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Question from pete (IP: posted January 24, 2007 00:19:29:
will you do more nasum merch?
I. Don't. Know. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted January 19, 2007 12:14:05:
Thanks for the great Coldworker Stuff!

This is a bootleg right?

Yes. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted January 17, 2007 22:29:34:
Hey there, Anders.

Have you ever thought about recording a drum video?
I've seen some awesome demo's of other drummers, and I think you could do the same.

Maybe a tutorial on how to do grindcore, or just some wicked beats of yours?

No, I will not do a drum video. It would in all honesty be the worst drum video ever. I've got nothing against those who do those videos. / Anders
Question from bre dyrene (IP: posted January 16, 2007 22:08:02:
a lot of greetings from italy!!
i think i'm one of your youngest fans. i'm fourteen and i want to play guitar like you. is there any tip about playing grindcore guitar?
thank a lot
Playing grind isn't much different from playing punk or metal or any other aggressive type of music. I think you should work on getting the basic guitar playing techniques into your system and then work on speed, muting techniques and so on. Good luck! / Anders
Question from inspector gadget (IP: posted January 14, 2007 01:13:07:
i really like scandinavien languages and swedish is not that far from german like suomi, which i guess is one of the most difficult languages out there.:)
do you speak or understand any german? i heard that the swedish or norway children are learning something at school!
No, I never learnt German in school, but I guess I understand a few words. Swedish, Norweigan and Danish comes from the same language root as German, while Finish comes from a completely different root. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted January 13, 2007 04:06:53:
Good afternoon and or whatever the time may be.

I had another question I thought of today, when I was listening to "Really Fast" and realized Rickard was doing the drumming.

How hard was it (especially in the grindcore genre) for you to switch from playing guitar, to jump right into playing the drums permanently?

Thank you for all the time you have spent answering my questions =).
Not that hard in terms or switching instruments as I've been a drummer since I was ten and playing the guitar since I was 17. But it was a little hard to play grindcore, as I hadn't done that before. It was hard but I felt that I could do it so I did it.

You need to get "Grind Finale" and read all the stories about the recordings. / Anders
Question from Omid (IP: posted January 12, 2007 23:19:53:
Greetings, compadre

Quick question

With which nasum album, when writing and recording, do you think you were most in touch with your emotions and most connected as a band?
Cuz sometimes things happen in our lives or in our world just once, but is enough to bring about a change of emotions, and youd feel that the inspiration would just flow out and the album would feel right.
Im just wondering which album was closest to that speculation?
Cheers me amigo
Sorry about the length of this post just like in my last question, but now i realise im just fucking making it longer with every word.
Quick and very hard... Well, I don't think any of the albums was born out of any "life changing" emotions. Perhaps "Shift", as the band was going through a lot of "shifts" during the making of it, but I can't recall that as a source of inspiration.

On "Human 2.0" there's a song called "Sometimes dead is better" which was my way of dealing with a broken relationship. That song and a couple more were directly inspired by personal things. / Anders
Question from inspector gadget (IP: posted January 12, 2007 14:30:06:
i don't understand anything! can't you translate what the swedish grindos are saying, anders?;)
Nope. A reason to learn Swedish perhaps? / Anders
Question from LL (IP: posted January 11, 2007 15:16:33:

Hva synes du om den nylige Etiopia/USA-intervensjonen i det anarkistiske Somalia?

Synes fortsatt du burde mase ihjel Jon Lindqvist eller Jesper om å legge ut bass-tabs.
Jag är inte insatt i det anarkistiska Somalia eller det som rör det så jag har ingen åsikt.

Tvivlar på att Jesper eller Jon är kapabla att skriva bastabbar... / Anders
Question from Stefano, Taranto (Italy) (IP: posted January 9, 2007 16:53:39:
Hello Anders excuse me if I'm disturging you... I would like to know what are the favourite metal bands of you and Mieszko (RUST IN PEACE FRIEND...) Thank you very much for your answer, it's simply curiosity...
P.S. Another question, do you know if Nasum's t-shirts are distributed in Italy??? Thanks NASUM YOU'RE THE BEST OF GRIND
Lately it's become pretty uninteresting for me to have "favorite bands". I don't know why, but I just can't get together to sum up my entire life's worth of listening to music and come up with "a favorite metal band".

