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Question from Omen (IP: posted October 13, 2008 19:33:36:
Hmm haha. So I take it you do shredding as well on an acoustic then? How was it when you wrote in Nasum? I'm guessing the same, but did you and Mieszko (and potentially the other members) write some songs together? Did someone then come up with one riff or the basics and did the other fill up the empty spades, or was the I-come-up-with-a-song-and-you-learn-it-technique more popular, or practical for that matter? If there were some mixed songs, did the credit go to whoever came up with most of the song?
Almost the entire song writing was done individually. It was most convinient and it really worked well for us. It was better to have a bunch of finished songs when we entered the rehearsal room and both Mieszko and I were fast learners so it was productive times.
He liked to keep his songs a little bit more open for adjustments during the rehearsal whereas I were more "finished" with my songs when I showed them. Of course there were exceptions but they were few.
I don't think there's a single track credited to the both of us, when it comes to the music. We wrote lyrics for each other every now and then, but basically it was 100% individual song writing. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted October 12, 2008 19:11:01:
As a writer and guitarist yourself, what guitars/amps/other bullshit do you prefer?

I am a composer, not a guitarist. I usually write all my stuff on a fucked up accoustic guitar that consistantly downtuned to B or A (the knob for the lower E-string is broken). So that's it really... :) / Anders
Question from Corrosion (IP: posted October 10, 2008 13:30:15:
Jag lånar ett paypal konto av en bekant, men när jag tänkte skicka iväg beställningen så tänkte jag om det inte är så att jag måste få en faktura/beställningsverifiering av dig först?

Eller är det såhär att jag skickar till och sedan får en faktura med information? Och där skriver jag tröjmodell, storlek osv?
Skicka ett mail med beställning, adress och vilken PayPal som betalar och betala sen. / Anders
Question from Corrosion (IP: posted October 9, 2008 21:17:28:
Tja, kan du ge lite information om beställningen via paypal. Ge mer information. Jag kan ju inte bara skicka till någon eller? Lite mer info behövs.
Jag förutsätter att du har ett PayPal-konto och då är det "bara" att skicka pengar till adressen ("Send money to"). / Anders
Question from Nils (IP: posted October 9, 2008 03:25:19:
Tänkte bara hälsa att Tellus Destruction Project har fått sin senaste demo färdigställd. Det är mixad och mastrad av Tobhias Ljung.

Gå gärna in och lyssna o sig vad som tycks =)
Faktura för reklamplatsen kommer inom kort. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted October 4, 2008 23:52:12:
Hehe okay, thanks, sorry about the stupid question. Were there any songs made for Helvete that are on there as well then?
Every single outtake is on it, except for a few "Inhale/Exhale" outtakes that are lost. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted October 4, 2008 14:23:07:
Hey, dude

What happened to the tracks that didn't make it to "Shift"?
They are on "Grind Finale", dude. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted October 2, 2008 06:10:59:
Hej igen, Anders!

I recently got the Regurgitate/Skullhog split, the one recorded back in 2006... I noticed on the back, that it said "Recording done by Anders Jakobson".
Was that just a one time thing, or have you been experimenting with recording for other bands?
That's the only recording I've done outside my own "circle" (= the Krigshot LP, Ex-Nasum "demo", Coldworker demos and Coldworker albums). Oh, yeah, I recorded the drums, bass and vocals for the second Ruin demo as well (it was actually the same weekend as Regurgitate).
Hm... to be perfectly honest there is a rehearsal thingy with Regurgitate where I play the drums also, but that's it.
I would love to record other bands, but I haven't got the time or skills to do it. Yet. / Anders
Question from Ed (IP: posted September 30, 2008 04:12:17:
Will Nasum ever be an active band again? I believe Mieszko would have wanted Nasum to continue.
No. Who would sing? / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted September 24, 2008 17:53:23:
Hey man,

In the track by track pages, you comment that you never knew why Mieszko decided to call Sixteen that way, and that you'll never find out. I recently recalled that I heard the song "Sixteen Tons" a couple of weeks ago on the radio while driving home from a friend's house. I understand it's about the misery of coal mining, and it's a pretty old song, but I guess you could interpret it differently than it's originally intended to be. Is there a possibility that's why the song's called Sixteen, or do you think that Mieszko just thought it sounded cool (with all due respect)?

I'm almost 100% certain that that song has nothing to do with "Sixteen". It will remain a mystery. / Anders
Question from Larry (IP: posted September 12, 2008 20:28:32:

En snabb fråga bara (ursäkta om den har blivit besvarad förut) men, vilken/vilka stämningar använde ni på gitarrerna?

