask someone who is actually in a well known grindcore band... here it is:

According to books like "Choosing Death: The Improbable Histroy of Death Metal and Grindcore" and many other people within the metal/punk scene, Napalm Death are considered to be the "gateway" band to extremeness in the extreme metal/hardcore world being they've supposedly invented the "blast beat" and shcizophrenic hardcore punk (aka grindcore today.) What do you feel about Napalm Death's contribution to the extreme world? Would there have never been any blast beats in death/black metal if it wasn't for Napalm Death? Was grindcore in fact invented by them?

This is a debateable quesiton I know, but what are your feelings on this being you were apart of the whole grindcore movement?
To begin with: Napalm Death did not invent grindcore. I'm not sure who did, but band such as Seige, Lärm and early DRI should be considered inventors in this case.
But: Napalm Death was the first band to put grindcore on the map (much due to John Peel's radioshow in England), so they probably had a lot of influence on extreme music in general, and ultimately how things are today. I've never seen Napalm Death as the reason for blast beats in death/black. I think it would have came natural in those genres eventually anyway.
Bands have always been looking for ways to be more extreme, and increasing the speed is certainly one way to do it. I remember when I first head Accept's "Fast as a shark" during the 80's and was totally blown away by the speed. A couple of years later I heard Slayer's "Silent scream" and felt that it was so fast that I couldn't hardly listen to it. A year later I heard grindcore for the first time and understood that the speed limit was reached (in hindsight: not really!).
So Napalm Death's contribution to the extreme world is priceless but I don't think they are the direct reasons to those things you mentioned.
/ Anders
Question from Jens (IP: posted December 17, 2005 15:23:05:
Skulle vilja tacka personen som tipsade om regressive hostility auktionen här! Vann den nyss! Mycket kul, kommer även bli stolt ägare av Nasum/Agathocles spliten snart..!

Jobbar upp mig i samlingen...

Har anders nån skiva han är stolt över?

Kul, Septic-Dennis tjänar grova pengar...
Skiva jag är stolt över? Nja, men när vi ändå talar om trollen så kan jag ju skryta (?) med att jag har AxCx:s 5643 låtars 7" EP. Alltid något. / Anders
Question from Jens (IP: posted December 17, 2005 14:11:42:

Vilka dödsmetall band gillar du, om du gillar nåt förstås...?

Mest den gamla skolan - Entombed, Morbid Angel, Edge of Sanity och band från den tidsåldern. Det senaste "nya" banden som jag tyckte var riktigt bra var väl Nile i samband med deras debut-CD, sen blev det lite tjatigt. / Anders
Question from Jimmu (IP: posted December 16, 2005 18:06:12:
Tack för svaret!

Då måste jag ställa en följdfråga=) Varför var napalm death och DEP så bra då? jag har träffat DEP och dem var mycket trevliga!

Va svarade Seth på er lilla You look divorced-kör då?

Det roliga är ju att han faktiskt är frånskild. haha. Och att han skrivit om en massa människor som ligger i koma och är homosexuella. Och han vaknade för inte så länge sedan upp ur en koma. Ödets ironi kanske?
Vi såg ju upp till Napalm Death som fan och man har ju en viss bild hur ens förebilder/idoler är. I många fall stämmer den inte alls, men i detta fall var det helt perfekt. Inget krångel alls och inget bråk, förutom när Jesper och Shane diskuterade en Star Wars-detalj, haha!
Dillinger Escape Plan å andra sidan var närmare oss i ålder och sånt så det blev liksom en bra kontakt mellan oss. Det var kul.
Seth suckade till och flinade lite lätt och fortsatte vara bakfull. Ödets ironi, precis, det är väl bara en tidsfråga innan han kommer ut ur garderoben också... / Anders
Question from andreoli christian (IP: posted December 16, 2005 15:35:10:
hello anders
im chris from bergamo (italy) ..i write for this questions.....
is possible have a contact with your friends or another your friendly people for have a video registration of the live concert of nasum in csa dordoni in cremona in december 2004....before i search this item with a metal people in italy but is impossible have this item..................
because not create in a NASUM merch...a t-shirt from the cover of a first disegn of grind finale cd (the design with a skull and a big amp. write NICE NOISE is a very funny design and is a very istinct of of a NASUM sound )...thank for your patience chris
nasum forever - forever nasum
I don't think there was anyone filming the last Nasum show in Cremona.
The "skull and amp" drawing you talked about was NOT the first design for "Grind Finale"! A t-shirt is not planed with this design. / Anders
Question from Jimmu (IP: posted December 16, 2005 12:38:11:
Hej anders.

Jag vet inte om dessa frågor har ställts tidigare, men jag kunde hitta dom iaf.

Vilket är ditt favoritband att turnera ihop med?

Och hur va det att turnera ihop med Seth och grabbarna i Anal Cunt? Hur va Seth som person?

