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Question from Chris. G. (IP: posted January 24, 2006 21:16:40:
Thank you for responding to my earlier message yesterday. I do have a question today though. What do you think helped get you into Grind and make the music that you made?
It's a little bit strange question that I am not sure I totally understand. The obvious answer is other grindcore records...? / Anders
Question from Jesus Crust (IP: posted January 24, 2006 20:51:47:
Hi, where I have search NASUM live shows for year 2006? Are you going to play in Czech Republic?
Goddamnit, Nasum is DEAD! / Anders
Question from Chris. G. (IP: posted January 23, 2006 21:24:17:
I would just like to thank you for making some of the most amazing music I have ever heard. Everything that I have found that had "Nasum" on it I have have purchased and cheerish. I even made my email account after one of your songs. It's not fair that Mieszko has been taken away. I guess. I really don't have a question just having the chance to talk to a member of my favorite band is amazing. Your music helped me out alot. Thank you all for all that you have done for me.
You are welcome. / Anders
Question from Fredrik (IP: posted January 22, 2006 21:32:29:
Hur blir det med återupplivningen av Blood From The Soul? Kommer det hända, eller står det still?

Med vänliga hälsningar, Fredrik.
Ärligt talat: säg det. / Anders
Question from Robin (IP: posted January 21, 2006 19:21:15:

Vad är det för märke på t-shirtsen? Är det Fruit Of The Loom?
Citat merchsidan: "All Nasum t-shirts are printed on "Printer" t-shirts, model "Heavy", except for the "Crass" design which is printed on "Grizzly", model "Profile"." / Anders
Question from calvin (IP: posted January 21, 2006 04:24:51:
i found a copy of grind finale in my local HMV here in manitoba,canada (jan 20th) but it says its release date in north america is the 24th,how is this so?
either way, i picked it up as soon as i seen it :) and all i can say is im blown away! awsome book too
The official release date is the 24th, but you shop decided to sell it early, and I don't hear any complaints about that, right?! :) / Anders
Question from Scepsis (IP: posted January 21, 2006 00:03:00:
hey there. you know, i really wonder whether i can simply ignore some things i read on your page... i think it's very strange for a band like you, which certainly had a political "left-wing" (is there a term like that?) relevance, to release a CD at a label called "No Tolerance Records"... I can't laugh about "Genocide Superstar" either... i think a behaviour like that really sucks. i am a bit disappointed because i thought of you as a very straight band with which someone could really identify himself... i don't have an explicit question, but i would like to know what you think about that...
Sorry, but I don't know what to repond to these opinions of yours. Exactly what in the word combination "No tolerance" is making you upset? What makes that labelname less OK than for instance "Poserslaughter" who has released two records with Nasum? And regarding Genocide SuperStars - everything about them - name, titles, artwork, etc - was supposed to provoke and guess what? It worked because you feel provoked and feel the urge to question me about a band that I am not a member of and of a label whose name goes very well with our supposed "left-wing" politics. I have no tolerance for sexism, racism, injustices, drugabuse, prejudice and so forth. Do I need to continue? / Anders
Question from Jon (IP: posted January 20, 2006 23:36:17:
Ok, I shouldn't have worded it exactly like that. I think New Storm sounds just like Prelude after the intro part. But it sounds like it in the sence of a much heavier and rougher demo.
I don't agree one single bit. Just because the tempo of the songs are similar and that they are in some sort of "moshier" style they don't sound like each other. The riffs are not like each other at all, as for the structure etc. / Anders
Question from Jon (IP: posted January 20, 2006 21:28:53:
I am refering to "New Storm" on the "Hail the New Storm" album.
Ok, sorry, I didn't see it when I had a quick look at tracklist. But I don't understand how you can describe them as "more or less the same song"?! They doesn't even sound like each other! / Anders
Question from grindersson (IP: posted January 20, 2006 15:43:19:
I got my copy of "Grind Finale" yesterday. Great way of documenting your history and progress.

