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Question from Josh (IP: posted July 26, 2008 15:37:50:
At the power it up page I read that Coldworker also takes part at the Nasum Tribute Sampler and will cover one song.
Is that true?
I thought that will be very weird for you!?
Didn't I read that you can't imagine to cover a Nasum Song with Coldworker when somebody asked you that?


Yes, it's true. It felt like the right circumstances to do it, and it was a band decision. But it's really only for the comp, the cover will not be a part of our livesets etc.

We're going to play one of my old songs from the early years, before Mieszko started to sing (and before I started to play the drums in Nasum), so comparisons with the latter Nasum sound should be obsolete. / Anders
Question from Lyndon (IP: posted July 25, 2008 16:33:37:
Hi Anders.
A few questions I had were 1) How was working with Unrest records I have heard some up and down things about that guy...drunk,drug dealer etc...2.why did you choose not to work with Unrest for any other vinyl releases? 3)what's up with the split with Napalm?
1. It was one of smoothest collaborations with an underground label that I have experienced during all the years. Mike was very cool, everything I suggested he agreed to and then added all the extra stuff to make the "Grind Finale" 4xLP something extraordinary. I mean, he appologized because he could only do black and white print on the labels...

2. I didn't know about Unrest earlier and all the albums etc was already covered by other labels.

3. Not much, but one of these days... / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted July 16, 2008 23:08:14:
Hey, Anders!

After buying "Rotting Paradise", I read in the back of the CD sheet that you use DB Drumshoes.. I was wondering what is the difference in using them, and how are those working for you? Did you ever use them in Nasum?
No, I've been using them for less than a year. They are very thin shoes, so it's the next best thing from playing barefooted as I used to, and they certainly protect my feet. They work fine for me. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted July 9, 2008 01:55:05:
Will you be able to see Carcass or At the Gates on their reunion tour or did you see them recently?
I will see them at Wacken. Can't wait for that...
Unfortunately, no. / Anders
Question from crown (IP: posted July 9, 2008 00:08:16:
vad har du för åsikter kring FRA-lagen?
vad tror du detta kommer att leda till om lagen nu inte försvinner?
kan det bli så att sverige blir en övervakningsstat som exempelvis USA?
"Du är bevakad" (Nasum, 1998)...
Tja, det återstår väl att se vad som händer, men jag fattar inte vem som ska orka kolla igenom alla "Ska vi äta lunch?"-mail mellan Bosse och Lasse varje dag... :) / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted July 3, 2008 11:40:45:
Yeah! A friend of mine is playing in Poostew.
They will cover Doombringer.
Do you remember them? They were doing one of the last shows with you in October 2004.
Unfortunately not. There were so many bands on that tour. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted July 2, 2008 22:20:26:
You're probably aware of the fact that POWER-IT-UP is releasing a Tribute to Nasum LP/CD/whatever the fuck. If you're informed on which band is gonna do what song, which cover are you looking forward to the most? Personally, I think Roten Sound's cover of Resistance will be very cool.
The confirmed line-up is very exciting and if they get all of the bands they've asked it will be amazing. I'm surprised (in a good way) about the choices of covers so I'm looking forward to hearing the album. At this point I choose not to speak about what I look forward to the most among the individual bands/songs. I'm psyched about the whole release actually. / Anders
Question from J (IP: posted July 1, 2008 14:10:15:
Kommer man kunna beställa napalm-splitten här på eller är det feto records som gäller??
Mvh Johan
Det återstår att se, men jag antar att några ex kommer att ramla in hos mig. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted July 1, 2008 10:10:24:
Greetings, Anders.

Do you know what Mieszko was saying during the beginning of "Just Another Hog" on "Doombringer"..?
I couldn't quite catch it, but was he saying the movie quote from the intro to that song?
He's introducing the band, like "This is Urban, this is Anders..." and so forth. / Anders
Question from Finland (IP: posted June 27, 2008 15:57:15:
Have considered of making new Nasum merch ? Or maybe re-pressing a limited amount of the old merch stuff and sell it ?

Not at the moment. Last repress was about exactly one year ago and there are still shirts left. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted June 16, 2008 21:21:59:
Just an answer to the guy below:
Anders is the fastest merch sender I ever did buisness with!

No the question for you:

Anders, do you believe in afterlive? Do you have any belief in higher "spirits" apart from religious things which I know you don't support!?
I think religion is the worst thing mankind ever created. Just a reason and an argument for war and the included killing of innocent people. But I still believe there is something after dead. Do you agree with my opinion?
If there's an afterlife there should logically have been a "beforelife", and I have no recollection of a such. So if there's an afterlife you wouldn't probably remember this life...

