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Rehearsal videos from 2010

On this very day, October 3, six years ago, Nasum had the second band rehearsal for the 2012 Farewell Tour. At that time we were still in "feeling the songs" mode as it was about a year left until we finally decided to do the tour once we had had a few "feeling the songs" rehearsal with Keijo as well.

So, to put this into a timeline - in July 2010 I met the Stockholm guys for a nice Indian meal before a Converge show and put forth the idea of doing a (as in ONE) final show to end Nasum on our own terms. As the discussions started and everyone slowly started to like the idea, it developed into a tour since it would take as much time to rehearse for one show as a tour.

The Stockholm guys then started to rehearse a few songs every now and then and having a few beers or some Swedish fika while I was in Örebro not doing that... And in September we had the first band rehearsal totally in secret. As the second rehearsal got planned I decided that I had to tell my fellow Coldworker members what was going on, and my bass player Oskar asked if he could film the next Nasum rehearsal. So he did, and from the very noisy clips I've uploaded seven songs in six clips to YouTube, six years later. Here's a playlist:


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