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Question from Oliver (IP: posted November 22, 2007 16:33:55:

I´d like to buy Grind Finale - but is there any difference between those two listed versions on amazon?
I mean - is it possible that one version is the digipack version with the booklet and one not?

please help!
The first one is the world release and the other is the Japanese release. They are exactly the same apart from a small extra booklet with Japanese translations. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted November 8, 2007 01:20:05:
Hello again, Anders!

Since I live in Canada and all..
I was just wondering what kind of music makes it on the radio in Sweden..?
Are bands like 'Katatonia' and such getting a lot of airplay?
Their new music seems like it would be the kind to get played on the radio from where they originate..
I don't listen to the radio so I can't really say. On the national radio channels (not the commercial ones) there are a few metal shows that plays everything from Foo Fighters to extreme noise, it's the same channel that awarded Nasum with a price for "Helvete" back in 2003. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted October 27, 2007 14:56:08:
vet du något om några fina grindspelningar i örebrotrakten såhär års? eller om det händer något spännande hos regurgitate?
Har det någonsin varit några fina grindspelningar i Örebro (förutom Filthy Christians på Kulturhuset (originalet alltså, inte det som heter så idag) 1990)?
Regurgitatefrågor får du ta med Regurgitate. / Anders
Question from BT (IP: posted October 23, 2007 02:12:40:
How did His Hero is Gone influence your writing songs with Nasum?
Not that much, just another good band I'd like to listen to for inspiration, but it really didn't show in the Nasum songs. / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted October 20, 2007 22:44:39:
"Utan att säga för mycket så kommer Sagan om Nasum att avslutas med 'Den svarta fanan'"

Nu har du redan sagt för mycket. ;)
Patience, my young padawan... / Anders
Question from svett (IP: posted October 16, 2007 19:56:58:
why do you usually use one label for cds, and another for lp's?
The more the merrier! / Anders
Question from trish (IP: posted October 16, 2007 19:55:53:
What do think about the use of triggers?
As long as the drums doesn't sound like a drummachine it's OK. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted October 16, 2007 01:32:08:
Jag håller på och läser en kurs om globalisering inom musikindustrin. Varje föreläsning får jag då "Deleted Scenes" på hjärnan av självklar anledning. Var kommer det klippet i början från, "Globalization is expanding..."?
En annan sak jag tänkt på varje gång jag lyssnat på "Grind Finale" är om "Stealth Politics" som ju är en grym låt med ett schysst sväng. Det är ju denna låt som avslutar sagan om Nasum kan man säga, rent kronologiskt. Om du fick välja vilken låt du ville att avsluta "Sagan om Nasum", villken låt skulle det vara? "This is..." som både första och sista låt kanske?
Alla samplingarna på "Shift" plockades från olika "independent media"-sajter, från nyhetssändningar, intervjuer och lite allt möjligt. Jag har ingen koll alls på källorna eftersom jag spelade av det som lät intressant och jobbade med dem senare. Några av dem är montage dessutom.
Utan att säga för mycket så kommer Sagan om Nasum att avslutas med "Den svarta fanan"... / Anders
Question from Mark (waffling fan) (IP: posted October 15, 2007 19:58:04:
hey there, usual salute to the awesome nasum, rather splendid krigshot, coldworker etc.. love it all ;)

but yeah, random question that don't think has come up, i apologize if it has but i was just curious... on the helvete song violation, the lyrics are as you mentioned about animals. just wondered from reading them if you (i say you as you wrote the lyrics as apposed the whole band) are vegetarian/vegan/or just plain against animal abuse etc. of course i could be reading to much into things but had to ask as I'm a vegetarian myself and nasum is among my altime favorite bands.

thanks for your time

hope i catch the next coldworker show in london, bloody missed the last one!
I used to be a vegetarian when I wrote the lyrics, but not anymore. How ever the lyrics are more about the whole industry rather than food. / Anders
Question from Random Dude (IP: posted October 14, 2007 13:22:52:
Hey, Anders man.
I always wondered what the sample that starts out at Just Another Hog meant. I always had an obsession with Swedish. It's very cool. (It is Swedish, right?)

It's from a very good movie called "Tillsammans" ("Together") and the translation of the samlple is actually on IMDB's page for "Tillsammans": "Don't take this personally, but you're so fucking stupid." (which actually should be followed by "You're so fucking fooled." to complete the whole sample.) / Anders
Question from nasumforever (IP: posted October 13, 2007 09:09:12:
no grindcore bands have drum machines? i didnt know that, thats interesting. Wouldnt bands like the berzerker and agoraphobic nosebleed be categorized in a genre called "cybergrind"?
Call it whatever. In my conservative mind grindcore is played by a drummer not a machine. That's it. / Anders
Question from dominque (IP: posted October 11, 2007 22:41:46:
How do you feel about grind bands with drum machines or triggers?? Ala' Agoraphobic NoseBleed or the locust...Is unrest records a european label?
There are no grindcore bands with drummachines... The essence of grind is a drummer beating the shit out of his or her drums as fast as possible. Anyone can program a fast blast on a drum machine.

