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Question from Felix Forsgren (IP: posted October 8, 2012 20:45:36:
tjenare! har länge undrat om låten "söndermald" från "industrislaven" är gästad av någon annan sångare eller om ni bara lagt effekt på sången? och föresten, går det fortförande att få tag i era gamla demos och LPs?
Du har lyssnat på CD:n förstår jag, där två låtar i mitten blivit samma "nummer"... "Söndermald" är den tunga instrumentala låten som är sist, sen kommer "Revolution II" som är låten "Revolution" igen fast med pitchad sång som inte sjunger någon text alls. Bara en rolig sak i studion. Gammalt jox finns möjligen att hitta begagnat, men inte nytt. / Anders
Question from Marcus Lundy (IP: posted October 5, 2012 19:37:44:
how to make electronic music with grindcore
Don't use a drummachine! / Anders
Question from Pete (IP: posted September 23, 2012 17:16:51:
Ah, so you like Twin Peaks?

What time (of course, I'm speaking "around" what time) is the show in London expected to end? Just wanted to make sure I can get back to the hostel with the underground.

There's a curfew at 11 already so it's an early show. / Anders
Question from Jordan J, (IP: posted September 14, 2012 08:57:47:
Anders! I had a question I forgot to ask Keijo personally when I saw you guys in Seattle. Does he know how to speak Swedish? Seeings how you guys play songs like Löpandebandsprincipen, Den Svarta Fanan, etc... Just thought it would be interesting to know, seeings how Finnish & Swedish don't come across as sounding the same at all..

Also, Cheers for adding me to the Tattoo blog! :)
Swedish and Finnish is two completely different languages that comes from different roots. However, there are some Swedish speaking parts of Finland and for some reason some people in Finland learn to speak Swedish. Keijo and our Finnish crew know some Swedish but don't really know how to speak it. Some times Keijo speaks Swedish and he seriously sounds like the backwards speaking dwarf in "Twin Peaks". Very funny. But never the less he can sing the few Swedish songs we play. / Anders
Question from Levchuk Taras (IP: posted September 12, 2012 12:12:28:
Hi. Please help. i want to buy a ticket for this one but can't do it. There is то English language on site. I will arrive Stohgolm from Saint-Petersburg to see Nasum. I need guarantee like a ticket. Thank you
There are no presales as it's a free show. The only way to guarantee a "ticket" is to be there in good time. / Anders
Question from Callum (IP: posted September 11, 2012 16:56:47:
Who knows, this logo might find future usages? There'll definitely be no more shows, or albums (though, honestly, I wouldn't mind a compilation or two, or maybe even a DVD, to come out), but there would definitely be more Nasum tattoos!

I'll send an EPS version of it to the nasum@nasum e-mail. Also, I might try to do a full typeface (font), hope you wouldn't mind?
Well, I have most of the letters in the "Nasum alphabet" already and might do something once all this touring is over, so thanks - but no thanks. / Anders
Question from Callum (IP: posted September 11, 2012 14:22:28:
One more question - would flags be allowed at the London concert? Tried to search for info for this specific venue, but nothing surfaced.

And one more thing, if you want a vector of this, just tell me where to send it. ;) It is a Cyrillic Nasum logo that I've made.
Don't know about flags. That is a venue question. We wouldn't mind, but I'm not sure that most of the audience will enjoy a flag in their face.

Thanks for the logo. I actually have made something similar myself when some possible Russian shows were under discussion. But you version was better! / Anders
Question from Callum (IP: posted September 10, 2012 23:24:30:
I fucking hate to "ask" for songs, guys, and I won't, so I'll just tell you that I managed to hear some fan recordings (oh, yes, I admit that I did) of "The Final Sleep" from this tour, and it fucking rocked. I know that this tour isn't about Mieszko but about Nasum as a whole (or at least that's how I think about it), yet I really hope to hear this one when you hit London; it is a fucking golden tribute to Mieszko.

See you in London.