Favoritband att turnera med var Napalm Death och Dillinger Escape Plan.
Att turnera med AxCx var inget speciellt för i ärlighetens namn var vi och Napalm Death som åkte tillsammans medan AxCx och Pig Destroyer åkte ihop. Det var bara mest under gemensamma middagar (populärt i Japan) och vid gigen som vi sågs och jag kan väl säga att vid ett tillfälle gluffsade Seth i sig en rejäl sked wasabi.
Jag vet inte vad jag ska säga om honom som person. Jag pratade aldrig med honom, men när AxCx kom upp till Toys Factorys kontor och Seth såg lite seg och bakfull ut sa hela Nasum i kör: "You look... divorced", och det var otroligt roligt.
("You look divorced" är en av AxCxs fina titlar för de som inte vet.) / Anders
Question from Cody Cruz (IP: posted December 13, 2005 21:58:09:
tjena Anders
Jag är bara lite nyfiken på vad du har använt för program för att remastra(EQ:a) låtarna till grind finale??
Jag satt i Cubase och använde mig främst av en plug-in som heter Firium som man kan använda för att läsa av en EQ-kurva från en källa och sen använda den på andra. Så jag läste av "Shift" eller "Helvete" och satt sedan och laborerade med de andra inspelningarna. Lite vanlig EQ-ning blev det också. / Anders
Question from JRH (IP: posted December 13, 2005 20:09:12:
1.Who do you feel are the most important grind bands today? Bands that really define the genre and breathe new life into it.

2.Where do you see the future of grind, do you see it reverting back to it's grass roots a little or do you think we'll continue to see cross-genre bands that expand the boundaries, so to speak, of grindcore (eg. The Berzerker)?

3.Do you think we'll ever see another major label "cash grab" of grind bands like we did in the mid 90's with Carcass and Napalm Death?

4.What is one band you wish Nasum could have toured with that you were never able to?

5.When you were playing guitar in Nasum, what tunings did you use, and what was your guitar of choice?
1. I don't know. Just because I used to play grind, I don't know every band that does it! :)
2. I can't tell really. I guess grind will never be huge or trendy, but I imagine that bigger bands can bring some grindinfluences to their stuff. We heard it on Slipknot's latest, some say System Of A Down have grindparts now (I don't) and Soilwork has a pure grindsong on their latest (song is called "Blind eye halo" - check it out!). Five years ago I heard more grindinfluences in the hardcorebands but it really didn't catch on, so I have no idea what to expect of the future.
3. I wouldn't say that grind made it to the major labels. Anyway - black metal is a more commercial extreme style so they'll keep to that.
4. Converge. It almost happened, and could have happened during 2005.
5. I had a Ibanez with EMG-81 (still have) and the tuning during my guitar years started with a D-tuning (first two recordings) and then became a B-tuning. / Anders
Question from Fredrik (IP: posted December 13, 2005 17:55:36:
Tjena Jag (igen)

Bara undrar lite snabbt om du har lust att lägga ut "Godmorgon Idiotjävel" här på sidan idag? Skulle så jävla gärna vilja höra deni Remastered. Snälla kan du inte göra det ?

Skulle vara evigt tacksam!

Och undrar också om du jättegärna vill sälja den där flaggan ni använde scenen i Hultsfred? Skulle betala massvis för den :D

Hade skitbra / Fredrik
1. Nej, köp "Grind Finale" i januari.
2. Nej. / Anders
Question from Roy (IP: posted December 13, 2005 12:29:33:
I'm a guitarist turned drummer for a grind band here in the philippines. I played the drums because it's hard to find drummers who likes grindcore here (I wonder why? They're all into deathmetal & all there blastbeats are 1 to 2 seconds long only. Anyway, with regards to my drumming, I have some questions: What kind of cymbals do you use? Is there any particular cymbal do grind music use? I've seen your Live In Osaka video, why is it your cymbals sounds differently than mine & are so noisy & mine are not? The one I used from live gig are noisy but the one I bought for myself wasn't.
My prefered cymbals are Zildjian or Sabian, fairly big (18-19-20") and fairly thick (heavy) so they last. My right crash (from my point of view) is more or less my main "part" of the drumkit so it must hold for all the beating.
You should not judge the sound of my cymbals from the Osaka video because first of all - those cymbals were part of a rented backline and not mine, and second of all the sound has been compressed by a videocamera and then damaged by the videoclip compression, so the sound is really far from the truth. / Anders
Question from Jeff (IP: posted December 12, 2005 05:24:05:
Okay Anders, it's totally up to you, just wanted to share my thoughts.. I hoped that maybe there was a little chance I could get you to be grinding again.. But I truly understand, and I respect your choice.

I'm looking forward to hearing from your new project.. Which genre will it be? Or is that too early to tell?
It's old school grind. / Anders
Question from Max (IP: posted December 11, 2005 22:55:39:
What about some merch for the BIGGER Nasum fans ? I mean, most of the stuff seems like its designed for emo guys ;)
I am sorry about the lack of bigger t-shirts (and the really small stuff too), but it's really hard to stock up on that stuff since I don't sell much of it.
But contact me and tell me what you are intrested in and I might print something for you at the next restock. This offer is of course valid for other people as well who wants stuff in other sizes than the available ones. / Anders
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