Unrest is from Canada. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted October 11, 2007 14:41:17:
Enbart om jag får spela där själv. / Anders
Question from Naza (IP: posted October 8, 2007 20:03:36:
ya' i mean print my own design just for my private collection,not for profits or anything...

if that's ok with you..

then i'll send you an e-mail of the design i did...
OK. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted October 8, 2007 07:28:02:
Hey, Anders.

I also encountered an Idea like that before..
There is a local T-Shirt making place,
and I was going to get the cover of Helvete or Blind-World.. and post it on the cover,
and choose a lyric from the CD and put it on the back..

So that wouldn't be a copyright issue?
Most of my friends know me for the kid obsessed with Nasum with and always wearing a Nasum shirt, so I figured I'd carry on my tradition.
Well, technically I guess it's violating the copyright laws, but I doubt that any one will haunt you down for making a t-shirt or two. I did a few one-off t-shirts back in the days myself. / Anders
Question from Naza (IP: posted October 8, 2007 00:54:00:
can i print my own nasum t-shirt...

with my own design..

i'm just askin' so that i won't get sued or anything..
If you mean print one (1) t-shirt for yourself, the answer is maybe (= I want to see what you plan to print). If you mean multiple copies, the answer is no way... / Anders
Question from Måns (IP: posted October 4, 2007 20:59:04:
tjaba, visste du om att ett band från sverige covrat er inhale/exhale, inte precis lika bra som er version, men lite kul ändå. där finns den.
Jodå, den är svängig tycker jag. / Anders
Question from N (IP: posted October 3, 2007 23:38:07:
did you use drum machine with necrony?
Nope. Old school triggers had a drum machine feeling for sure... / Anders
Question from ChurchOfSolipsism (IP: posted September 26, 2007 21:48:09:
you being a Swedish and all, I'd like to know what you think of the following video:


A Fan
I am anti-vomit so I can't watch that stuff. / Anders
Question from rafael (IP: posted September 25, 2007 21:30:22:
hey, nasum is one of my all-time favorite bands. i even put the song "i hate people" on a mixtape i was invited to do:

i always wanted to know about the swedish nasum lyrics. is there a translated version of those songs?

that's it, keep it up. nasum is in my heart forever and coldworker rules too!

cheers from brazil
No, that's a project for the future that probably not will happen... / Anders
Question from RacsonecroGrinder (IP: posted September 24, 2007 17:57:37:
Pealse men Let me know what Nasum means I wanna get a tattoo from the name of the band but i will not do it untill i know what the fuck NASUM means
Either it means "a grindcore band from Sweden that I really like, so much that I am willing to put their name on my body" or it doesn't. Get "Grind Finale" for the real explaination. / Anders
Question from Stalin (IP: posted September 24, 2007 01:47:37:
När kommer nästa Masterblaster (?) intervju?
Vet inte om det blir några fler. Gjorde en liveintervju med Adam från Misery Index i somras, men mp3-spelaren sparade inte det 45 minuter långa samtalet. Det tog dessvärre knäcken på mig. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted September 24, 2007 01:17:31:
Hm, nä jag vet inte varför det inte funkar. Jag provade med stort "O" precis som du sa, men inget...
Tänkte kommentera det faktum att ytterligare en skivbutik läggs ner, kommer hela kedjan läggas ner? Även Rocks-butiken i min förra hemstad Kalmar la ned för inte så längesen. Hur lång kommer det ta innan vi står här utan några skivbutiker alls? Är inte mycket som är mer rogivande än att gå och bläddra bland gamla hårdrocksvinyler (nu är ju dessa affärer väääldigt sällsynta), även bläddra genom cd-skivor förstås. Känns väldigt trist!
Jag känner inte till Rocks vara eller icke vara, men personligen har jag sedan länge ansett att skivbutikernas hemvist är på nätet, även om det så klart är trevligt att stå och bläddra emellanåt. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted September 23, 2007 03:42:56:
Hm, jag försöker kommentera på blogen men det fungerar inte. Jag skriver i anti-spamgrejen precis som det är meningen, men någon kommentar syns där inte.
Funkar fint, du kanske skriver en nolla i stället för ett stort O som andra bokstav? / Anders
Question from Johan (IP: posted September 20, 2007 21:06:59:
Fysiskt eller bara mentalt?
(med andra ord, var du in i "pitten"?)
I "piten" har jag inte varit på måååånga år. / Anders
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