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Question from gemby (IP: posted July 9, 2006 13:55:21:
hi Anders!
there was a shirt design in the merch called 'olive', or kinda like that.
could you give me the name of the font, or a vectored image of the design?
The font is called "Crass" (as was the shirt). It's a free font that shouldn't be hard to find. Do a google search for it. / Anders
Question from Mattis (IP: posted July 3, 2006 02:19:19:
hur fan i helvetet kan trummisen spela så snabb .. o ändå i takt ?? fy fan asså !!!
Spela i otakt är det väl ingen som vill göra? / Anders
Question from Gene (IP: posted June 27, 2006 23:20:33:
There was songs on here a while back that were from one of your side projects in the download page. could you guys put those back up so i could download them?
And which side project was that? If it was the "Ex-Nasum" thing, it's still here. / Anders
Question from (IP: posted June 25, 2006 04:40:21:
Do you have any lyrics to any SxOxB songs?

Well, I have the ones that are on the Napalm Death/S.O.B. split 7". / Anders
Question from Jon Long (IP: posted June 24, 2006 07:55:08:
With the new coldworker site launched and album being recorded, do you feel we are nearing the end of
Well, the updates will be fewer, but the end is not near. / Anders
Question from anders (IP: posted June 19, 2006 21:44:05:
tjenare anders ja e en liten örebro kis vid namnet anders som har fastnat för necrony något så otroligt ..så de vore ju ganska trevligt att äga något som ni gjort, en tröja vore riktigt skyst eller en skiva som antagligen är enklare att få tag i .. vart kan ja hitta necrony grejer ? kanske är lättast att få tag på de i örebro ?
Det enda jag kan erbjuda är cd:n som finns på merch sidan. / Anders
Question from teehi (IP: posted June 11, 2006 20:58:16:
What mean "MNC" ?
Multi-National Corporations. / Anders
Question from EQ (IP: posted June 9, 2006 18:04:13:
from wich movie came from intro to the blind words song ?
"Flesh for Frankenstein". / Anders
Question from Horse Nose (IP: posted June 8, 2006 17:35:16:
HI Anders! It's not possible to download "preview of hell"s making of! so.....what to do?
Should working now. The link was fucked up. / Anders
Question from Steffe Diskonto (IP: posted June 8, 2006 09:04:34:
När folk ändå frågar vad du tycker om saker så... Rikard sa att du bytte till dig ett ex av Massgrav/Diskonto i Gävle, gillade du den? Eller är det fortfarande "Dis Sucks"? Hehehe...
Saken är den att bytet inte riktigt är fullbordat än... Jag hittade inte Rikard när jag skulle dra så jag gav min del av bytet till William och sa att Rikard får skicka Massgrav/Diskonto senare, och det har inte hänt än för jag har inte hunnit maila min adress... / Anders
Question from Costas (IP: posted June 7, 2006 03:09:42:
What kind of gear did Mieszko used?
I think I've sort of answered this before. / Anders
Question from Beavis (IP: posted June 4, 2006 08:58:16:
What is your take on the latest Gadget cd? Also have you heard Misery Index's version of Digging In?
Obviously Gadget kick major ass (especially live) and "The funeral march" is great, although I sort of dislike the production slightly. I have not hear Misery Index's Nasum cover yet, but I am fucking dying to! I am so flattered! / Anders
Question from pino (IP: posted June 2, 2006 11:30:42:
What happened to the lyrics of DLTD ? everywhere i look on sites there is just: deleted.. is this a joke? There is a lot more text in the song.
Well, obviously there are no lyrics to that song. / Anders
Question from The True Walain (IP: posted June 1, 2006 20:35:12:
Hej Anders.
Varför är du inte vegetarian längre? Tycker du inte synd om djuren? Animal liberation. Alla djurförsök är mord.
Att äta djur är väl inte djurförsök... Skämt åsido - igen, alla är inte vegetarianer av samma skäl. Jag har lärt mig att uppskatta vegetarisk mat och äter det ofta, men jag behövde en annan sorts kost för att må bra och då slutade jag med den 100%-iga vegetariska dieten. / Anders
Question from R.W (IP: posted May 30, 2006 13:23:40:
Hi! Did Mieszko was Polish?
Yes, Mieszko was born in Poland, but lived most of his life in Sweden. / Anders
Question from John (IP: posted May 29, 2006 06:27:12:
Hey Anders, just wondering what crashes you use in your cymbal setup? From the Osake and Munchen gigs uploaded on the site i can see you predominantly use 2x crashes and a china? What hats/ride to you also use? Many thanks for the inspiration.
I've forgotten to write down my set up the last 4-5 times I've been near my cymbals, but now - finally...

