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Grindcore parking lot

Believe it or not, but this parking lot is the birthplace of Nasum. Obviously it hasn't always been a parking lot. Once upon a time there was a run down house here that had a few rooms for bands to rehearse in. The house was called Bokcafét Räven (roughly "The Bookclub The Fox") that might or might not have had some illegal operations on their agenda. In the early 90's I started rehearsing with my crossover band F.R.M.T. in one of the rooms. It was small and probably smelly but it was my very first rehearsal room and we had a lot of fun playing there every week.

A while later we started to share the room with some youngsters. Two of them were called Rickard Alriksson and Dan Wall and as F.R.M.T. disbanded I started a new band with these two younger guys. That band was Necrony. That eventually led to the forming of Nasum, first as a side-project to Necrony, then as our main band.

Before we ultimately moved out of this room we shared it with a little outfit called Millencolin, but nobody probably remembers them anymore...

Today, soon close to 30 years since I first moved in there, it's a parking lot and it's been that for quite a while. I go by this place quite often and remember the crazy and creative times we spent in that room.

Anders and Rickard rehearsing some Necrony stuff inside Bokcafét Räven, 1992. Photo by Mieszko.


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