And a side question, can you tell me the average price for most of the tees, 'cause I'm a broke student who's not even living in London, and I really don't wanna bring a lot of money to the venue; just what I'd spent for the night.
It's fully legit to yell out your songs of choice during the shows... Just saying... I guess the average price will be €15, i.e. something like £10 in London... / Anders
Question from Erik (IP: posted September 10, 2012 13:51:57:
Hey! Is there still no info about how to get tickets for the show in Gothenburg september 21.? Would really like to get my ticket and be assured that I'm going :)
No info. Apparently they are a bit secret at Truckstop Alaska. I can't find any info... Maybe at Facebook? / Anders
Question from zdenek - czech (IP: posted September 9, 2012 16:01:19:
Hi Anders, i have one question. I would like to buy t-shirt red factories XL or XXL size on show at Ostrava/Barrak/. Is it possible? Thank you for your time. Sorry my english is bad. Zdenek.
It might be possible. It's impossible to say right now what we will have in stock at that date... / Anders
Question from Rasmus Foght (IP: posted September 6, 2012 15:01:59:
Hej Jesper,

would it be possible for you to let us have the back side of the Inhale/Exhale CD as high-res? You know, the gasmask people and the Gondol. I made a real sexy wallpaper back in '99 but I have lost it and my original CD is in my old country still... Thanks in advance!
Sorry, I don't have that particular image in any high res format at the moment. Perhaps you can borrow the cover from someone and scan it? / Anders
Question from Dimitrij (IP: posted August 6, 2012 18:19:30:
Hi guys, managed to get the tickets for the Ljubljana show so I'll be seeing you twice after Bologna (and it still ain't enough:)Will you print any t-shirts with tour dates on the back? That would be cool! Thank you for all the good grindin'!
Yes! / Anders
Question from Cyril Wright (IP: posted August 6, 2012 00:19:34:
Dear Anders, will there be any new merchandise such as patches/backpataches to made and sold? Would you be up to do an interview via phone call, videochat etc. after your tour is over? And final question: I was thinking of making a DVD documentary on the history of Nasum 1992-2012. I would have to meet up with all the members of the band or at least the ones I can get a hold of. I have some ideas for that I would like to discuss with you about. Your show in Los Angeles at The Black Castle was great. You are all swell guys. Thank you for putting out great music and doing a final farewell for the fans :)

