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Question from Josh (IP: posted January 5, 2011 14:11:29:
Happy new year Anders! Best wishes for Coldworker and your Life personally!

Look at this, those filthy snatchers stole your name!

Are they allowed to use your name?

Another questions: Did you think of releasing a last bunch of Nasum merch? I think there is big public demand!

Hehe, I believe that product is called "Näsum", with dots over the A, which actually is a small village in the south of Sweden, from the same part of the country where IKEA once started.

About merch... Perhaps... / Anders
Question from Simone (IP: posted December 31, 2010 00:34:02:
It's been 6 years since that fateful day, but it seems to me yesterday ... I well remember,having had a bad feeling that something bad would happen .. yes is the usual things that we say and nothing changes, I know. . but the bitterness I felt when I saw the site closed and especially when I understund of what happened was infinitely,you were the band more interesting for me ... anxiety assails me still, especially listening to songs like "Darkness Falls"from the last album that takes me back many personal memories and nostalgia, and it seems to interpret the sadness of the event .. but However it is like as you were still,like that time has stopped,many tells you,but I repeat,thank you for this site,for what you've been and will continue to be!Your music is still alive! ..Some question:
1)You ever played the song "Ros"live?I search from the video in this site and all in Youtube but nothing,i'd like to listen it also in low quality.
2)There is a remote possibility in the future to review you and the other ex-members together, with you under voice,even for once,for one last concert? would be great..
3)In an interview,you say that after Grind Finale"There’s nothing more to release (although a picture disc release of “Shift” would be great to complete the collection, but I don’t think that will happen)",exactly what you're talking about?what is this possible picture disc?
4)There is something material from "shift" that you can still publish(in another interview you talk about some unfinished song from shift session)will never come out completed?
5)I know that the name"Nasum"is take from a film,and from a a temporary name become final.What were other possible names(if
you had thought,at that time).
1. "Ros" was never played live.
2. My voice is not fit for any live shows...
3. The three first albums were released as picture discs shortly after the demise of the band, and "Shift" was still such a "new" album that a picture disc would interfere with the sales of the normal vinyl edition. It was always a dream to have the albums complete on picture discs, but there are currently no plans to release "Shift" in that format.
4. There might be some unfinished and/or lost songs from many of the recordings, but everything that can and will be published is on the albums and "Grind Finale".
5. Wow, I don't recall any other possible band names. I think it always was Nasum. / Anders
Question from sorcio (IP: posted December 25, 2010 08:31:32:
Hello Anders,
I noticed that the Coldworker site has been down for quite a long time: what's up?
It's not down. / Anders
Question from kalihane (IP: posted December 25, 2010 01:52:58:
Hi from Czech Republic.I´d like to download live gigs Nasum from this site but not me.May someone write me,why not?
Thanx for reply.
The server that hosted the live gigs are dead and gone. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted November 30, 2010 03:58:52:
Hey there, Anders!
Its been a long time since I've last said anything on here.
I always had stated that I would get something "Nasum" related tattooed on my body, and a few days ago it came true.

Ive said it before, and will say it again that Nasum changed my life after hearing such excellent music. To show my appreciation and love for the music you & Mieszko were able to create in such short time, I figured this would show it. Shift seemed to grow on me a lot more recently over the millions of times I've listened to it, and those symbols, I felt were meaningful and interesting. There you have it, I don't know how to sum up the rest.. other than I fucking love Nasum, and always will!

What do you think of it? :)

Cool! I hope it heals well! / Anders
Question from Cammy Southwind (IP: posted November 26, 2010 20:52:20:
Hey Anders, are you planning on releasing a DVD release for your band Coldworker? it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in Advance for your Insight.
Currently there are no such plans, but I'm sure some sort of video stuff will show up in the not too distant future. / Anders
Question from Scott (IP: posted November 1, 2010 20:37:26:
Hi there Anders. Hope all is well.
I've been ruminating over this for some time..
But are there any meanings attached to the four symbols which make an appearance on the cover of 'Shift'?

With the exception of the symbol for recycling..