But if you want to be on the safe side, become a mormon! (South Park reference) / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted June 16, 2008 02:30:03:
Evening, Anders.

Any chance the new Coldworker merch will appear on
It seems easier for me to order it from there.. and shorter waiting time..
But if not, I'll just end up making an order very soon for the zip up hood. =)
No, we sell our merch, and they sell theirs. / Anders
Question from GrindTerror (IP: posted June 12, 2008 03:19:44:
What pickups did Mieszko use in his guitars for live and recording?
I don't know. EMG's probably. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted June 4, 2008 21:47:04:
Good evening, Anders.
Hahaha, laughed pretty hard at your answer to the comment below.
But on to the question..

Is there a band that still plays today that YOU think carries on the sound of Nasum? I can't really find any bands that will ever be like the exact sound, but yeah.. do you feel there is any other musicians setting Nasum standards?
What's the fun in a band with the EXACT sound? But Sayyadina and Gadget are inte same style as Nasum. Check 'em out! / Anders
Question from Nasum Fan from Finland (IP: posted June 3, 2008 11:43:40:
do you know what kind of a cap mieszko usually used?

i want to know because im gonna buy one same kind:)
You are a freak. / Anders
Question from Arvid (IP: posted May 10, 2008 11:53:38:
Tjena tänkte köpa lite merch av er skickade ett mail där jag bad om adressen så jag kan skicka pengarna men inte fått något svar! Checka mailen eller svara här ihh!

Jag har varit lite dålig på merchfronten på sistone, tar itu med det under helgen. / Anders
Question from Attila Németh (IP: posted May 9, 2008 16:52:43:
Hi Anders!
Sorry about these questions, but I really need your help! Do you know something about the Inhale/Exhale LP +"7 pressing? It was only one press by Distortion or was there a second press?
If I know right than it was released on yellow "12 and "7 vinyls. Did you hear about another pressing on black vinyls?
Just because I have found one on eBay on black. So I just want to know if it's fake.
Thanxxxx for your help!
Yeah, the second pressing was on black, so it's real. That's one of the few Nasum releases I don't own myself... :( / Anders
Question from Tom W. (IP: posted May 8, 2008 15:40:49:
Jo jag har märkt att du är ganska kortfattad i dina kommentarer så jag tänker inte heller skriva någon jävla bok utan jag tänker ställa en fråga.

Har du hört Totalt Jävla Mörker? Om ja, vad tycker du om dom?

MVH Tom W.
Jodå, jag har hört och sett Totalt Jävla Mörker ett antal gånger. De har sina stunder. / Anders
Question from lorenzo (IP: posted May 4, 2008 20:07:21:
hey Anders,
I dont know if this has been asked before but is there a meaning for the gasmasks in the musicvideo and picutres e.c.t...?
No, it's just something that started with the "Inhale/Exhale" cover which sort of had a "pollution" theme. / Anders
Question from Jimmy (IP: posted May 3, 2008 02:44:32:
Hello, Anders!

Are you a fan of prog-rock (e.g. Pink Floyd) and
have you ever listened to Tom Waits?
Not a massive fan of either Pink Floyd or Tom Waits, but of course I have listened to both. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted April 28, 2008 18:19:47:
Good morning, Anders.

Did you ever try to do vocals live out of all the years of Nasum?
Something like Flo from Cryptopsy does, having the mic set up with the drum set..
Or was it too complicated..?
Never. / Anders
Question from Emil (IP: posted April 27, 2008 13:33:26:

I´m just intrested in what rigg Jon is using for the bass? It´s a realy sweet sound...!
What ever he had, I don't think it was used on the album. / Anders
Question from Grind Terror (IP: posted April 25, 2008 06:52:12:
Funny question - why did Mieszko always where a hat live and in band photos? Looks like he has a shaved head ??
You have answered your own "funny" question. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted April 19, 2008 19:16:33:
Cool. It's very nice to hear him talking, too.
Do you remember why he didn't speak in Mülheim?
Was he just croaky or did he want to preserve his voice? I'm just interested because I remember me being wondering why he didn't speak. i just thought he is a quiet guy with the loudest voice when it comes into screaming.;)
I have no memory of that incident. My best guess is that Jon was more drunk and decided to talk... :) / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted April 18, 2008 19:19:41:

I finally bought Doombringer. I love the roughness. You have done another great job!
Now heres my question: I've seen you guys live in Mülheim in 2004. I remember Mieszko being very quiet while not singing and that Jon did most (if not all) of the talking on stage. does mieszko speak on doombringer? if yes where?
Mieszko does all the talking on "Doombringer". / Anders
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