Cover 7" EP, bonus with the "Inhale/Exhale" LP

Released by:
• Distortion Records, Sweden/Relapse Records, USA

Recording info:
• Recorded at Soundlab Studios, Örebro, Sweden December 1997-January 1998 by Mieszko Talarczyk, Mathias Färm, Anders Jakobson and Per Lindberg.
• Mixed by Mieszko Talarczyk and Anders Jakobson.
• Edited and premastered by Dan Swanö and Mieszko Talarczyk at The Sanctuary, Örebro, Sweden.
• Mastered at Sonorous Mastering, Tempe (AZ), USA February 1998 by Dave Shirk and Bill Yurkiewicz.

Line up:
Mieszko Talarczyk - guitar, bass and vocals
Anders Jakobson - drums and low vocals

Comments by Anders Jakobson:

About the record...

I don't remember all the details but I guess we decided to have a bonus 7" with only covers coming with the LP version of "Inhale/Exhale" before we started recording the album. The covers were personal favorites that we'd been inspired by. Maybe some odd choices like the Refused and Propagandhi songs, but in my opinion a good track is a good track. I must also mention that members from all bands except S.O.B. has gotten in touch with us and given us thumbs up for our versions.

About the cover...

The artwork and design was done in-house by Relapse who apparently liked the gasmask theme a lot. It's really cool and obviously fits well with the "Inhale/Exhale" artwork.

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1. Bullshit Tradition (originally by Drop Dead)
2. Device (originally by S.O.B.)


1. The Real (originally by Refused)
2. Rio de San Atlanta, Manitoba (originally by Propagandhi)