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Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted May 13, 2007 09:22:49:
kan du inte fixa ett gig med coldworker,regurgitate och gadget i örebro? vore riktigt bra!
Ser jag ut som en arrangör? / Anders
Question from PshyCom (IP: posted May 11, 2007 18:57:06:
Var kan man få tag på genocides lyrick´s alt. tabs??
Det finns inga texter och tabs finns det nog inga heller. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted May 6, 2007 08:04:46:
Good morning, Anders.

I read a previous question and you said Coldworker and Pig Destroyer were going to be doing a split?

In my opinion, that would honestly be one of the best splits ever created. =D

Any news on this topic?
Not really. It's a Coldworker, Antigama, Pig Destroyer split for Relapse's mailorder. Our track is the bonus from the Japanese version of "The Contaminated Void". Don't know how exclusive the other bands material is. / Anders
Question from Andy (IP: posted May 6, 2007 07:43:54:
Hi anders.
I was wondering what the japanesse writing on the 'grind' t shirt converts to in english? i assume it says grind but im curious.

much respect, your music will inspire me for a lifetime.
Yes, it's "grind" ("fun-zai") in Japanese. / Anders
Question from jacoballen nasumfan guy (IP: posted May 1, 2007 04:42:06:
Hey Anders
Have you heard any of "Job for a Cowboy"? If so, then do you think they are any good? Because here in America their is a massive popularity wave over these guys, but quit frankly I dont see anything so special about them, perhaps its the bands young age that gets everyone so enthused about them. Im not saying there bad im just confused why their so popular:)

R.I.P. Mieszko
Never heard of them. Funny name though. / Anders
Question from Mattias, ljudnörden (IP: posted May 1, 2007 03:39:49:
Tja! Har fått hem Grand Finale vinylen och wow säger jag. Det jag undra är var denna graverad från CD släppet lr var det från en CD-R av dom "omasterade" filerna?
"GRIND Finale", gosse "GRIND"... Vinylen gjordes från samma mastring (dvs min hemmagjorda sådan) som CD:n. / Anders
Question from SG (IP: posted April 30, 2007 11:34:28:
Hey, Anders! I've been searching the web for some time, and I still haven't found out what is actually Nasum. I know you took the name from that Frankenstein movie, but ... what is actually Nasum?
Get hold of "Grind Finale" and you'll know. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted April 30, 2007 00:21:34:
Hey again, Anders.

Does having someone else in your band with the same name ever get confusing?
Say if someone in Coldworker asked "Anders" to do something, you answer, but they actually directed it to Anders Bertilsson? =D
The nature of the question usually indicates which Anders it's for. But "Anders" is usually me, and "Bertilsson" the other Anders. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted April 29, 2007 22:10:52:
vad tror du om den? av det lilla jag har hört så verkar den kunna blir riktigt riktigt bra
Den blir säkert fin. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted April 29, 2007 12:31:23:
har du någon aning om hur det går med den nya sayyadina skivan?
Kommer i juni. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted April 28, 2007 21:07:57:
Hey, Anders.

I know your drumming is more then just speed,
involving technical, groove stuff and what not, which sounds kick ass,
but I was wondering what your fastest song on drums was for Nasum?

I thought "Supernova" was pretty damn lightning fast.
I honestly have no idea. I think the blast tempo is pretty even on all tracks. Live a few songs usually was sped up on purpose, mostly on the closing blast part. / Anders
Question from Kim (IP: posted April 28, 2007 00:17:43:
Hej Anders,

Grindcore i all ära, men har du/ni aldrig funderat på att väcka Charles till liv igen? Enligt mig är "Orden inom mig" den bästa skiva som släppts i sin genre. Har förresten gamla konsertbilder på er från Badhuset nån gång på 90-talet (kanske inte är ensam om det).

Nej, det är inte aktuellt. Jag står för det givetvis, men det är som sagt inte aktuellt att ta upp igen. / Anders
Question from Jukpak (IP: posted April 27, 2007 00:56:30:

just wanted to ask you about one thing that is like a shared concern for all of us. How is your hearing after these years of playing so loud? Ringing or anything, since I haven´t seen any plugs in your ears while playing live. Thanks for everything.
I've been "plugged up" for many years. I always carry earplugs on me. No major tinnitus yet. / Anders
Question from L. Nici (IP: posted April 25, 2007 20:30:48:
Hejsan anders, vem är sångaren på dom första låtarna på "grind finale" låter tungt. Hade ni planer på att lägga ner ändå om Mieszko hade överlevt?(kanske lite känsligt men är tvungen att fråga)

R.i.p. Mieszko, saknaden är stor!
Rickard Alriksson, originaltrummisen sjunger på de första 66 låtarna. När det gäller den andra frågan så hade det berott på vilket skick han hade befunnit sig i. Om han t.ex hade dragit på sig liknande skador som hans flickvän så hade det troligen varit slut på Nasum som turnérande band. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted April 22, 2007 06:51:50:
Good day to you, Anders.

Meaning to ask this before, I forgot about it.
I was wondering why "No Paradise For The Damned" was re-done and put on "Shift" when it was already on "The Black Illusions" like... 8 years difference between the albums.

Is there some meaning behind that song in order for it to be re-recorded?

