The Tour Blog - DATE: November 6, 2012

The Nasum shop is open!

The Nasum shop is open again with the leftover merchandise from the tour, and - ta da! - the reissue of the "Grind Finale" 4xLP!

Now about the leftover merchandise: for some designs there are just a few copies left and there aren't much to buy for the smaller dudes… But there are a few t-shirt designs, the zipped hoodie and a baseball hat. Good stuff all over.

The reopened merchandise page has all the information you need. We have cooked up a pretty cool ordering system that makes it really easy for all parts, so check it out.

One note: there is a really cool screen printed poster that isn't in the shop yet. We have to figure out how to ship this in the best way before we add it. There are also some related bands stuff that will be added in time.

And another note: it's possible that we'll make a smaller print run of selected items in all sizes, but at the moment we want to get rid of the leftovers first before deciding on making more or not.


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