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Question from steven.. (IP: posted February 5, 2010 10:17:29:
dear anders,

2 questions(if you have the time):

1) did mieszko take any courses on enigneering? or was it an intrest or something he picked up during recording sessions?

2) is it absolutley neccesary to take classes to be an engineer? i have little exp. in recording live instruments, but moderate in mixing/producing and trying to master hip hop and electronic stuff(basically using programs w/ plugins, mixing boards for certain channels, local studios for vocal tracks etc.)

i have full confidence in reaching my goal of recording/mixing other artists (esp grind/death), as well as future projects of my own..long story short im trying to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and what better to ask than one of the groups that inspired me the most(meisko's mixing techniques for his vocals in helvete are superb). after searching around the q&a, i couldn't find an answer to any of em...
1. Yes, he was in school for about a year learning the basic stuff, but I also think he had a natural talent for it. I can't really remember that he had a real interest in the subject in question before he took that course.

2. I think that it won't hurt to learn the basics through a course of some sort. Again, it's a matter of talent. I got neither any skills nor talent for sound engineering so it's just some pointless trial and error that's going on when I try to mix and shape the sound. Recording is easy, editing is easy, but mixing is something else. / Anders
Question from Torte (IP: posted January 26, 2010 11:17:12:
Hello Anders I have never seen Nasum live "shit"

I like to download the Live Video suff but the links dont work

Please you can upload the stuff to

Yes, the server where I had the songs and videos is dead so currently I have nowhere to have them. There are some stuff over at YouTube so have a look there. / Anders
Question from Irvingrid (IP: posted December 30, 2009 20:23:36:
Hey anders, do you know any info od the tribute to nasum, and any kind of info of the producers, cause it would be great to have'em on contact
It's already finished so you are too late... / Anders
Question from Rami (IP: posted December 10, 2009 11:12:47:

Is there gonna be any Nasum shirts in stock in the future?..
Maybe, maybe not. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted December 3, 2009 00:49:11:
Hey, Anders.

The shock of this year for myself was when my band (Venocide) was announced that we made it onto the Nasum tribute. We did "Disforest" in such a fast effort in my living room with cheap mics, I really wish we had the recording equipment we have now compared to back then. But anyways, have you gotten your hands and gave the CD a listen yet? Power It Up stated they released it in November, but I haven't heard much news on the tracks..
Not gotten it yet, or heard any other tracks. / Anders
Question from grindattack! (IP: posted November 26, 2009 20:04:02:
heard that the split with N D is pressed in just 500 records. will there be a second press. why that few?
Yes, it's 500 copies and I wouldn't count on a second pressing. Limited edition! / Anders
Question from Prolog (IP: posted November 20, 2009 21:50:38:
Do you have some news about vinyl reissue of "Human 2.0"? Thnx a lot, tak care
Reissues of "Inhale/Exhale" and "Human 2.0" on vinyl is coming next year, can't say exactly when at this point. They include bonus tracks (related tracks, all available on "Grind Finale") and new liner notes written by me. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted November 11, 2009 17:51:56:
Anders, can you imagine going back to the bassguitar including singing? With another band or project. Someday, somehow?
I mean your vocals were also very special to a lot of people. When I think back to Inhale/Exhale... This was fucking brutal. They were truly intensive and kinda independent. Argh, I am looking for the right word which should replace "independent". Brainfuck. But I think you know what I mean.
Unless it's a band playing really simple music I would not consider playing any string instrument again. I'm quite happy being able to compose songs but I'm too sloppy to play the guitar or the bass for real.
Doing more vocals will never happen though. I was just lucky that I managed to record a few decent lines here and there as I lack any sort of technique for singing. / Anders
Question from Cláudio (IP: posted November 8, 2009 00:01:04:
Hi Anders, I play bass in brazilian band EXPOSE YOUR HATE, our debut-cd(Hatecult) was one of the last mastered by Mieszko. We are in tribute to the nasum by "Power it up" and very proud of that. I would like to know what your expectations for this tribute. Nasum Rules!
I am excited to hear it! Some of the song choices are very surprising to me to it will be quite fun to hear it. / Anders
Question from Lucas (IP: posted November 4, 2009 08:22:04:
hi anders
i gotta a question about genocide ss do you know where i can get their lyrics, i've got 3 cd's of them but they only include some of the song's lyrics...i was bidding lately human 2.0 on vinyl it went up to 80 dolars fuck i wish i was born earlier i so i could buy it in normal pirices hehe all the best
Nope, I sort of doubt that they had any real lyrics anyway...

