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Question from Sebbe (IP: posted January 5, 2006 14:37:32:

What chinacymbale is used on Inhale/Exhale?
LOVE the sound of it!
It was a Sabian china. I can't remember the model (never been good at that). It's broken now so I am not using it anymore. It broke just before "Helvete" but it's used there anyway.
As always when it comes down to sound - what you hear is a result of the types of mikes that capture the sound, the distance to the cymbal, the natural room reverb, the eq:ing, the mix, the mastering and your personal eq on your own stereo so what you hear might not be exactly how the cymbal sounds in real life.
But, alas, the cymbal had a nice tone from the start. It was used on every recording from the "World in Turmoil" session to "Helvete". / Anders
Question from JRH (IP: posted January 4, 2006 23:55:37:
Hello again Anders, once again I am sorry if this question has been asked in Swedish. In the Bio section of this site I noticed the following passage:

"The new line up debuted at a show in Uppsala together with Tragedy. Parts of the show was filmed by Swedish TV who did a feature about Nasum in the music show "Studio Pop"."

Is there any chance of getting this footage up on the site? I know you don't plan on doing a Nasum DVD, but I'm trying to compile as much footage as I can for myself, and to have something filmed professionally outside of the "Wrath" video would be a great addition to the collection.

I think the chances are very small. That footage is copyrighted by Swedish TV so I can't just put it up (I don't have it in digitial form anyway), so unless someone has is in his/her computer and is filesharing it I think it will be very hard to get hold of this. The piece is very short anyway, about 2,5-3 minutes and most of it is talk anyway. / Anders
Question from catweasle (IP: posted January 4, 2006 14:43:04:
hi, do you go to the sziget festival in budapest (hungaria) at 9-16 august

rock on
What do you think? / Anders
Question from Andreas (IP: posted January 3, 2006 20:19:21:
Grävde du ner "grind finale" i jorden vid Mieszkos grav, eller hur gick de till när han slutligen fick skivan?
Se sista bilden. / Anders
Question from Björn (IP: posted January 3, 2006 12:36:31:
Tja Anders! Vad tycker du om Rentokiller?
Jag har inte hört tillräckligt mycket för att ha en riktig åsikt, men jag tycker att de låter arga och fina. / Anders
Question from Grinder (IP: posted January 2, 2006 23:24:34:
Question from M (IP: posted January 2, 2006 14:42:00:
Hi Anders!
It'd be cool if you made a search filed in this Q&A forum... Can you do it?! It's very difficult to search 420 questions for the answer we're looking for...

Might happen, might not happen. Who says life should be easy? / Anders
Question from Bernhard (IP: posted January 1, 2006 20:09:09:
How do you say the name Mieszko Talarczyk ?

I'd say something like Myshko Talarshyk (in English) or is this completely wrong ?
This has been answered already - check out the previous questions and answers. / Anders
Question from William (IP: posted December 31, 2005 22:58:55:
är det möjligtvis Olle Sarri som språkar i början av just another hog?
Jo. / Anders
Question from Nathan Dufour (IP: posted December 31, 2005 22:11:01:
Hey Anders! Happy New Year and happy holidays and everything else, hope that you are doing well. I just have a quick question regarding the Nasum Grind design... What language is the non-English script in? Thanks for your time. Oh and also, Grind Finale is a most fitting testament to Nasum and all the great things you guys did. R.I.P. Mieszko. \m/
The script is Japanese and should be read as "funzai", which is Japanese for "grind". / Anders
Question from JRH (IP: posted December 31, 2005 21:55:39:
just received my copy of Grind Finale in the mail!!! it is great to see that Relapse sent the pre-orders out so early... and it was well worth the wait... A FUCKING BRILLIANT ALBUM!!! Love the book too, thanks for all the effort that went into this Anders, it's worth a lot more than the monetary value. Good job!!!
Thanks a lot. / Anders
Question from Markus of Nyctophobic (IP: posted December 31, 2005 05:23:59:
Anders, have you heard the new Terrorizer song "Doomed Forever" yet? What do you think of it?
If you haven't heard it by now, go here:
All the best for 2006.
As far as I know it's from a 2003 demo or something, so it's not especially new. Unfortunately I can't say that I like it much. What's with the downtuned guitars?! / Anders
Question from Brian P. (IP: posted December 30, 2005 22:17:28:
Happy New Year, Anders. Party hard, party smart.
You too! / Anders
Question from Viktor (IP: posted December 29, 2005 23:57:42:
Hej Anders!
Fick äntligen Grind Finale häromdan, och det är fanimej det finaste jag äger! Grymt!