If there's any Nasum t-shirts distributed in Italy they are probably bootleg shirts. / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted January 7, 2007 00:41:45:
Kommer du fixa några nya tröjor snart, eller är det värt att beställa från Relapses hemsida?
Vet inte. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted January 6, 2007 20:49:27:
När jag lyssnade på "Helvete" idag så tänkte jag på en sak jag inte tänkt på tidigare... Alla texter är på engelska, den enda fullängdaren med bara engelska texter på och den enda fullängdaren med svensk titel. Var detta något planerat eller en slump?

Skriver du några grindcorelåtar nu för tiden, eller får idéer iaf? Efter 15 år som låtskrivare i grindcore går det väl inte bara att sluta, eller?

P.S. Rugge måste ha gått o blitt galen! Han säljer sin röda "Blind World"tischa på ebay nu! Måste ha!:)
Titelspåret är ju på japan utgåvan, så lite svenska blev det ju... Även om just den låten inte har någon text.

Slump eller inte, spelar det någon större roll? Det finns ju t.ex mängder av death och black metalband som har skivtitlar på latin men knappast sjunger på det språket. Titlarna på våra skivor valdes med omsorg och inte alls beroende på låtarna på skivan.

Det är gott om grind i de låtar jag skriver till Coldworker även om det inte är några renodlade grindlåtar. Jag blir lite sugen ibland, men jag får utlopp för det jag vill göra i Coldworker så just räcker det. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (Canada (IP: posted January 4, 2007 08:01:52:
Greetings from Canada, again.

I had my I-pod on a Nasum shuffle and I got to the intro of Industrislaven.

I wasn't quite sure what the sound was in the beginning.
Sounded like people mining or guitar feedback?

Do you happen to know what it was? =)
The squeeking sound came from hitting the leftovers of the guitarstrings once they were tied to the tuning knobs. Of course there's a lot of effects on the sound, which made it sound "industrial" (and I think this inspirerd the title of the record). I think there are some "drumstick against guitarstrings" noise in there as well. I usually skip the intro when I listen to "Industrislaven" so I can't quite remember what's in it right now. / Anders
Question from Jacoballen nasums number 1 fan (IP: posted January 3, 2007 19:50:37:
Hey Anders sorry about your loss.My question is which cd of yours is the most brutal and intense? My friends say its Human 2.0 ,but the most favorite is Helvete.I just wanted to know the opinion of the pro himself.
P.S. You guys were the best ever,you guys owned any band i know and i know a hell of a lot of bands!I have high hopes for Gadget,they kick ass and have lots of potential.Well anyway good luck in the future man and keep on grinding we all love you to death.
R.I.P-Mieszko(a legend)
I don't see Nasum's music as brutal. That was never the intention, we were more out for a crushing effect than a brutal. But the recording I think sounds most brutal is the "World in Turmoil/The Black Illusions" recording - a 100% DIY raw brutal feeling.

Of the albums I think the one with the most brutal passages is "Shift". Like the opening riff/part of "Particles" or the pumping Bolt Throweresque part in "Circle of Defeat". Nasum never got more brutal than that. / Anders
Question from Ari (IP: posted January 3, 2007 18:17:21:
I hope you like it our version for "Time to Act".
We are Facada grindcore from Brazil. Cheers!
Yeah, sounds great! / Anders
Question from Ogieñ (IP: posted January 2, 2007 18:57:35:
ok.I have hopes that they will appear once.i hear Coldworker.mastership!!your drumming is bestial devastation!!world class!
Bestial devastation it is! / Anders
Question from maarte (IP: posted January 1, 2007 17:18:29:
Happy new year Anders!
Greets from The Netherlands
Same to you. / Anders
Question from Village Idiot aka.Ogieñ (IP: posted January 1, 2007 14:48:41:
hello!greetings from poland!where i find nasum guitar tab from longplays???particularly from shift.i want to learn it because i wish to be one men cover band (guitar/vocal)i learn napalm death,regurgitate and other and i want to record it.
You have to use your ears to pick out Nasum songs, because there aren't any tabs available, and the few that actually are available are not 100% accurate. / Anders
Question from Jonsson (IP: posted December 31, 2006 15:38:50:
Hur i helvete gjorde ni gitarrljudet på "shift"? Fuskgjort efteråt eller nån superkombination av massor av distboxar? Skulle gärna vilja veta...
Varken jag eller Urban kommer ihåg några exakta detaljer från inspelningen och eftersom vi inte dokumenterade den alls finns det inget nedskrivet.

