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Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted January 23, 2008 05:52:06:
Hey again, Anders.

I had asked this question awhile ago, I think like 8 months ago or something, but I kind of left out the overall, main question I meant to ask.

I've seen so many grindcore band videos, and I noticed all the drummers will be doing the blast on the snare with their left hand, while they hit the hi-hat and symbols with the right hand. I noticed you do that, too.

You, being a drummer for so long, I wanted to know if that was the actual correct way of doing it? Or is it just a righty/lefty kind of ordeal? I find myself, when I'm drumming, to be doing the snare blasts with my right hand.. opposite of what I see in the grind videos.
"Hi-hat and symbols..."! That was funny! Anyway, for me playing a blastbeat is a matter of co-ordination - right foot & arm / left arm / right foot & arm / left arm etc. It is essentially a normat 2/4 beat with the second hi-hat/cymbal beat left out. For me it would be impossible to play a blast with right hand/arm on the snare.

In my opinion the "blast with the right hand on the snare" is a completely different beat, as played by Cannibal Corpse for example.

But any way you slice it is good I guess. There are no correct ways to do anything anymore. So if it works and sounds good, then just do it. / Anders
Question from Finland (IP: posted January 21, 2008 17:14:35:
I ordered this Inhale/Exhale longsleeve awhile ago from Rockabilia site and i got a e-mail of them saying that the fucker's dont have it anymore...i was wondering could i make 1 for myself ?

Hail Nasum
I'm not comfortable with that. / Anders
Question from Markus (IP: posted January 16, 2008 10:56:58:
Just a quick question about the Mesa Preamp Mieszko used. Is it a V Twin or a V2 pedal? I can't see the model on the Helvete studio diary pictures but I think it's a V Twin. Thanks in advance.
You are correct. / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted January 13, 2008 23:44:37:
Kommer Doombringer säljas som vanligt i Sverige eller är det en bra idé att beställa från Relapse?
Jag antar att den får den vanliga distributionen, om inte annars lär jag väl sälja ett par ex själv. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted January 13, 2008 19:40:49:
Hey again, Anders.

I was reading in some of the archives about how you would edit/polish songs and such..
Let alone, lots of Grind Finale was edited with.

Did you take any lessons on working with music editing,
or did it come along naturally from playing around with music programs and what not?
It really isn't that advanced as it might sound like. Basically it just a matter of adjusting the EQ and levels, with the aid of good plug-ins. For "Grind Finale" I got a crash course from Dan Swanö and then I had 150+ tracks to practise on. / Anders
Question from Markus of Nyctophobic (IP: posted January 12, 2008 18:49:07:
sooo, the split with Napalm Death will contain selections from the live set and possibly "Unchallenged Hate" and the Doombringer CD is the entire set? I'm a bit confused now. Or is it different live recordings/tracks for each release? Will Napalm Death cover "The Masked Face"? That would a dream come true to you, I guess.
It's the same 16 songs on the releases. The old cover trade idea was canned millions of years ago. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted January 11, 2008 09:51:03:
He he, this sounds nice!
What did you do to improve the quality of the recording?
Thanks for this, Anders!
Basically the same thing as on "Grind Finale". It was a little bit of editing and then some tweaking with the Firium plug-in. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted January 11, 2008 07:10:58:
Good morning, Anders.

When I heard the news about the new CD,
I think I woke my parents up from screaming.

I was wondering if the album is mastered and all the like?
Or is it just a live recording with stage mics and such?

Feels nice to have a piece of Nasum be released when I'm a huge fan,
seeings how I was In grade 8 when Shift was released, and I had no clue what "grindcore" was!
Yes, it's mastered but it's a very rough recording from start so don't expect any high quality shit. Just a rough slice of life on stage with Nasum. All info about the recording is in the blog archives. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted January 9, 2008 22:50:03:
Hey Anders,

What is Doombringer? I am confused because I read about that release on
And normally we receive news at first from you...
Aha... Guess I have some announcing to do... soon. / Anders
Question from Tony (IP: posted January 9, 2008 21:16:41:
Hey Anders what do you think of Flesh Parade?
Haven't listened to them in years... Can't even remember what they sounded like. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted January 7, 2008 18:01:33:
Som trogen läsare på dvdkritik ser jag mycket av det du ser! En tanke som slagit mig är att ni inte har skrivit något om Chris Carter och hans serier. Talar förstås då om i första hand arkiv x men också han utmärkta serie millenium. Är det något som inte har fallit herrarna i smaken eller har det helt enkelt inte funnits tid?
Det har väl snarare inte varit aktuellt. Men i höstas såg jag faktiskt om lite "Arkiv X"- och "Millennium"-avsnitt. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted January 3, 2008 16:20:46:
Vet att du är trött på att "tycka till" om olika saker men jag är väldigt nyfiken på din åsikt om mayhems senaste album ordo ad chao?
Har inte hört den faktiskt, men jag har gillat det mesta Mayhem hittat på de senaste åren så jag får kolla upp den vid tillfälle. / Anders
Question from Finland (IP: posted January 3, 2008 14:53:46:
What was in your mind when you wrote lyrics to 'Dis Sucks' ?

Long live Nasum.
Probably a little irritation about the "Dis" trend that had passed a few years earlier. / Anders
Question from Tim (IP: posted December 29, 2007 22:26:26:

Jag undrar bara om tröjorna på Relapse är något som bandet har godkänt som produkt eller om det bara är Relapse som myglar ut dom som Nasum produkter!