Ha det gött!
Eh... ja, för sex frågor sedan... / Anders
Question from Lucas , Poland (IP: posted September 11, 2008 12:43:38:
hi anders
would there ever by a rerelease of Nasum LPs?cheers
I'm not ruling out the possibility, but there are no plans as of now. It would be cool to have a sort of more luxurious edition made of each title, like proper gatefold covers and so on. / Anders
Question from J (IP: posted September 10, 2008 01:55:47:
congratulations for the coldwalker album!nice production too
did you triggered the snare?
I don't really know what Swanö did, but if he triggered it, he sampled the natural sound of the snare and used it, that's usually how he rool. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted September 9, 2008 19:05:25:
Hey man,

did you have the chance to "live" from Nasum? And second, did Relapse or any label srew you over or ripped you off?
No. As for the second question, I would express my deepest disappointment with Clean Plate Records (as described in the "Grind Finale" booklet). That's the closest thing to being ripped off by a record label. / Anders
Question from Finland (IP: posted September 7, 2008 12:47:41:
How many pages did the original Grind Finale booklet have?
I believe it was 80. / Anders
Question from Blastvader (IP: posted September 7, 2008 09:03:42:
Thanks for answering my question. If you know why did Nasum have a different tuning live to on your records?

I was suprised at the coldworker tuning as it sounds very heavy.
We felt that it was hard to get clarity in the riffs with the drop A tuning live, it just became a big mess, so we changed it just a little bit. / Anders
Question from Blastvader (IP: posted September 6, 2008 06:16:54:
Nasum guitar tuning was drop A?
Same as Coldworker?
Drop A on the records, Drop A# live. Coldworker is Drop C. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted September 2, 2008 19:42:22:
Hey Anders,

I forgot about it. How was the title of the grind finale project first meant to be?

Question from Ä (IP: posted August 22, 2008 21:40:59:
Are there any english translations of your swedish songs like "Hets"?
Not really, but here is a "quick and dirty" translation, without any poetic ambitions...

What the fuck happened to your life and dreams?
A struggle for something unreachable and slippery
Your skin is whipped, it's beaten so it hurts
All this fucking stress drowns your life in black

What? Are you supposed to lie down and die?
Burnt out, wasted and totally run down
- Throw out the corpse, waste the shit!
Is this the thanks you will get?
Wear and waste, wear and waste - bring on the next slave

- You have to produce, concentrate, feel no guilt
You feel their eyes, you always feel the preasure
And your motivation is golden watch
Consumed by time, a slave under the stress

What? Are you supposed to lie down and die?
Burnt out, wasted and totally run down
- Throw out the corpse, waste the shit!
Is this the thanks you will get?
Wear and waste, wear and waste - bring on the next slave

What happened to your life? - Burnt out!
What happened to your life? - Run down!
The stress took over your life!

"Hets" doesn't really mean stress. I have never really found a good English word for it. It's like a mix of haste and stress. / Anders
Question from Lars (IP: posted August 19, 2008 23:25:59:
Do you hate Anal Cunt?
Should I? / Anders
Question from K. G. (IP: posted August 19, 2008 17:32:03:
Hello, I know this might be quite bold of me, but if you have the time, I would recommend you watch this:

i found it very entertaining; it has one of Nasum's songs "Hail the Chaos" in it.

Cheers from Canada!
Haha! Very strange to hear your own voice coming out of an animated Japanese girl! / Anders
Question from N (IP: posted August 16, 2008 17:15:37:
did you like the new album of rotten sound?and their drumer?i think it's amazing!
I haven't heard the album, but Rotten Sound has always been good. / Anders
Question from Lènart (IP: posted July 30, 2008 19:41:37:
tjenare! Vet inte om man ska ta merch frågor här men jag gör det ändå.

Det är såhär att jag är intresserad av "Logo" tröjan och eftersom att alla L är slut så har jag bestämt mig för att kolla med dig (er?) om ni har någon XL t-shirt kvar. Jag undrar också, om jag köper tröjan och du skickar iväg den och allt sånt hur lång tid det tar tills den kommer till närmsta postkontor eller till mig?

Mvh Lènart
Rätt, fel forum för merchfrågor. Men svaren är ja, och några dagar. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted July 26, 2008 15:37:50:
At the power it up page I read that Coldworker also takes part at the Nasum Tribute Sampler and will cover one song.
Is that true?
I thought that will be very weird for you!?
Didn't I read that you can't imagine to cover a Nasum Song with Coldworker when somebody asked you that?


Yes, it's true. It felt like the right circumstances to do it, and it was a band decision. But it's really only for the comp, the cover will not be a part of our livesets etc.

We're going to play one of my old songs from the early years, before Mieszko started to sing (and before I started to play the drums in Nasum), so comparisons with the latter Nasum sound should be obsolete. / Anders
Question from Lyndon (IP: posted July 25, 2008 16:33:37:
Hi Anders.
A few questions I had were 1) How was working with Unrest records I have heard some up and down things about that guy...drunk,drug dealer etc...2.why did you choose not to work with Unrest for any other vinyl releases? 3)what's up with the split with Napalm?
1. It was one of smoothest collaborations with an underground label that I have experienced during all the years. Mike was very cool, everything I suggested he agreed to and then added all the extra stuff to make the "Grind Finale" 4xLP something extraordinary. I mean, he appologized because he could only do black and white print on the labels...

2. I didn't know about Unrest earlier and all the albums etc was already covered by other labels.

3. Not much, but one of these days... / Anders
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