Mosh it up and grind the world.
We'll try our best to have patches and other smaller stuff for the final European tour as well as some new t-shirts and perhaps something else. You can contact our press contacts for interviews and such. We already have some ideas for DVD documentation, but that remains to be seen if there will be something or not. / Anders
Question from Daniel Flores (IP: posted August 5, 2012 05:54:13:
Hi Anders, I'm from Ecuador, and luckily a could arrange a work visit to France and saw you guys at hellfest. Nasum has been really important for my music and you guys are immortal for me. Anyways man, do you have any plans to press the Nasum discography in vinyl sometime??
Relapse were supposed to put out some reissues on vinyl a couple of years ago, but I don't know what happened with that... / Anders
Question from Ildar (IP: posted July 27, 2012 11:51:34:
Hello. would you like to visit Russia this year? we can organize concerts in few big cities like Moscow, St.Petersburgh, Kazan. a lot of good guys will rave at your gigs with great pleasure.
thank you
Yes, but no. All the shows are now booked. / Anders
Question from Ingmar Versolmann (IP: posted July 23, 2012 12:07:14:
ok. as you stated in some previous announcement, NASUM won't continue after the farewell tour. i saw you twice so far (and it was great!) so i think it would be cool if you 5 guys (anders, jesper, urban, jon and keijo) start a new grindcore-band. is there any serious discussion between the NASUM_2012 members on this thought? you 5 guys sum up musically the great mix within the spectrum of grindcore ranging from crust-ideas from SAYYADINA, gore-ideas from REGURGITATE, hardcore-ideas from BURST, and (more or less) death metal-ideas from ROTTEN SOUND and grind-idead from NASUM!!!!
No, that will not happen. Most importantly: we all have "real" bands to focus on once this Farewell tour is over and it would be impossible for us to start a new grindcore band as it would be seen as a continuation of Nasum and people would obviously demand Nasum songs live and so on. I will not rule out that some of us will play together again in some form, but a new band with this line-up is totally out of the question. / Anders
Question from Olive (IP: posted July 22, 2012 23:43:50:
Hey Anders, how long will you continue milking the Mieszko-death-machine? Meaning, after the comp, the r€union, the far€w€££ tour, the new m€rchandi$€ and $o on and $o on... all as an excuse for Mieszko's memory : when will you REALLY put Nasum to rest?
First of all: fuck you for bringing Mieszko's death into this question. Did you know him? Was he a friend of yours? No? Second of all: Nasum is my creation, I am the remaining founding member (and has been since 1995) and it's been a part of my life for more than half of my life and something I've put down more hours into than anything else, simply because there are thousands of people enjoying our music. They are still doing it and they will keep on doing once the final show is played October 6th. And what I do in the future to maintain Nasum is nobody's business than mine. Third of all: this is not a reunion, it has never been, and it's not about Mieszko. Fourth of all: Add as many Euro and Dollar signs you want, but you don't know shit about our economy. Don't like it? Don't go to the shows, don't buy the records, don't buy the t-shirts. / Anders
Question from Luca (IP: posted July 18, 2012 17:46:20:
Hey dudes! Is the date in Stockholm at Debaser Medis your last date of the farewell tour? I didn't see u yet and i m planning to come there for that date! See ya!
Yes, it's the grind finale for good! / Anders
Question from Ossi (IP: posted July 16, 2012 15:19:18:
Hi, I'm thrilled to hear about you coming to play Helsinki, but quite sad that we don't get Black Breath or Skitsystem. Therefore, I was thinking of also coming for the final show at Debaser Medis. As it's a free-of-charge show, is the only way to surely get in to be waiting in front of the place early enough? Any idea what time the doors will open, and how many people the venue holds? I was thinking of also attending the Sweden Rock Cruise, which should arrive in Stockholm at 18:15 on the same day, but not sure if that would be early enough...
Yes, there are no pre-sales for Debaser Medis as it's a free show (actually free until 21.00, but it's quite likely that the place will be "sold out" by then). It's a 800 capacity club, so there should be space left after the Sweden Rock Cruise is over. I would expect that you are not the only one from that ship that wants to come to the show. Doors are at 19.00 according to the website: / Anders
Question from Christoph Brawand (IP: posted July 10, 2012 21:02:50:
I just wanna thank you so much for giving me and a few other people the chance to see you in prattel (switzerland) on extremefest. i never ever thought i would see you guys live after this shit happens years ago...

again, thank you so much!!!! thanks for that years of great releases thanks for your great lyrics and and least thanks again for your show. you crushed me serously.. :)
Thanks for coming, and you know that you have the possibility to catch us again on the final European tour? / Anders
Question from Dimitrij (IP: posted June 30, 2012 03:38:41:
Hi guys, great experience in Bologna, Nasum playing in a smelly sauna :)Thanx for enduring! Jesper mentioned that you'll be doing a small van-tour after you come back from Japan and that there's a possibility of you coming to Slovenia. When will the dates be announced? I hope I'll have the chance to see you live again! Keep on the good grindin'!
Most of the dates will be announced the coming week if everything goes as planed. So keep your eyes open! / Anders
Question from Wim (IP: posted June 27, 2012 16:59:51:
Hey guys,

I've sent you some pics I took at the Graspop gig.
I really enjoyed your show, although you think it wasn't the best one..

Take care!
Thanks! / Anders
Question from Gianmaria (IP: posted June 23, 2012 13:29:52:
Guys,me and my brother came to see you in Bologna,it was fucking intense.I'm 14,this has been my first grind show,i had so much fun.too bad it was really hot inside the room.i bought some shirts to remember me of this awesome night.take care guys,you were awesome.also Jesper had a nice Sandberg.

grind your mind \m/
Thank you, and yes it sure was REALLY hot... / Anders
Question from CYpher (IP: posted June 20, 2012 19:23:29:
Hi,iwas at Hellfest and your show was my favourite of the whole Hellfest! I was just wondering why you're not planning to come back to Hellfest? It's so f***** sad! Sorry if this question has been answered,havent get everything that has been said during the show!
We're not coming back because this is the Farewell tour, and it ends in October. / Anders
Question from Tomas (IP: posted June 20, 2012 15:27:55:
Hi, will you have this year at obscene extreme fest in czech republic your great merch? Trucker cap and other?
We will have merch at Obscene Extreme, but perhaps not any caps... / Anders
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