A July 3 update about everything

Hello, frequent visitors of nasum.com! Here's a little update about everything.


First of all, I've come to the last copies of the "Helvete" LP. I have VERY few left, and those of you who have ordered it might get your money in return. Be sure to check out the merchandise page before your order the vinyl.

And something important: I'm saving every email I get from people asking for the address or making some sort of pre order. These emails is automatically affecting the merchandise page since I mark some stuff as booked. From now on I will only keep stuff to the side for two weeks. If you haven't sent me your money in that time, it's not "yours" anymore.

Live stuff/Napalm Death split

Read this blog first. Then go to the audio/video page and download a little sample of what probably is going to turn up on a live split with Napalm Death.

Some of you might remember that Nasum recorded some extra tracks during the "Helvete" session which were supposed to be on a 10" split with Napalm Death. Well, that didn't happen due to different reasons, but while we were touring together in Japan January 2004 we came up with the idea of doing a live split instead since we both recorded some pretty good material during that tour.

Now, one and a half years later I finally got our recordings and they sound very good, one recording even sounds KILLER. I have made a quick edit of the best stuff from the recording and will work on it some more, polish up the sound slightly and so forth. The sample you can download is a block of "Helvete" songs which still are unpolished, but I guess you can hear the great quality of the sound (remember: it's a minidisc recording straight from the mixing desk!).

I have spoked with Shane about what to do with the split and things are still unclear in the Napalm Death camp, but hopefully things will get cracking soon. Make some noise about it in the Napalm Death Forum! :)

After posting my blog about the live stuff I've gotten quite a few mails from people wanting to send me live stuff that they have with Nasum. If I find something good I'll try to work on it and maybe collect material for a live 7" with stuff from the whole career, displaying different line ups and different kinds of Nasum. We'll see.

Picture discs

"Helvete" is now out as picture LP. It's on eBay! I have still not seen it myself, but I will talk to the label and try to find out how and where it can be ordered.

Related bands news

Starting on Tuesday, Sayyadina featuring Jon, is out on the European roads for a little minitour. They're out with Spain's Looking For An Answer. Here are the dates:

July 5th - Hamburg (DE) @ Hafenklang
July 6th - Leipzig (DE) @ Zoro w/ Bombstrike (Swe)
July 7th - Niesky (DE) @ JZ Holz
July 8th - Vienna (AU) @ Arena w/ Napalm Death (UK) and Diecast (US)
July 9th - Obscene Extreme (CZ)
July 10th - Chemnitz (DE) @ Crass Pub w/ Bombstrike
July 11th - Potsdam (DE) @ Archiv

If you're heading towards Obscene Extreme you will be able to catch Regurgitate, featuring Urban, as they're playing there for the second time. I'm sure they will do a much better show this time since they have a bassplayer playing the bass...

Burst featuring Jesper has been in the studio recording their new album "Origo" the past couple of weeks. Last I heard from Jesper they were ready to mix the album. Look for a fall release on Relapse. I will help Burst out with their new webpage until then.

That's it for now.


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