Double "digibook" looks fine also, but to put it frankly, package is not very top-quality product. Booklet is gonna tear of soon, cause it was already almost detached when i bought it. Well, i can live with that, cause booklet is otherwise awesome and full of intresting information/anecdotes.

Have you seen those two " perfect collections" by Discordance Axis or were they even used as a model/inspiration when planning "GF"? DA put their "documentary" in DVD-cases, which are awesome and they also include massive booklet with linear notes/history/pics/song by song commentary. Dave Witte also rules !
Yes, the package is a little bit fragile, so you should handle it with care. The "end papers", as I think they are called (the first and last sheet that binds the cover with the booklet) should have been printed on thicker paper.
I have not seen those Discordance Axis collections. The "inspiration" for the package came from Tool's "Salival" DVD/CD. The first packaging suggestion was a double DVD-digipack with a pocket for the booklet, but it wasn't possible to fit the thick booklet we needed in that package. / Anders
Question from Jon (IP: posted January 20, 2006 00:37:50:
Hey, I'm fairly sur eof this but just now thought to ask....

are the GSS songs "the new storm" and "air - a prelude to hell" more or less the same songs?
On what release is "The new storm"? I can't find it on my records. / Anders
Question from Jens (IP: posted January 14, 2006 13:58:46:

Du vet inget om repulsions kommande DVD? Verkar vara hemskt tyst om den.. gillar du ens dom?

Vet inget om den. Repulsion regerar! Fast jag har inte hört denna version av bandet, men de är säkert bra. / Anders
Question from Lee (IP: posted January 13, 2006 16:31:26:
Hell yes. I can't wait for 25th January as Rotten sound are playing with Sayyadina it's gonna be so fuckin brutal, What are the band's like live so I know what i'm ready for? I love Murderworks, Exit, and Fear gave us Wings, Is their anyother album's you'd reccommend from Either band?
I've yet not seen Sayyadina on stage but I believe it to be tight, wild and short! Rotten Sound is a freaking killer machine on stage so you are in for a real treat. I am not familiar with Rotten Sound's early stuff so I wouldn't know what to recommend. Sayyadina has no previous albums but their 7" EP's are worth tracking down. / Anders
Question from Daniel (IP: posted January 12, 2006 20:33:12:
Hörru Anders, man kan väl visst ha blastbeats trots att man spelar punk? Så jävla noga är det väl inte? ;)
Ja, men inte i Krigshots punk. / Anders
Question from Viktor (IP: posted January 12, 2006 18:04:32:
Hej Anders,
Hur mår Mieszkos flickvän nu ett år efteråt?
Jag menar alltså fysiska skador...

Hoppas hon mår bra...
Hon har men för livet, men med tanke på vilka skador hon åtdrog sig och hur illa det kunde ha gått, har hon repat sig väldigt bra. Emma är en stark person och jag tror det har haft inverkan på hennes återhämtning. / Anders
Question from Adam (IP: posted January 12, 2006 17:28:50:

Vad använder du för trumset och cymbaler?

Tack på förhand!
DW-trummor, Mapex-virvel, Sabian/Zildjian-cymbaler. För lite mer information och bilder kolla in "The recording of..." och "The making of..." på denna sida. / Anders
Question from Mattias (IP: posted January 11, 2006 23:01:16:
Jag ställer en fråga som kanske verkar dum, men varför är ni med på skivor som heter "Genocide SuperStars: Iron Cross" och "Genocide SuperStars: I - Hail the New Storm", samt har tröjor med trycket "Genocide Superstars; Victory or Genocide". Är det här någon sorts ironi, eller varför har ni gjort dethär?
Jag är inte med i Genocide SuperStarts. Du får fråga någon som är det. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted January 11, 2006 20:03:41:

