Grind Finale vinyl re-issue released

Back in 2006 I was approached by a guy called Mike from Unrest Records in Canada. He wanted to do a vinyl release of the "Grind Finale" compilation, which had been released on a 2xCD in digibook by Relapse. I was reluctant at first, because the main sources of the material in the compilation were previous vinyl releases and the CD release was so impressive that I thought it would be hard to match it.

But through the discussions with Mike we ended up with a release that definitively matched it. A massive 4xLP that gets a "wow" reaction from everyone who sees it.

We agreed on an edition of 1000 copies that were quickly sold out.

As the Farewell tour was announced, Mike contacted me about doing a reissue connected to the tour. In true Mike fashion he wanted to improve the already impressive package with some additional stuff. Due to different reasons the reissue wasn't finished in time for the tour, but now it's finally released!

The reissue includes a slipcase with new artwork, the artwork of the 2x2 ft poster is replaced with the new artwork, and it's colored vinyl: side A/B (red), side C/D (bronze), side E/F (silver) and side G/H (gold). Some additional minor adjustments have been done as well, but the content remains the same. No additional songs or anything like that. Just a reissue with a twist.

The "Grind Finale" 4xLP is now available from Nasum. This is a very heavy release (about 1,25 kg each) so it means massive shipping costs. To reduce the price per 4xLP I recommend that you order multiple copies. If you have some friends that would like the album, do order together! Below is a chart for one to five copies, with the total price and price per copy. Of course you can order more than five copies or combine your copy/copies with other merch from the Nasum shop.

SwedenPer copyEuropePer copyWorldPer copy
1384 SEK384 SEK63 EUR63 EUR87 USD87 USD
2755 SEK378 SEK116 EUR58 EUR160 USD80 USD
31085 SEK362 SEK156 EUR52 EUR216 USD72 USD
41435 SEK359 SEK200 EUR50 EUR286 USD72 USD
51735 SEK347 SEK239 EUR48 EUR342 USD69 USD

I know that the prices are high, but I assure you that it's mostly shipping costs. The actual record is sold at a very reasonable price, it's just that it's so extremely heavy that we have to charge massive shipping amounts.

There are other distros that carry the album if you want to get it at a cheaper price, but is the only place where you can get it together with additional official merchandise.

One final note: the reissue is printed in 1000 copies, where 200 have some additional black splatter in the vinyl. This version is NOT available from, it's exclusive to Unrest Records.

Order your copy at the merch page


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