A February 20th update about everything

Long time no news... To be completely honest I've been so busy lately so I have mostly only been able to answer a few questions and do the merch in the Nasum world, and not had the time to do any other sorts of updates. Well, I finally have some time to take care of Nasum business so here is an update!

• "Grind Finale" is released worldwide (so I believe, haven't seen the Japanese edition yet)! The reviews are pouring in and by the look of them people seem to like the compilation. Good, that was the intention!

I've made a few interviews lately and some comments on my "disclaimer" in the booklet about not recommending a listening of the two discs in one sitting. What I mean is that "Grind Finale" is sort of a dictionary and if you buy a dictionary you don't read from the first page to the last in one sitting, do you?

But never mind - do you want to hear all the 152 tracks in a row - go a head!

Back to the reviews... Swedish media (and by that I mean the huge newspapers) have written about it. Svenska Dagbladet - the second biggest morningpaper in Sweden, had Nasum on the billboards and on the frontpage of the whole paper and a large photo in the reviews - amazing! Internationally, it's "album of the month" in the current Terrorizer issue, which also has a long interview (with too many errors in my opinion, but never mind...) and so forth. Also the underground media is doing features on the album so things are going well from that point of view.

Will there be a vinyl edition? Yes, eventually. There are a few vinyl offers being discussed right now so it will happen sooner or later. I just want the vinyl edition to be as impressive packagewise as the CD so it's a matter of finding the right label with the best ideas for the release.

Also I have added the "Grind Finale" timeline that I have mentioned before. See how the whole thing developed.

• The Krigshot LP is done. I've spend most of my free time the last few weeks mixing and remixing this recording and this past Thursday I did the last adjustments and was given thumbs up by Jallo and on Saturday the album was mastered in Stockholm.

The title is "Till vilket pris som helst" (roughly "At any cost") and you can find two previews and a little picture of the cover, which I will finalize during this coming week, at Communichaos.com. The album is going into production at once and the scheduled release is early April. A releaseparty is booked at Kafé 44 in Stockholm April 14, so book your calendars, crustfreaks of Sweden!

A new official website is planed in connection with the release, so keep your eyes open for an announcement about that.

• I worked so hard with the Krigshot mix that I am completely drained when it comes to sound and mixing right now, so it will be a while until I get cracking on those live minidiscs I wrote about in this blog.

• Speaking of that blog... I have a new band! Yes, I've finally gotten my act together and started grinding again. Read more about this and see and hear the new band here!

• And finally the serverspace thing... I've gotten a lot of emails from people offering to help out in some way. Due to the reasons mentioned above I have not been able to really look into these offers yet, but I will do it this coming week. So if you have contacted me about this, just hold on and I will speak to you soon, thanks!

Guess that's it! Man what a long update!


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