A June 8 update about everything

Hey kids and old people! Now the new nasum.com has been online around two weeks and I think it's working quite fine. The new Q and A page seems to work well instead of the old guestbook. That's good.

In further webrelated news I have a lengthy list of additional updates to do once I have some extra time. It's basically discography related updates with the studio diaries from "Helvete" for instance and also some audio/video updates and so on. At some point I need to update the photo section and blah blah... Just keep it at this: nasum.com is not nearly done yet.

The merch stock is slowly disappearing. Many people have asked questions about the merch - will I do more, reprints, new designs? Right now, I don't really know. I guess so. I have to think a little more about it. Nasum's major market for merch was always during the shows but this mailorder thing is working allright. I'll get back to you on that.

The picture discs are under production right now. I've been in contact with GMR Music and they will release the first three albums during the summer starting with "Helvete" June 20. I'm still not sure how these will be sold, especially not for non-Swedes. I am quite sure that I will NOT sell them via nasum.com, simply because I will not get more than our personal copies as it is today. Maybe I will get some extra, I don't know that now. There is also a discussion between GMR and Burning Heart about doing a "Shift" picture disc and it looks like that's going to happen too, but at a later date. To release it right now would interfere with No Tolerance's vinyl edition. But it will probably happen, and that's great.

The production of "Grind Finale", the two disc compilation of all non-album material from Nasum is progressing as well. I've got Albert Mudrian's foreword and it's quite excellent. I have also had discussions with Relapse about the packaging of the album and I think we have settled on a REALLY nice package that is not the usual for these kinds of records. I'll tell you more when I'm absolutely sure about the package. I'm also awaiting the first drafts of the artwork from Orion and Jonathan at Relapse's art department. Can't wait and I will share the artwork with you once the time is right.

What else? Oh yeah, I went to Mieszko's grave today. It still feels awkward going there. I do not really know what to do there. Should I speak with him? I guess right now just being there is fine. The grave is still missing a proper headstone and I hope there will be one soon. But there were some healthy grass growing on the grave and I see that as a positive sign.

I met Emma, Mieszko's girlfriend, briefly last week and she was actually standing and walking without any support. That was also a very positive sign. It really looks like she will recover as the doctors have said. Wonderful!

I still haven't played any drums more than twice since the day of the tsunami. It's actually fucked up, but today I've taken a first step towards something new musically as I bought myself a laptop. I have longed for some kind of mobile recording equipment for many years now and this laptop is the first purchase. As I've written before, I spent a month working in Cubase with the editing of "Grind Finale" so the next step is to record something on the laptop and try to do something nice. We'll see.

It's festival season right now and I will actually be away the remainder of this week as I'm going south to the Sweden Rock festival. This festival is like a trip down memory lane straight into my vinyl collection. You wouldn't believe the line up at this festival! The highlights for me are Napalm Death, Anthrax (the "Among the Living" line up) and Mötley Crüe! It will be great (I hope...) and next week it's time for Hultsfredfestivalen with highlights like The Mars Volta, Nine Inch Nails and Mastodon to name a few.

This means that I won't be able to answer questions and emails, to ship merchandise and such until Sunday this week. So hold your horses if you wait for replies or merchandise. I will return!


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