Take care!
Cape Town, South Africa.
To keep it simple, all the symbols represent different kind of subjects connected to Nasum's lyrics and the overall political themes. The first one is kind of a sun, the second one is kind of tricky, but I think it's a take on globalization and the last is the biohazard symbol. The artist had a really good explaination of all the symbols but it's nowhere to be found now. / Anders
Question from Mattack (IP: posted September 20, 2010 03:52:21:
Any plans to re-print the Napalm Death logo t-shirt? or where can I get one if it's still available?
It might happen in the future. It's a big seller and I like the design. / Anders
Question from Memotrezky (IP: posted September 11, 2010 12:37:29:
do you know what kind of a cap mieszko usually used?
The one that you put on your head... No, sorry don't know any brands or models or anything. / Anders
Question from Ulrich (IP: posted September 2, 2010 14:31:19:
Hey Anders, this question is actually about Genocide Superstars: Do you know how many different shirt designs the band had? I own a white one with an imperial eagle and crossed scythes, if memory serves me right that particular design was also on sale one Nasum site. I always wondered if there were more shirts printed.
Thanks and best regards, Ulrich.
There was a black version of the same design printed at the same time. I also remember a 3/4-shirt, you know a white shirt with slightly longer black sleeves made with one of their logos before that. I can't remember if there were any other designs prior to that. / Anders
Question from Candy (IP: posted July 19, 2010 18:28:08:
Hello Anders.
Do you have all the guitar tabs from Nasum ? I was searching for Shift tabs, especially for WRATH, and I can't find anything on web...
Thanks & Cheers
Nope. Use your ears! :) The few tabs that are out there on the web are mostly incorrect. / Anders
Question from Mizako (IP: posted July 13, 2010 05:02:58:
Enjoying the live Doombringer CD and wondered what distortion pedal Mieszko used live DS-1, Boss Hm-2 or just the distortion from the amp

Thanks for any answers as I know it was awhile go for these shows
I can't remember exactly, but as the Japanese promotor rented whatever stuff we wanted (go, Japanese promotor!) I guess we got the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and it's very possible that the amp's distortion was used. If not, it was the Mesa Boogie Preamp that was Mieszko's main distortion pedal from "Helvete" and to the end. / Anders
Question from Serge, Ukraine (IP: posted June 18, 2010 15:38:45:
Hi, Anders! I have following question. Relapse records has posted Nasum t-shirt "Terror" with celtic cross on its front side. As we know this symbol usually associates with fascism. But I'm sure that Nasum is far from fascist theory. So what sence have you put in such t-shirt design?
I just answered this. As replied then, this symbol - as many others, have been used in many different ways, and it's pretty obvious that it's not used in this case to promote fascism. / Anders
Question from Markus (IP: posted June 16, 2010 00:00:29:
Hi Anders, I guess you don't need to publsh this one but I thought this will interest you. Check the very end of this clip, should be familiar ;)
Haha, of course I need to publish it! Amazing! / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted June 8, 2010 03:08:10:
Hey there, Anders.

Its been quite sometime since I've approached you with my latest question, but the new Nasum t-shirt, "Terror", had brought something to my attention.

After a discussion with a friend of mine, he mentioned that the use of the "sun symbol" on the t-shirt has a strong tie with Nazism and white-power ( ).

I'm sure this was meant to mock its previous history, but I was wondering what your thoughts were behind it, and if you were involved in the design at all?
Well, according to the wikipedia link you attached a sun cross is "a cross inside a circle", which is not the case with the "Terror" design. And according to the same article I wouldn't say the tie is particulary "strong" to nazism/white-power... I prefer the musical reference: "In modern music tablature the sun cross can denote a change of guitar from an acoustic tone to a Distortion tone", which works with the song "Fight terror with terror" that is the basis of the shirt title and quoted lyrics in the print. I approved the design. / Anders
Question from L (IP: posted May 10, 2010 21:02:19:
hey man
do you remember which mesa pre-amp you used for helvete?
Question from sick (IP: posted April 14, 2010 12:41:40:
Hi! Any news on reissues of "Inhale/Exhale" and "Human 2.0"? Looking foward for them!!!!
No news. / Anders
Question from Mark Distorsore (IP: posted March 8, 2010 15:29:25:

Var det något album ni lade ner extra mycket tid på texterna eller blev det oftast så att texterna helt enkelt var en biprodukt av sången? Jag tycker att texterna till låtarna på 'Shift' är väldigt bra, därav frågan.

