Live at CBGB's 1999


Released by:
• Death By Digital, Canada

Recording info:
Recorded live at CBGB's August 8 1999. Edited by Anders Jakobson and Dan Swanö. Mastered by Dan Swanö.

Comments by Anders Jakobson:

About the release...

"Live at CBGB's 1999" was originally released late 2021 on and it was never intended to be a physical release, but when Doug Brown from Death By Digital reached out and asked if there was anything that he could release this recording came to mind. It sort of became a 25th anniversary of the first proper Nasum tour - two weeks in the US, where the peak of the tour was the show at CBGB’s. The show also fitted the style of the retroactive stuff Doug was putting out, for example from Exhumed who also were on the tour.

The LP was released May 3 2024, in a standard edition of 400 copies in black vinyl and a limited edition of 100 copies in "grape" vinyl.

About the recording...

The show was recorded straight from the mixing desk to DAT and with no multitrack recording to fool around with to do a proper mix, there wasn't much to work with but adjusting the EQ and be happy with that. This was initially my main issue for not doing a physical release, but the sound is after all good enough and quite a good documentation of what Nasum was all about as a live act back in 1999 - playing wise and song wise.

About the editing...

A live show is never a smooth thing that can be released as is, so there has been some editing, but it's mainly a huge break early in the show where there were some technical issues going on with the bass that has been removed. Apart from that I have just trimmed the talk between the songs to make it a little bit more snappy and quicker. The LP version of the show is edited a bit harder than the Bandcamp release, in part to achieve a proper side break.

About the cover and artwork...

The three of us had cameras with us during the US tour, but this was during the analogue times and the number of photos shot were less than they would have been today. I had some in my archives and I asked Jesper to look at his stash and he had some as well. Not much to work with in total, but it was enough to do a sleeve and an insert.

I spent many hours cutting and pasting the titles from different newspapers and magazines punk/kidnapper style. It became obvious to me that some letters are not as frequently used in Swedish print media than in the English, so it was quite the challenge getting it done!

For the liner notes I asked Jesper to write something. I had already written some for the Bandcamp release, so it was quite nice to let someone else do the talking this time. Jesper's text was great, and I wrote a shorter complementing text about the technical aspect of the release.

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1. Inhale/Exhale
2. Too Naked to Distort
3. There's No Escape
4. I See Lies
5. No Sign of Improvement
6. My Fear
7. The Masked Face
8. Löpandebandsprincipen
9. Evicerated (By The Fiend)
10. Shambler
11. The System Has Failed Again
12. Tested
13. Information is Free
14. Fantasibilder
15. End
16. Silent Sanguinary Soil
17. My Philosophy
18. Du är bevakad
19. Shaping the End
20. Bullshit Tradition (Dropdead cover)
21. Disappointed
22. The World that You Made