An April 3rd update about everything

Last Thurday was the one year aniversary of Mieszko's funeral. It seems unreal that one year has passed since that sunny day when we said our last goodbyes. That day last year felt like the first day of summer, but that day this year didn't even feel like the last day of winter. It's really strange.

I was supposed to write this last week but I didn't have the time to do it then. Anyway, the messages you all posted for the one year aniversery of the Tsunami is now online along with some photos of the messages at the grave and at the memorial site in Thailand. This should have been put online a long time ago, but better late than never.

Go to the Memorial page for further info.

Changing subject slightly... as promised in this blog entry I have unveiled some heavy archive material and can today present a whole bunch of live songs at the Audio/Video page.

I have transfered some minidisc recordings to my computer and just added some compression and a little eq tweaking to get some life into these sad recordings. I would have liked to give you more stuff but unfortunately most of the minidiscs sounded terrible, and these three were the best due to different reasons. I hope you like them!

I have also started to do some serious talk with a label regarding the vinyl version of "Grind Finale". I will give you all details when everything is settled but we are discussing a spectacular packaging right now and I am sure that everyone who has been longing for "Grind Finale" on vinyl will be happy campers when they put their hands on this upcoming 4-LP (!!!) monster release... More info to come!

Regarding merchandise I am actually leaning towards NOT doing any more merch, but it might change. I don't know yet.

What else? Oh yes, my new band is called Coldworker and there are four rehearsal tracks to be heard in this blog entry. Check it out and post your comment if you like it or dislike it.

Further on, Krigshot will do our first show in three years (second ever) next week when our brand new album "Till vilket pris som helst" comes out. If you are in the Stockholm area, head down to Kafé 44 and see us and Splitter. Remember that shows at Kafé 44 starts and ends early... Rumour says that you can get a ticket and the CD for a very good price, so be there! I am finishing up a new website that will go public at very soon.

In other Nasum releated news: Regurgitate are recording their new new album right now. Last I heard they had taped the drums and they are aiming for a rough recording this time, so all of you who hated the clean version of RGTE should prepare for something else this time. I will - by the way - join RGTE as a temp drummer this summer as Jocke is getting another child. I'll go with Urban, Glenn and Rikard to "Grind your mother" in Italy early July. Ain't that something?

Sayyadina will go to the US and play at the Maryland Deathfest so don't miss them if you're going to that fest. I think they are about to record something new soon too. Jon has already recorded a new album with Victims that should be out soon.

And Jesper is of course always touring (so it seems) with Burst. They are lining up a whole lot of festivals for this summer so go to their website and see if they are coming to your favorite one.

Hm... That's it, is it? Maybe I should try to update the news more often...


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