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Shift: Drums & Scratch in the vault

The other week I found a box of CD-R's and DVD-R's with some different stuff on them. One actually had some scribblings on it and I realised that it was a "work in progress" CD from the recording of "Shift", with the drums and a scratch guitar.

As I started to listen to it I discovered not only one or two but THREE unifinished songs from the session, which made this a perfect addition to The Rare Nasum project. Of the 33 songs recorded for the session, I picked out a total of 10 including the three unifinished songs and made a digital album at Bandcamp.

Accompanying notes are available for your reading pleasure here at

I have loads of interesting stuff boxed up and every little dollar or EURO from each purchase of The Rare Nasum stuff is put aside and will sponsor a THOROUGH vault excavation after the summer. So loads of stuff will be added, most of it totally for free.

The vault has been updated

In case you have missed it, The Nasum Vault is where I collect different things from the years, be it exclusive audio recordings, videoclips, artwork or some written stuff.

Today the vault has been updated with some of the latter. I begun when I searched for something else over at where snapshots of webpages are collected in the Wayback Machine. Some how I checked out the earliest snapshots of and found some stuff that I had forgotten we had there.

To start, I found a tour diary from 2000 when we toured Europe for seven weeks with Napalm Death. That was from the time of the "Human 2.0" album and I also found a bunch of reviews that were fun to read. With those in place I had some "Human 2.0" related material and decided to add the liner notes from the 2014 LP reissue to the vault.

As I continued going forward in time in the Wayback Machine I found another tour diary, this time from 2003 when we did a shorter thing in Finland with Rotten Sound. That was quite a fun read.

This might not be as exciting as a rehearsal with unreleased stuff but it still fun stuff from the past that I wanted to add in the vault. With that said, I can tease that I plan to do a focused and thorough excavtion of the vault this coming fall. That might bring the really exciting stuff to light...


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