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Question from Richard (IP: posted March 25, 2006 03:29:12:
Hur menar du att framtida släpp skulle uppfattas som att du/ni mjölkar ur det sista?
Skulle det inte vara schysst om ni kanske hann med att släppa det du listade innan Grind Finale-vinylen så att det verkligen fick bli det absolut sista. Dom som skulle tro att det var för att tjäna några sista slantar på Nasum förstår ju verkligen inte Nasum då... Hur går det förresten med ND-spliten??

ps. du har möjligtvis inte kvar något ex. av The bloodbath is coming?
Många tycker redan att "Grind Finale" är att mjölka pengar ur Nasum (att det inte finns några som helst mängder pengar i skivsläpp är dock ett fakta de har missat...), men ändå: Bandet lades ned tidigt 2005, att hålla på och släppa skivor med Nasum 2007-2008 känns inget vidare.
Det finns inga nyheter om splitten och jag har inga ex av skivan du nämnde. / Anders
Question from Fredrik (IP: posted March 24, 2006 21:27:07:
Är det du som äger Öl-flaskan från P3 Guld Awards?
Jag vet inte om någon av oss behöll någon som minne. Jag tror fotot är det enda vi har. / Anders
Question from Paul (IP: posted March 24, 2006 20:36:27:
How many copies of Grind Finale were pressed (2000?) also is it now considered Out Of Print.

Any word on the status of a vinyl release for Grind Finale? I can imagine that this would be a complete Masterpiece on Vinyl and I know that I would love to have it in my Collection as do others.

Just wondering, thanks again.
As far as I know the "limited" printrun is 7500 so I would not expect it to be out of print already!
Nothing is decided on the vinyl yet, but I guess it will be done eventually. Hopefully quite soon as I would not want future Nasum releases (in my world the "Grind Finale" vinyl, the "Shift" PD and the Nasum/Napalm Death split) to appear as greedy attempts to milk out the last money from the band.
/ Anders
Question from Robert84Ger (IP: posted March 22, 2006 11:04:44:
You have written: nasum never come back.
I think an album dedicated to Mieszko, demanding and extrem played will be the best farewell!
"Grind Finale" is the best farewell. / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted March 17, 2006 11:13:10:
När kommer det in nya ex av tröjorna? Dvs Shift och Helvete-hoodies'arna.
Du ska inte räkna med att det kommer nya. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted March 17, 2006 01:23:05:
Tänkte bara höra med dig om du vet vad det är för kvalitet på filmningen på erat gig på cbgb's?
Den ligger ute på ebay nämligen, går ut om nån timme...
Den videoupptagning jag är inte så bra ljudmässigt eftersom det typ saknas virvel på hela konserten... Köp inte! / Anders
Question from Takumi (IP: posted March 15, 2006 11:30:47:
I´m a traveler from Japan. Now I´m in Göthenborg.
I beg a favor with you.
I would like to go to Mieszko´s grave and pray his good sleep. All I know is that it´s in Örebro.
So will you tell me how I can get there from the Örebro station, woun´t you?
I´m going to Örebro tomorrow or next day.
Take a cabride to Almbykyrkan (Church of Almby) and then locate an area within in the cemetery called "Syrénen" (there are maps at the cemetery) and Mieszko's grave is at Syrénen 130. As far as I know it still has no proper gravestone and look like on these pictures. / Anders
Question from Trevor (IP: posted March 15, 2006 03:22:02:
Hiii dogeeeee. What's the quote in the beginning of "Just Another Hog" mean? Peace dogeeeee!
Already answered. / Anders
Question from Sam (IP: posted March 14, 2006 01:36:14:
Hey, I'm doing a power point presentation on you guys for school. I was wondering how to correctly pronounce everyone's names in the most recent line-up. It'd be greatly appreciated.
Something along the lines of:
Me-yeah-sch-go Tah-lahr-sch-ick
Ah-nders Yahkohb-son
Uhr-bahn Sk*-y**htt (* like J in Julio, ** like y ín Reality)
Joon Lihnd-qwist / Anders
Question from Emil (IP: posted March 11, 2006 21:05:52:
God dasg! Tenkt noe mer på drum-tutorials for grind/punk?
Nej, det har jag inte. / Anders
Question from germangrindfaction (IP: posted March 11, 2006 11:48:26:
Hi there
I am proud that i have seen one off the last Nasum Shows in germany! In Bremen it was an great Gig and i am so sorry about Mieszko.

Now to my Question:
What are your plans for the future?
Can we hope on an new nasum album or will Nasum never come back?
Greetings from Germany
Nasum will never come back. / Anders
Question from Anders (IP: posted March 10, 2006 19:43:47:
Tjenare anders.