Måste bara sålla mig till hyllningskörerna för Grind Finale! Fick mitt ex idag och jäklar va utförlig och bra den är!
Om skivor såg ut som denna skulle skivbranschen inte ha de problem de har idag!
Tack som fan!
Tack själv! / Anders
Question from Werppa (IP: posted January 10, 2006 23:13:03:
I have to ask this. I just got Krigshot's album Örebromangel and my question is that are you guys planning to but blast-beats (and more grinding) to Krighshot's upcoming material? I really like Örebromangel, but it sounds too "punk" to my ears
Well, Krigshot is a punk band so blastbeats have no part of our sound, sorry. / Anders
Question from Molina Engblom (IP: posted January 10, 2006 19:26:19:
Jag undrar vilken skiva som varit roligast att göra?
Jag tycker iallafall att alla skivor jag har hört är helt underbara. Det går inte att undvika att lyssna på dem. Like I said. Så tack ska ni ha.
Puss och kram!
Att spela in album är ofta väldigt långa och påfrestande studiosessioner som givetvis är roliga på sitt sätt, men också jobbiga. Jag tror att de roligaste inspelningarna var några av de tidiga inspelningarna som bara varade i några dagar, som var lite mer spontana och lättsamma även om det var koncentrerat arbete inblandat också. Ska jag välja någon så är det nog inspelningen till samlingen "Regressive Hostility". Det var första gången vi hade riktigt bra ljud, jag hade kommit in i min roll som trummis i Nasum och låtarna var jävligt tillfredsställande att spela. Det är också den inspelning som jag sjungit bäst på i mitt tycke. Den är absolut en favorit av så många olika anledningar och således den roligaste. Bör även nämna "World In Turmoil"/"The Black Illusions"-inspelningen som var den första jag spelade trummor på. Den inspelningen var väldigt DIY och det var kul att se att vi fick fram något trots den begränsade utrustningen.
Men det var väl album du frågade om antar jag, och ska jag välja någon så är det nog "Helvete" som var roligast. Dels var den en sorts comeback för oss efter ett par tunga år där bandets vara eller icke vara hängde på en tunn tråd, och dels var det - precis som med "Regressive..."-inspelningen - en produktion som fick ett jävla bra ljud, låtarna kändes starka och som grädde på moset hade vi både Shane Embury och Jörgen Sandström på besök i studion. Det var grymt kul på alla sätt och vis. / Anders
Question from JRH (IP: posted January 10, 2006 16:06:08:
What is your favourite Nasum cover art? I was drawn into Nasum by the cover art for Human 2.0, which I felt was very against the grain of traditional grind artwork. However, I would say that Helvete is my favourite. I always felt that the artwork for each Nasum release somehow captures the essence behind the music, was that something the band tried to achieve? How much creative input did you guys have into the artwork with each release?
I can't really pick between them, because they are all different and represents different things.
Yes, artwork was important for us and something that we were very involved in. We believed in the whole package: music, lyrics, artwork, production etc, and what you see in the end is according to our wishes and directions. / Anders
Question from Pontus (IP: posted January 10, 2006 15:18:44:
Ingen fråga!, bara beröm!

Fick Grind Finale i går, vilket jävvla jobb du måste ha haft med den?? Grymmt att du inte lessnade och la ner hela grejjen, det kunde väl inte gått helt smärtfritt (Grind Finale-processen asså)

Helt grymmt!
Jag har ju inte gjort allt själv, men det är ändå mycket tid och kärlek nedlagt från mitt håll. Jag lessnade aldrig - att jobba med musiken och textmaterialet gjorde enbart att jag fick en starkare relation till låtarna. / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted January 8, 2006 23:14:09:
Vet att det här står någon annanstans på Q&A-sidan, men orkar helt enkelt inte leta igenom 40 sidor efter svaret.

Vilken film kommer början till "Blind World" ifrån? " the perfect... Nasum" menar jag.
"Flesh for Frankenstein". / Anders
Question from Jon (IP: posted January 8, 2006 22:23:14:
Hey, are you aware of any GSS live bootleg video or audio out there?
No, I am not. I believe that GSS did less than 20 shows in all so I don't know how many of these were recorded or not. I am pretty sure that the band didn't do any recordings themselves. / Anders
Question from Jompa (IP: posted January 8, 2006 13:54:58:
Vad tycker du om svenska band som typ Fireside?
Jag tycker om Fireside. / Anders
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