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Nasum vs Soundgarden

The sudden and tragic death of Chris Cornell struck me really hard as I've been a fan of his and Soundgarden for many years. I am especially fond of the later Soundgarden albums, "Superunknown" and "Down on the Upside", from their first period. I've listen to them countless times. I really liked the dynamic within the band, where all the members contributed with songs. Matt Cameron is an amazing drummer that has a style that I really liked, but obviously the big selling point was the soulful and amazing voice of Chris Cornell.

As I write this it's been confirmed that he took his own life, which saddens me a lot. Rest in peace...

Back in the 90's Soundgarden actually inspired a few Nasum songs, how strange it may sound. I believe the working title for "Feed them, Kill them, Skin them" was "The Soundgarden song" as Mieszko borrowed some ideas from "Jesus Christ Pose". Here are the songs, listen as see if you can spot the similarities.

Then we have "When science fails" that I probably took a lot of inspiration from "Spoonman" when it comes to the rhythmic drum beat that opens the song...

One final note - the image of Cornell is from an early show in Stockholm. My friends in the Írebro band Cripple went there and handed him a t-shirt that he wore that night. What a guy!


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