There's a vinyl reissue of "Human 2.0" coming up soon, so don't give up the hope... / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted October 31, 2009 21:35:18:
Anders, I think that it is a pitty that most bands around are only present on myspace anymore(That's kinda topic for some lyrics. ;)). And so I am very thankful that you are keeping the "old" cyberspace tradition for Coldworker and mainly Nasum. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing great work with that and that this question and answers option is very special to me since I am taking opportunity of it for so many times. No question this time. Just an accolade!
Thank you. Yes, MySpace is boring and not particularly personal. / Anders
Question from H (IP: posted October 29, 2009 02:48:57:
ok anders thanks!
maybe we shouldtry the masked face or A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air or sixteen.
anyway to many cool songs haha
Do it! / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted October 22, 2009 15:13:54:
Finaly the Tribute to Nasum is going to be released in November. Did you already listen to all the Covers? if yes, do you have a fovorite one?
No. I'm waiting for the final album as everyone else. I am very surprised by the choises of songs though, pleasantly surprised... / Anders
Question from GEORGINA =) (IP: posted October 20, 2009 22:50:48:
hey there, you have a lot of people here in ARGENTINA that loves your music (including myself)
some day i will be doing a tribute for you guys and in memory of mieszko! i hope seeing you any time soon in south america.. you`re awesome! and the message that you give and every lyric is a great influence to me.
Thanks! / Anders
Question from Andreas (IP: posted September 30, 2009 22:18:00:
Vad hände med Genocide SS teesen? Jag var tyvär hjärnslö och beställde aldrig någon vid tidigare tillfälle.
Slut! / Anders
Question from Rugge (IP: posted September 27, 2009 15:33:24:
är mailadressen som anges när man ska beställa aktuell?
Japp - / Anders
Question from H (IP: posted September 23, 2009 01:26:03:
my band is intrested to cover time to act from nasum and record it for our album.
do we need any kind of legal permission from you or relapse?
I'm sort of quoting the information I've gotten from Relapse regarding covers: You need to speak to John Williamson at Domino Publishing Company ( about securing mechanical licenses.
But - I would advise you to pick another song. "Time to act" is easily the most covered Nasum song out there. I don't know how many version I've heard... / Anders
Question from the destroyer of worlds (IP: posted September 4, 2009 15:56:23:
Goddag Anders!