Nu till min fråga... Var Nasum ett skriva-hemma-och-ta-med-till-repan-band eller mer improvisera-mera-band?
90% skriva hemma, resten jamma. / Anders
Question from Rob Bacic (IP: posted December 29, 2005 23:54:06:
Have you heard of the band Municipal Waste & their great thrash/crossover album Hazardous Mutation on Earache?
Sorry about the last question...
Question from JRH (IP: posted December 29, 2005 17:28:08:
Hi Anders, sorry to ask you so many questions, but I was wondering what drew you guys to sign with Relapse? Did they approach you, or were you label hunting at the time? Were they hesitant at all about signing a band that didn't have much touring under their belts? Were you happy with their level of promotion of Nasum?
Relapse was of the first labels we approached back in 1993 when we had recorded our first split 7" EP. We sent out a tape with the tracks (this was before the record was released) to a bunch of labels whose addresses we had picked from flyers etc. I remember getting a letter from Relapse that said: Yes, we are interested in selling your 7", which wasn't really the point. The form letter we sent out was clearly for fishing more 7" deals.
Some years later Mieszko did the "Grindwork" 3" MCD and Relapse helped us to sell it and showned interest in the band. A few more years down the road we had released "Industrislaven" and probably recorded the "World in Turmoil/The Black Illusions" records and decided to see if Relapse still was interested and at some point we sent them "Regressive Hostility" recording and they signed us on that one. We've been told that Nasum is the only band they have signed "unseen", but I don't think that is entirely true. The rest of the story is here.
Yes, we were happy with what Relapse did and still do for us. / Anders
Question from Dziaro (IP: posted December 29, 2005 17:24:53:
hello nasum. i have bad english, so sorry. will background for computer be online for grind finale? i would like big image of cover for my computer.
Maybe, I don't know yet. / Anders
Question from Rob Bacic (IP: posted December 29, 2005 01:48:56:
Hi Anders,
I have just recently gotten into Nasum thru the masterpiece that is the Shift album & would like to ask if you might have any plans to maybe travel down under to Australia at some point to hang out for a change of scenery & enjoy seeing & hearing some cool Aussie bands???
Anyway, goodluck w/ everything you choose to pursue in the future mate & all the best for the New Year
Maybe you should read this before asking such a question. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted December 29, 2005 00:03:15:
Hej Anders!
Hoppas du haft en bra helg!
Nu är det dags att förhandsboka Grind Finale och jag undrar var man ska köpa den för att ni i bandet ska få mest pengar? Får ni mest om jag köper skivan från cdon som säljer den för 269kr eller får ni lika mycket om jag köper den på Relpases hemsida för $16?
Haha, ja det är vilket som. Du ska kanske tänka på vad som är billigast för dig och då är ju Relapse klart bäst. Jag vet ännu inte vad andra svenska affärer kommer att ta för den. / Anders
Question from Johan (IP: posted December 28, 2005 17:59:35:
1.some time ago,you posted a video online in which Barney (friendliest man in the music scene) was talking Swedish.I always wondered (since I don't understand Swedish,shame on me!),what was the good man actually saying in that video?
2.Imagine Napalm Death asks you to become their second guitarplayer,would you accept the offer?
1. He was saying most of the Swedish words he's picked up from touring with Swedish band - odd phrases and mostly animals.
2. No. I am a drummer you know. / Anders
Question from Von (IP: posted December 28, 2005 17:47:13:
Now that it's been a year since the tsunami, I find myself thinking often of what Nasum's music has meant to me in the short period that I discovered the band before the tradgedy. The creativity, power, and message behind Nasum is something very rare in music these days. I can't wait to hear Grind Finale, and have already pre-ordered my copy from, but I was wondering when I saw the photos from Mieszko's grave, do you have any fears that someone might steal Mieszko's copy of "Grind Finale" from his grave?
If that happens I hope the ghost of Mieszko and the others at the graveyard will haunt him forever... Ultimately I want the family to take care of the copy, I just thought it was appropiate to put it there on the one year aniversery. I didn't plan to do it first, I just grabbed a copy as I was leaving home just to show it as I promised in my eulogy but as I stood there I thought it was the right thing to do. / Anders
Question from Emil Henry (IP: posted December 28, 2005 12:36:16:
Hei igjen.

Hva slag utstur sverget Nasum til på bassgitar- og gitarfronten? Forsterkere, trommer etc.? Hadde forøvrig Mieszko (RIP) noen formell videre utdanning, i og med at han visstnok var god med audioteknikk (ingeniørsaker)?

Krigshot ser jævlig bra ut!
Utrustning har jag svarat på tidigare, och det går att se på bilder etc. Mieszko gick en ettårig utbildning i ljudteknik, resten lärde han sig själv. / Anders
Question from bong (IP: posted December 26, 2005 01:47:08:
Hail from the Philippines!

What's up, (ex) Nasum!!!

I have no question, I would just like to say that this is the best band website I have seen! I haven't been here in a while since the release of Helvete, so this is the first time I saw this Q&A page. It's fucking awesome and cool of you Anders to have this page and even answer your fans! I wish you happiness in your personal life and music. It would be cool if other bands have this feature in their site to interact with fans.

Ranting over. I got no question but any comments would be really cool. hahaha
Thanks. / Anders
Question from Jon (IP: posted December 24, 2005 02:01:29:
Hey, how come you guys chose to include a USB cable on the cover of Grind Finale?

It just seems like a very odd thing to put on a cd cover.
It was Orion's (Relapse) idea. I think it's brilliant, it sort of goes along with the futuristic approach we had on "Human 2.0". The idea of the cover was to pick inspiration from all our other covers. / Anders
Question from JRH (IP: posted December 22, 2005 21:37:39:
outside of grind, do you write any other music? anything more "commercially accessable"? i know you're a fan of all kinds of different music, and obviously a great writer (as is shown in MANY Nasum songs), but do you plan on ever doing anything outside of the realm of extreme metal ?
During the mid 90's I was in a lot of different bands (all inside the alternative style though) and wrote some non-metal stuff, but since 1998 I've only written grind (apart from a few Krigshot-tracks), so now I am actually hopelessly stuck in this writing style. I wouldn't know how to begin writing something else, especially "normal" music. / Anders
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