Jag tror du skrev något i bloggen om att krigshot skulle spela på en svensk festival i sommar där alla crusties brukar samla sig, antog då att det var augustibuller du menade? Vore guld om ni kom dit! Så jag blev förjävla glad när jag såg i senaste close-up på konsertguiden att ni skulle komma dit. Dock har ju inte buller släppt er på hemsidan än. Men du kanske kan avslöja om det stämmer? close-up skrev ju trots allt med er så du kan ju ändå inte få skäll av bullret om du berättar så att säga :)

/mvh, anders
Jodå, så är det. / Anders
Question from Daniel (IP: posted March 9, 2006 19:22:37:
Tjena Anders!
En fråga angående Krigshot:
har ni något satt release datum på "Till vilket pris som helst"
Nja, jag vet inte. Releasepartyt är ju den 14/4 så antingen kommer den ut då eller lite tidigare. / Anders
Question from Misslyckade (IP: posted March 9, 2006 13:59:22:
Damn that new Krigshot sounds good! I can compare it only to Örebromangel, the only album I have. So, will the new one ever be available on CD?

ps. The new vocals are great! With all respect for Mieszko's work on the earlier ones of course.
Yes, it's coming on both LP and CD on Communichaos with distro in the US by Profane Existance.
I hope you're not using "Misslyckade" as a screen name, because it's really not the correct way to use that word. / Anders
Question from calvin (IP: posted March 9, 2006 07:41:11:
since i live allll the way in canada, and i doubt you'll be comming here anytime soon i was wondering if i sent you my copy of "grind Finale"..would you be able to sign it?
Sure, that would be possible. Email me for details. / Anders
Question from Fredrik (IP: posted March 8, 2006 21:08:04:
Tjena Anders!
Måste bara fråga några saker :)

Vilken av era 4 skivor har sålt mest och vilken av dom gjorde er "kända" liksom?

Om jag skulle gissa så är det "Helvete" men man vet ju aldrig. Hehe!

G.y.M // Fredrik
Jag tror att svaret är "Inhale/Exhale" på samtliga frågor. Sålt mest eftersom den funnits längst. / Anders
Question from julien (IP: posted March 8, 2006 20:23:25:
hello, i would like to know if it would be possible for you to send me all the bass tabs of all your albums by email, or otherwise if it exist a book for sale with all your bass tabs?
No, it's not possible nor does such a book exist. Listen and pick them out yourself! / Anders
Question from steve (IP: posted March 6, 2006 05:05:45:
hey over there at the nasum front, im from america and i love nasum i cant get enough. i really really want some shirts but im a fat kid and need a xxxl is there any chance u will be reprinting any of the nasum shirts and if u do can u let me know via this forum so i can special order a xxxl id even rock a xxl tight for you guys, let me know. thanx.

Hey, I know there are some demand for bigger sized t-shirts but the demand is too small to actually have those sizes in stock. But if you (and the other larger fans that wants bigger t-shirts) just get in touch and let me know what you are interested in I might be able to do some special order with the next reprint.
This goes out to the smaller dudes and dudettes too that need extra small or girlies. Again: Get in touch and I'll save your emails. I've got yours, Steve. / Anders
Question from tyo_grindbaztard (IP: posted March 5, 2006 08:12:53:
hai..,Im Grind Legion from Indonesia? ehmm...
Okey my questtion, "When you show in Indonesia? cuz im Maniac Grindcore, hehehe... Thank's and Good Luck ...
Question from Jon (IP: posted March 4, 2006 02:04:40:
On the topic of merch...will there be anymore size Large sweatshirts printed?

Most of the fans probably won't be able to fit into a small or XS sweatshirt.
I'm not sure it will be more reprints. / Anders
Question from gore (IP: posted March 3, 2006 16:12:29:
I´m from germoney.
Why don´t u sell more shirtz and other stuff?
NASUM 4 life
Because people don't buy anymore. / Anders
Question from Brann (IP: posted March 3, 2006 15:06:56:
It' s probably one of these questions where you'd think: 'Why in the world would people wanna know this?' Right?
Do you like following bands or scene-icons (or whatever they may be called):
Spazz, G-anx, Hellnation, The Locust, Discordance axis, Black army jacket, Massgrav, Bruce Banner, Melt banana....

Just being nosey ;)
Most of them I've heard, some of them I really like, so sure I like them. I'm going to see Bruce Banner live tonight as they are coming to my town. / Anders
Question from Jonas (IP: posted March 1, 2006 13:15:47:
tycker du inte ens att min kruka var lite söt? :)
Den var väldigt fin. / Anders
Question from Axel (IP: posted March 1, 2006 12:51:02:
"Låten är en liten känga (hoho!) till den våg av Dis-band som kom under 90-talet som inte hade så mycket nytt att komma med. Så titeln är en liten ordvits, såklart."

Ja, för KRIGSHOT är ju jävligt nyskapande.
Vi är i alla fall inte ett Dis-band enligt formulär 1A som gällde på 90-talet, och det var det texten lite skämtsamt kritiserade. Inte blodigt allvar, bara en rolig text. / Anders
Question from Jonte (IP: posted February 28, 2006 21:44:41:
Vad menas med Dis Sucks?
Låten är en liten känga (hoho!) till den våg av Dis-band som kom under 90-talet som inte hade så mycket nytt att komma med. Så titeln är en liten ordvits, såklart. / Anders
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