Riktningarna ni tog, var de medvetna eller periodvisa? Satte ni er ner och sa att nu jävlar skulle ni göra si och så eller kom det naturligt?
Mja, jag tror att det skedde gradvis när vi började förstå att vi hade en publik. Personligen tyckte jag att det var enklare att skriva texter med jämnare kvalitet när vi inte hade så sjukt många låtar på skivorna, hehe... Själva textskrivningsprocessen var lite olika mellan mig och Mieszko. Jag satt hemma och filade, medan han skrev i studion i princip när han skulle spela in sången. Funkade bra, båda varianterna.

Jag skulle inte säga att den musikaliska utvecklingen var planerad eller uttänkt. Det enda jag kan minnas är att när det var dags för "Human 2.0" så var vi lite medvetna om vilka olika typer av låtar vi behövde skriva. / Anders
Question from Lee (IP: posted February 27, 2010 00:46:42:
Hi Anders just wondering if you've heard Wormrot from Singapore? I heard them the other day and I thought they were an amazing grind band, and thought you might be interested if you have'nt heard them, their Myspace is
Yes, they are pretty cool. / Anders
Question from lucas (IP: posted February 5, 2010 11:29:26:
hi anders
could you place in the discography section, information about the pressing number of each nasum vinyl?i lately bought few of nasum's eps and was just wondering how many are made
I don't have that information. Should have paid attention to that in the past. / Anders
Question from steven.. (IP: posted February 5, 2010 10:17:29:
dear anders,

2 questions(if you have the time):

1) did mieszko take any courses on enigneering? or was it an intrest or something he picked up during recording sessions?

2) is it absolutley neccesary to take classes to be an engineer? i have little exp. in recording live instruments, but moderate in mixing/producing and trying to master hip hop and electronic stuff(basically using programs w/ plugins, mixing boards for certain channels, local studios for vocal tracks etc.)

i have full confidence in reaching my goal of recording/mixing other artists (esp grind/death), as well as future projects of my own..long story short im trying to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and what better to ask than one of the groups that inspired me the most(meisko's mixing techniques for his vocals in helvete are superb). after searching around the q&a, i couldn't find an answer to any of em...
1. Yes, he was in school for about a year learning the basic stuff, but I also think he had a natural talent for it. I can't really remember that he had a real interest in the subject in question before he took that course.

2. I think that it won't hurt to learn the basics through a course of some sort. Again, it's a matter of talent. I got neither any skills nor talent for sound engineering so it's just some pointless trial and error that's going on when I try to mix and shape the sound. Recording is easy, editing is easy, but mixing is something else. / Anders
Question from Torte (IP: posted January 26, 2010 11:17:12:
Hello Anders I have never seen Nasum live "shit"

I like to download the Live Video suff but the links dont work

Please you can upload the stuff to

Yes, the server where I had the songs and videos is dead so currently I have nowhere to have them. There are some stuff over at YouTube so have a look there. / Anders
Question from Irvingrid (IP: posted December 30, 2009 20:23:36:
Hey anders, do you know any info od the tribute to nasum, and any kind of info of the producers, cause it would be great to have'em on contact
It's already finished so you are too late... / Anders
Question from Rami (IP: posted December 10, 2009 11:12:47:

Is there gonna be any Nasum shirts in stock in the future?..
Maybe, maybe not. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted December 3, 2009 00:49:11:
Hey, Anders.

The shock of this year for myself was when my band (Venocide) was announced that we made it onto the Nasum tribute. We did "Disforest" in such a fast effort in my living room with cheap mics, I really wish we had the recording equipment we have now compared to back then. But anyways, have you gotten your hands and gave the CD a listen yet? Power It Up stated they released it in November, but I haven't heard much news on the tracks..
Not gotten it yet, or heard any other tracks. / Anders
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