Sannolikt var det ungefär samma inspelningsförfarande gällande gitarrerna som vid "Helvete", dvs Mieszko mickade upp gitarrerna med ett antal mickar (något i mig säger dock att det bara var två mickar till "Shift") och gitarrna stereodubbades (alltså fyra gitarrer sammanlagt).

Till vissa slingor, halvdistade partier etc användes pluggen AmpFarm men alla kompgitarrer är "på riktigt". / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted December 31, 2006 10:06:23:
Hello, again.
I was listening to A Request For Guidance a few minutes ago, and amonst the beautiful snare drum assault, I wondered about 2 things.

1. I couldn't quite make out from the photos, but what set of drums did you use for most of your shows?

2. What album of Nasum's did you enjoy most of your work on?

All the best to Krigshot =) !
1. On the later shows (= the European tour, some of the Swedish festivals and a few off dates) I played on my current DW set (as seen in the recording of "Helvete" diary. On the first European tour with Napalm Death and a few other shows I used my previous green Pearl set (as seen on this picture). Other than that I played on other bands sets or backline provided by the promotors.

2. I haven't listened to the Nasum albums in a while, but I actually listened to the Making of "Preview of hell" mp3 today and was surprised by the druming. Generally speaking I am not fully satisfied with any of the albums drumwise, compaired to the Coldworker album which is basically faultless (?), but to say something I say "Helvete". / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted December 28, 2006 08:41:05:
Hey there Anders,
before I ask my question, I'd like to say how fucking wicked your technique of blast beats are. I dont know if its the extra kick you throw in, it just suits everything you play.

But to the question;
Does the band you are in now ever play any Nasum songs? for fun or tribute?
Never ever. / Anders
Question from lord-gore (IP: posted December 26, 2006 22:43:38:
thrash band Propagandhi !-) I would say angry melodic hardcore!did you saw the band live?I visited a show back in 2001.for free! 3 guys kicked my balls!listen to a Propagandhi cd or´s not the same!they play fuckin´fast,but in a melodic,positive way...I can´t explain!that´s the same feeling when I listen to songs like The Deepest Hole,Fury,Stormshield...sometimes I hear some Millencolin tunes in Nasum songs!?did I say that?don´t curse me!but that´s my feeling when I listen to some Nasum songs.and that´s it what I miss now.
greetings to coldwörker
Well, Millencolin is hardly the only band who uses melodies. But; being close friends since forever and co-existing as bands side by side it's possible that something rubbed off from one band to the other. Look at the studio documentary on the latest Millencolin disc and see how Larzon is grinding as soon as the camera is pointed at his direction... / Anders
Question from Anthony (IP: posted December 26, 2006 02:21:15:
Your show in Nancy, France, 2 nov 2004 was recorded by 2 or 3 cameras, do you know who did that ? And if we can have the film ?
I don't know of any filming of that show. / Anders
Question from Omid (IP: posted December 24, 2006 01:15:06:
Hey man.

Im a drummer from ireland, and not to lick your balls like everyone else does cuz im sure your sick of it, but i admire your drumming technique, both fast and slow Some of those blast beats get so fast, moreover conveying of anger it would seem
I was wondering what your take was on the thrash band propagandhi, cuz you covered one of their songs and you guys have a lot in common, like it seems to me you both used your music partly as a medium to promote a message, just as my band (warning shot) attempts to do.

Sorry about the huge length of this post, its ridiculous.

May the grind be with you.

The hardcore band Propagandhi, I guess you mean...

Well, Propagandhi was and is one of the most political bands I know about and their enthusiasm really inspired me although I am not a political person in the same way they are. Plus, I really enjoyed the music and so did Mieszko. At that point "Rio de San Atlanta, Manitoba" was their rawest song so it was fairly easy to make a cover of it and sort of stay true to the original feeling of the song and presenting it for an audience who probably weren't aware of them, instead of doing another cover by a band that they already know about. / Anders
Question from URR (IP: posted December 20, 2006 10:53:39:
Hello Anders,

Are there plans for a Nasum live dvd?

Mieszko 1974 - 2004
Never. / Anders
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