Vet du om Mieszko var med i något projekt som gick under namnet "Charles"?
Det var vi båda och det var inget projekt utan ett riktigt band. / Anders
Question from tiong (IP: posted September 1, 2009 10:11:18:
hi anders,do you have any plan to come over asia especially malaysia?would like to meet you and talk a whole days about anythings especially nasum.
No plans right now. / Anders
Question from deadmeat (IP: posted July 30, 2009 09:40:16:
And one more question that I'm curious about. During the first eight years or so there was much more growling than screaming in the music of Nasum. But after about 1999 there was almost no growling, but there was much of screaming instead. So I wonder if it was a consious decision of yours to use more screaming, or it naturally came without much considering?
P.S. Not sure that no one asked this before, but thank you for spending time on reading this, anyway.
It had to do with us starting to play live and couldn't do the dual vocals we had had on most of the records, so Mieszko obviously became the lead singer. / Anders
Question from deadmeat (IP: posted July 30, 2009 07:26:27:
Hello once again.
I was just looking through the questions here... In the answer on December 1, 2008 you wrote: "One day I will try to have all the Swedish lyrics translated on"
So, how is it going? Do you still plan to do this? I mean, more that half a year has passed, do you still remember of this intension? :) This would be great, I think.
That particular "one day" has yet not come... / Anders
Question from irvingrind (IP: posted July 29, 2009 20:41:23:
bro, it would be great if you have any written guitar tab from shift album and post it here, or at least... what was the tuning of that album?, i just know the tuning for human 2.0 was A, is that right!?... cause i cover that song with my band
There are no tabs. The tuning was the same as far as I remember. / Anders
Question from deadmeat (IP: posted July 29, 2009 20:21:30:
Hi, I'm from Kazakhstan, it's South from Russia. I wonder if you knew you had fans over here. :) Wanted to say that Nasum is the best grindcore band ever, no matter what. When I listen to Nasum I'm just overwhelmed with emotions, and your music means a lot for me.
One of my favourite songs is "Hets" from "Shift", the lyrics are not in English, so could you, please write in a couple of words what it is about?
Rerun of a reply written almost a year ago...

Q: Are there any english translations of your swedish songs like "Hets"?
A: Not really, but here is a "quick and dirty" translation, without any poetic ambitions...

What the fuck happened to your life and dreams?
A struggle for something unreachable and slippery
Your skin is whipped, it's beaten so it hurts
All this fucking stress drowns your life in black

What? Are you supposed to lie down and die?
Burnt out, wasted and totally run down
- Throw out the corpse, waste the shit!
Is this the thanks you will get?
Wear and waste, wear and waste - bring on the next slave

- You have to produce, concentrate, feel no guilt
You feel their eyes, you always feel the preasure
And your motivation is golden watch
Consumed by time, a slave under the stress

What? Are you supposed to lie down and die?
Burnt out, wasted and totally run down
- Throw out the corpse, waste the shit!
Is this the thanks you will get?
Wear and waste, wear and waste - bring on the next slave

What happened to your life? - Burnt out!
What happened to your life? - Run down!
The stress took over your life!

"Hets" doesn't really mean stress. I have never really found a good English word for it. It's like a mix of haste and stress. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted July 23, 2009 20:41:38:
Hey, I was wondering; what led you to designing the logo that has been a trademark for Nasum's existence? It's a unique one, surely, was there any inspiration for it?
I remember looking quite a lot at Disharmonic Orchestra's logo when drawing the original. I don't think it's that obvious, apart from perhaps the "S" which is sort of similar. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted July 17, 2009 21:55:34:
Morning, Anders.

From the years I've been listening to Nasum over and over again, "Shift" seems to give me some incredible feeling of nostalgia due to the very melodic parts in the songs. I was wondering what influenced you and the boys from Nasum to lean towards a more melodic side (Mostly the endings of "Closer to the End", "Darkness Falls", and parts of "Ros"), and who made the decision to head down that path?

I read a review online, where someone said that you guys were stealing from "At the Gates", which I thought was complete bullshit. It's really Nasum's own unique sound, and take on it.
What it all comes down to is the drop-A-tuning that was introduced completely on "Human 2.0", which also has the first melodic parts ("Shadows" being the obvious example).
As for the examples you mention - the ending of "Closer to the End" is heavily inspired by Isis and I remember Jon laughing as he said that none of his other bands would let him getting away with such an obviously stolen part. "Darkness Falls" was the last song on the album and demanded a definitive finale (it's the same on all the last songs on the albums), and it's also a sort of sentimental and sad song so the melody was obvious. "Ros" has the same kind of melodic qualities as many other songs by Mieszko, as the mentioned "Shadows" and "Fury".
At The Gates was a source of inspiration as any other Swedish metal band, but perhaps not as obvious in our sound as for example Entombed. The only thing I can certainly say is stolen from them is the break and the word "Go!" in "Sixteen" on "Human 2.0"... / Anders
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