Regressive Hostility

Compilation CD

Released by:
• Hostile Regression, Finland

Recording info:
• Recorded June 9-13 1997 by Mathias Färm and Mieszko Talarczyk in Studio Punkpalace, Örebro - Sweden

Line up:
Mieszko Talarczyk - guitar and vocals
Anders Jakobson - drums, bass and low vocals

Comments by Anders Jakobson:

About the recording...

We got contacted by the Finish record label Hostile Regression, by traditional snailmail I assume, and got offered to be a part of a compilation CD. So we wrote the songs and recorded them in the first version of Soundlab Studios.

I think we really hit it with this recording. In my opinion the sound is really powerful and it was the first time we really had a good production. And I have never had such a good voice. “Dis sucks” has the best vocals I’ve ever performed.

I really, really love this recording. Some of the playing is kinda sloppy but still there’s something special about this one. If it had been released as a separate Nasum release I think it would’ve been one of the classics. I can even smell the old Soundlab Studio when I listen to this recording. Also my number one favourite line in a Nasum lyric is on this one: “Fuck the system as it fucks you every fucking day!” I love that line!

About "The Green Tape"...

When we had recorded the songs for the “Regressive Hostility” compilation, I taped them to a green cassette that I sent to Relapse Records. They liked it and it ultimately led to a record deal and then "Inhale/Exhale". “The Green Tape,” as Relapse refers to the session, is definitively one important part in the life of Nasum.

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1. Dis Sucks
2. The Leak
3. Eviscerated (By the Fiend)
4. Shambler
5. Lack of Ammunition
6. The Machines
7. Låt Inte Asen Styra Ditt Liv
8. Going Nowhere
9. Generation Ex
10. The Soil Bleeds Black
11. Hail the Chaos!
12. Fuck the System
13. The Spiral Goes Down
14. Shortcut to Extinction
15. Vows
16. Hate Division