The Vault Blog - MONTH: May, 2020

Preorder new/old merch!

Today the merchandise page has been updated with four ”new” Nasum t-shirt designs. I have decided to do a new round of ”on demand” printing for the fans. It’s not ”on demand” in the common sense, but almost. To begin with I did a little research on the Nasum Facebook page regarding which past designs people was interested in. A lot of people wanted to see the old Shift and Red Factories again. As I always think bands should offer a plain logo t-shirt I added that to the lot and as a special bonus I decided to do a reimagining of the first Nasum design ever, the Blind World t-shirt.

So those four are available now in sizes S to 4XL. The preorder window is open from May 26 to June 10, then I will order all the t-shirts that has been preordered AND paid. Last time I did this, I did do a few extras of the common sizes (S to XL) but I am not entirely sure I will do that this time. So if you really want one of these designs, order and pay before June 10!

One final thing: from now on I will only accept payment in SEK, which is easily done for those using PayPal. The currency rates are always going up and down so it’s much easier to have a fixed price in SEK. I have added aprox. prices in EUR and USD on the page to give you a ballpark figure of what the price is.

So place your orders at the merchandise page, use the GREEN BUTTON to the right to place your order!


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