I just think it's a powerful track, and who's ever desicion to re-do it, was a damn good one.
It's pretty much explained in the "track by track" (see the discography section):

4. No Paradise for the Damned

- This is the only rerecording of a released track we've done for any of our albums. We didn't plan to record it, it just happened. We had talked about adding this song - originally from the Abstain split - to our liveset but never managed to really pick it out from the badly played and badly recorded original release. But somehow we came to talk about it during the "Shift" session and I went home and pushed myself to finally pick it out. So I did it and we recorded it, but it never made it into the liveset anyway.


Apart from that I think the song added a feeling of the old days, a more straight on grindcore song among the more modern songs we wrote. / Anders
Question from EH (IP: posted April 21, 2007 14:18:11:
Kommer Coldworker til å holde noen konserter i Norge?

BTW, sjekk ut grunnmiksen for en cover jeg gjør av Napalm Death - Scum:
Någon gång ska vi väl komma dit. / Anders
Question from BOUBOU (IP: posted April 21, 2007 10:56:40:
Hi Anders!
Nasum was great and Coldworker kill us all!
Just to say it and confirm that Pigsty is a really good grind band!
Hope see you in France soon!
Is June 22 soon enough for you? / Anders
Question from SG (IP: posted April 20, 2007 23:15:50:
Hey, Anders! Just got the video concerts loaded, and I got a say, Nasum was ruling the stage! This stuff is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

By the way, what do you think, which Rage is better? Rage or Rage Against the Machine?
Rage without the machine is the old metal band, right? Well, I'd pick RATM then. / Anders
Question from Hulken (IP: posted April 20, 2007 11:34:42:
Jag har haft den här frågan på skallen flera dagar nu, och jag lyckas inte släppa den. Känn dig fri att utmåla ditt svar hur du vill, om det skulle kännas som ett intrång på ditt privatliv.

Men jag har suttit och läst texterna till varenda låt ni har gjort. Speciellt är det dessa textrader som speciellt fångade min uppmärksamhet, och dessa var:
Capitalism takes its last sigh
As the fundamental values return.

Jag vet även att Mieszko skrev massor av liknande grejor, så nu till min fråga. Hur var det politiskt ställningstagandet i Nasum?
Vi sa vad vi tyckte och kände i texterna och sen kan jag väl erkänna att texterna var tillskruvade lite extra för effektens skull. / Anders
Question from Chad (IP: posted April 18, 2007 20:13:03:
Hey Anders,i have a question about Grind Finale.Are they pre-order copies the rest of them or are there still copies on it a CD in stores?
As far as I know they are all sold out. / Anders
Question from GrindR (IP: posted April 17, 2007 11:20:50:
hey Anders what do you think of Regurgitate? and whats your favorite release by them? thks
Worst. Band. Ever. I must say that the first split is such a relentless recording that it remains my favorite just because of that. But it's all cool. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted April 15, 2007 10:11:40:
Howdy, Anders.

I was checking through the "Human 2.0" page on the Discography part of the site, and I saw what you had said about it...

"Human 2.0" was partly destroyed in the mastering. "

I noticed that this album had a much more raw sound to it, a really wicked/brutal, crisp quality, but what exactly happened with the mastering..?

If you could tell me, I thank you dearly.

(P.S. - The new drums look awesome! =D )
The overall sound got a little bit distorted in the mastering. / Anders
Question from Arthemesic / Atrium (IP: posted April 15, 2007 01:11:55:
I am Finnish, so I'm taught Swedish, and I can pick a bit up from what Nils has asked you, Mr. Jakobson.

So did you play drums on Shift? I'm a bit confused about a few words you used in the answer to Nils' question.

As I previously said, Shift is my fav album by Nasum. The riffs are PURE POWER and the drumsounds are ones of the best I've ever heard in GrindCore. What was the snare brand & model if you remember? It sounds a bit like my friend's 70's Slingerland 14"x5.5" snare.
Yes, I played the drums! I'm totally sure that the snare that was used was Soundlab's DW snare. / Anders
Question from Nils (IP: posted April 13, 2007 16:30:04:
Hur spelade du in trummorna Helvete och Shift? Såvitt jag kan höra så har ingen metronom använts i alla fall (menar inte att det är otajt snarare att tempot inte håller exakt samma BPM genom låtarna), spelade du in trummorna samtidigt som du fick lyssna på en slaskgitarr?
Ja, det är så vanligt folk spelar in musik... Skämt åsido, ett par partier är inspelade till klick, till exempel mittenpartiet i "Doombringer", slutet av "Worst case scenario" och något mer kanske. Några låtar på "Helvete" spelade jag in utan någon slaskgitarr, alltså bara trummade. / Anders
Question from Marko (IP: posted April 12, 2007 16:52:03:
I was just now listening through the Nasum discography, with reading the lyrics and thanks from the sleeves while listening. When I got to Human 2.0, something caught my eye, you thank Blizzard Entertainment. Was someone of Nasum a big Diablo/Warcraft/Starcraft fan then?

Still trying to find Grind Finale from somewhere to my collection, but not looking so bright, cant seem to find it anywhere inside Finland.
Mieszko was huge gamer. One of his last private projects were creating music for videogames. It sounded really cool actually so I'm pretty sure that his music would have been picked up by some game company. / Anders
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