Hihats: Zildjian K Custom Dark 14"
Left crash (my POV): Zildjian Z Custom Medium 18"
Right crash: Zildjian A Custom 20"
Ride: Sabian HandHammered Raw Bell Dry 21"
China: Sabian AAX Chinese 20"

There you go! They can be heard on "Shift" and that Munchen gig. In Osaka I played cymbals provided by the promotor. / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted May 28, 2006 17:25:52:

Visste du om att Genocide Superstars-låten "Stairsweeper" är med i Viva La Bam säsong 3, avsnitt 8? Lite lustigt att just den låten dök upp mot slutet.
Bam is down with d-takt alltså. / Anders
Question from Håkan (IP: posted May 23, 2006 01:03:29:
Kom igen, nu är alla medium-tröjor slutsålda. Går det inte att köpa in lite nytt? Eller är det inte lönt? Tänker på White N.
Det är i dagsläget inte aktuellt med några fler nytryckningar av Nasum-merch. Det som finns är det som finns. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted May 22, 2006 01:43:55:
Tänkte bara höra om du kommer sälja Vinylen av "Till vilket pris som helst"??
Den ska väl komma nu i veckan vad jag förstått!?
Några ex kommer jag väl att sälja. / Anders
Question from FleshGrinder (IP: posted May 19, 2006 10:58:31:
I'm very sorry, I don't know, what happened and I don't know than Nasum don't play. I'm sorry
Well, someone died. / Anders
Question from FleshGrinder (IP: posted May 18, 2006 12:43:15:
What about shows on this year? I haven't found any show on this year. Thanx
You are joking, right? / Anders
Question from Jon Long (IP: posted May 17, 2006 00:18:56:
I have a question for you concerning double bass. I got a double pedal recently (christmas) and I am having a tremendous amount of dificulty getting my heel up technique down (i've been a heel down drummer for my 2 year carreer) as well as getting my 16th note bass rolls any faster than a pathetic 120bpm. When I play at around 100 bpm or so, my feet start twitching and turning the 16th notes into sextuplets. As for the heel up, my feet start to move up when the pedal wants to go down and vice versa.

Now that thats out of the way.... i'm asking because you said that you had to get back into straight 16th for deathmetal in Coldworker, and I can play quick footwork with the bass, but just not 16ths. The answer I commonly get to this is just "practice a LOT, very slowly". And that doesn't always work out just right as my feet pretty much sporadicaly twitch and speed up at just about whatever tempo. Any ideas? I'm going crazy over this.
Well, first off - I have just recently started playing double bass for "real" (despite 23 years of drumming) as it was something I needed to add to my style in Coldworker. That said I am hardly the expert on the matter, but I have made some progression lately and I'd be happy to share it with you.
I recognise the sort of flaws you described: feets twitching and problems having the beats even in the same tempo. It's very frustrating.
The obvious solution is to practise as much as you can. I'm not into the "practise very slow" idea because you don't learn double bass to play slow. If it's slower than what you can accomplish with only one feet then what's the point? I think the thing is to find a tempo that feels nice and that you are comfortable playing and then practise in that tempo.
For me it was much easier to play double bass in 6/8 than in 4/4, so that's maybe something you can try aswell.
When I started to focus on really learning double bass I started practising at home by just putting a pillow on the floor and sit on a normal chair doing double bass motions with the legs to any sort of music. My girlfriend thought it was weird but I believe it helped.
Then it's just a matter of practising it on the drums. For me it's always easier to play to a good riff than just play a beat by yourself. So get a tolerant member of you band to play along!
When it comes to the heel up/down problem, I don't really know what to say. I think your body will tell you what technique suits you the best and then just go with it. I've recognised when I've studied myself during rehearsals that I tend to alter a lot between the techniques. I can actually say that at one point one feet was heel down and the other heel up so I guess my body is working on that.
Here is a great "foot technique 101" from Derek Roddy's forum. There's a lot of interesting things to read here along with some cool video clips. Have a look, get inspired and get going with the drums! Good luck! / Anders
Question from Stefan (IP: posted May 16, 2006 19:11:08:
Tjao Anders!
Bara undrar om ni någonsin spelade "Bullshit Tradition" live? Och ifall det finns nånting i form av ljudklipp eller filmklipp av den live någonstans ? Ifall ni gjort det någon gång, spelade ni den snabbare än vanligt då eller som vanligt? bara kul o veta :)
Jadå, den var ganska vanligt förekommande under perioden som trio. Jag tror sista gången vi spelade den var i Turku 26/4 2003 då vi körde den som extra-extranummer helt orepad och då gick den ju rätt kasst. Vi brukade ofta köra den allra sist och då blev så att man la i en extra växel lagom till sista breaket.
Det finns två liveupptagningar av låten att lyssna på i de livekonserter jag nyligen lagt upp på Audio/Video-sidan. / Anders
Question from Horatius Horror (IP: posted May 16, 2006 01:07:09:
Äru laddad inför Fredagen Anders. OBD o TJM på samma kväll, kan de bli bättre ;)
Eller Tjo och Tjim som man skulle kunna skriva om det som. / Anders
Question from M (IP: posted May 14, 2006 17:19:26:

This question is directed to Anders. Do you play with metronome? What's the speed you usualy play blast beats and "skank" beats (if not the same)?
I have never played grind to a metronome. / Anders
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