// Nasum Fanatiker
Allt som släpps via Relapse är godkänt av oss (mig). / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted December 25, 2007 20:14:18:
Merry christmas, Anders!

I can say that 2007, has been the year of Nasum for me.
There has been no other band in the world that I have spent as much time listening to, or learning about, ever.

I thank you.. and Mieszko, for all the time spent into Nasum, as it has inspired me beyond belief into music, and becoming more creative.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays to you!
Let's make 2008 the year of Coldworker then! / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted December 19, 2007 07:57:20:
Hello again, Anders!

It's been awhile since I've pondered my latest question about Nasum..
until at school yesterday my friends kept asking me about something.

I bought the Nasum zip-up hoodie off Relapse back in August,
and usually from time to time people would always ask me "Why is the N in Nasum, always around a recycling sign"?
I didn't really have an answer, but I tried to explain the political lyric structure you guys would do..

And then I wondered what was the recycling logo all about..?
Did it have a meaning behind it for you to use?

and I'm incredibly excited to hear the upcoming Coldworker album (Finally bought The Contaminated Void a few weeks ago at a record shop) =D.
Basically it's just graphics without any proper meaning. The first time we used the recycle symbol was 2000 on the tour t-shirt for the Napalm Death tour (the same design that's available now as "Recycle"), and at some point a drunken punk came to the merchtable and asked what it meant. As it is a combination of the recycle symbol and the Eye of Providence, I said something along the lines of "recycle everything you see and make something new". In other words: be inspired.
But basically it's just graphics. / Anders
Question from Brian P. (IP: posted December 11, 2007 21:15:42:
What up Anders, hope all is well. Read about the new album on the Coldworker site, can't wait to hear it.
Me too! / Anders
Question from Christopher (IP: posted December 9, 2007 00:04:49:
Hi! I wonder how Mieszkos girlfriend Emma is today? Is she alive?
Yes. / Anders
Question from josh (IP: posted December 7, 2007 20:34:10:
haha. don't understand anything. allt meck!
is this you sitting on the bed, anders?
Yeah. A 14 year younger version of me, or something. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted December 6, 2007 23:21:03:
liten fråga bara! är det du som sitter på sängen och håller på att göra på dig av skratt?
Hehe, ja, så där kul har man på kvällen i Finspång medans man spelar in "Pathological performances" på dagarna. Ska erkänna mig skyldig till "stop-motion"-animeringen när en mössa äter upp två temuggar, plus att jag håller i kameran under den avslutande - mycket improviserade - låten.

Och ja, jag är Snülf-Balder (obs, korrekt stavning) utan händer också. Tycker för övrigt fortfarande det är hur kul som helst när Rickard kommer upp ur golvet i Musikhörnan.

Det finns en "deleted scene" från denna session där jag intervjuar en bas utan strängar. Bara i Finspång... / Anders
Question from n (IP: posted December 4, 2007 00:47:46:
did necrony ever use drum machine?
cymbals sounds like midi to me..
Nope. It's all Rickard. / Anders
Question from Marcus (IP: posted December 1, 2007 14:23:04:
Hallå Anders, allt väl!

Jag försöker få tag på Nasum - Grind Finale och måste säga att det är ett jävla helvete. Jag har totalt missat släppet av denna skiva (beror på att jag upptäckt er _alldeles_ för sent, börja lyssna på er musik för 4 månader sedan).

Vad jag har förstått så kommer ni inte att släppa fler ex av denna sjukta bra och råa skiva? Varför har ni valt att göra så, det finns många fler än jag som vill ha den!!

Har försökt beställa från, finns en massa säljare där som påstår sig ha den i lager men när man väl beställer så finns den inte.

Jag är kapabel att göra i princip vad som helst för att få nävarna på ett ex!!

Lev väl!
"Vi" har inte valt någonting, utan det var Relapses beslut att "bara" trycka 15 000 ex. Antar att de trodde att de skulle räcka ett tag, men de tog slut tämligen fort. Antar också att skivan är så pass dyr att göra att det inte riktigt funkar att beställa 1000 nya ex som med andra skivor.

Men skivan finns ju hos Relapse... / Anders
Question from Random Dude (IP: posted November 26, 2007 20:18:54:
Hi Anders! It's me again, Random Dude!
How's stuuf going?

Remembered how I asked that question about that quote from Tillsammans (probably not, haha)? I tried to find it in Swedish but I can't find it anywhere! Could you be so friendly to type it here? Sorry, but I don't know anyone from Sweden, and it's a pretty cool sentence, haha!
Thanks anyways!

Browse through the earlier questions. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted November 26, 2007 14:45:10:
Hi Anders,

is there any differnece between the nasum logo shirt you are selling and the logo shirt relapse is selling?

Yes. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted November 22, 2007 23:21:50:
Jag har en fråga angående en uppsats jag skriver som jag hoppas du kan svara på. I japanutgåvor på de skivor du släppt är "bookletsen" på japanska eller är de precis som de amerikanska/europeiska utgåvorna? Det är ju det där pappret dom sätter på ryggen på skivorna som är på japanska men är det allt?
Jag har ju några japanutgåvor själv men dom står fortfarande inplastade i skivhyllan.
I "mina" japanska skivor så är det med en tunn extra booklet med översättningarna. Den vanliga bookleten är som den är överallt annars. Men det finns säkert undantag. Har ett svagt minne om någon tidig No Fun At All CD som japanerna hade tagit ut texterna till själv (och skrivit ut på engelska) med måttligt lyckat resultat. / Anders
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