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Question from Göran Luft (IP: posted May 29, 2005 12:24:54:
jag fattar att ni inte kan spela utan en medlem men skaffa en ny, bara fortsätt
Fattar något om sorg och saknad, eller är du helt och hållet egoist? Det är inte bara att "skaffa en ny medlem", speciellt inte för att någon tjatar om det. Respektera vår sorg och vår åsikt om att Mieszko inte går att ersätta. / Anders
Question from Dennis (IP: posted May 28, 2005 15:31:15:
Hej Anders. Läste intervjun med Napalm Death i senaste Close Up Magazine och där nämner ju Shane Embury att ni har pratat om att dra igång ett projekt. Låter iaf som att det skulle kunna bli fruktansvärt bra, men kommer det att bli något av det?
Jag har inte vela prata om det här tidigare för det är alltid en enorm risk att det inte blir något av projekt, men nu ser det i alla fall ut som det är på gång.
Sanningen är att idén väcktes redan för över två år sedan då jag skjutsade Shane till flygplatsen efter att han varit med på "Helvete"-inspelningen. Jag frågade om han någonsin hade tänkt göra något med av projektet Blood From The Soul som han gjorde en skiva med på 90-talet. Och ju mer vi snackade ju mer lutade åt att vi skulle göra något tillsammans.
Lite senare kom en skiva med demos Shane hade gjort och sedan dess har det hängt lite i luften. Vi har haft problem att hitta rätt sångare tills jag föreslog Peter Dolving och han är nu med på banan och har tydligen börjat göra sångarrangemang och texter till Shanes demos.
Förhoppningsvis spelar vi in i höst, men som sagt man vet aldrig vad som händer med projekt. Shanes demos är dock mycket bra så det ska bli kul att spela dem på riktigt. / Anders
Question from Göran Luft (IP: posted May 28, 2005 15:12:15:
jag tycker det är mycket synd att bandet lägger ner!
Ni va ju asgrymma! Snälla fortsätt
Det går inte. Vi saknar en medlem. / Anders
Question from Tuomas (IP: posted May 28, 2005 10:36:46:
I just wanted to tell you Anders how much Nasum means to me. Thank you for bringing the page up again, and for the coming "Grind Finale". I'm really looking forward to that release.

It's hard to explain, but there's a certain feeling in my heart when I listen to your music. That flame stays lit as long as I endure. I hope it means something to you, that you have touched people.

Sometimes it feels like I've shed my share of blood, sweat and tears, but I think there's still much to endure for. I wish you strength to carry on.

I remain yours faithfully,
Of course it means something. Thanks for the kind words. / Anders
Question from Justin (IP: posted May 28, 2005 07:13:12:
Hello Anders,
Just wanted to let you know - I was at the St. Louis, MO show when you came and played the Creepy Crawl on the Contamination 3.0 tour back in 99'. I had never heard of Nasum before and I was an instant convert that night. Mieszko made mention it was your first run through the states. I can't thank you enough for that show...I'll never forget it. So much energy! You guys are and will forever be killer in my book. Cheers! R.I.P Mieszko.
Thanks for the praise. At first I didn't remember the Creepy Crawl but I did. I remember that we met a guy with a homemade Nasum t-shirt after the show, and I also remember that the club was in a kind of scary part of the town (at least in the eyes of a guy from a small town in Sweden) and there were some drunks beating eachother with bottles on a parking lot next to the club... Nice...
The first (and unfortunately only) US tour was something special for us as well, so thanks for showing up! / Anders
Question from Seoung hwan-Kim(HELL THIS TIME) (IP: posted May 28, 2005 06:44:08:
Hi. I'm english not very well. I'm sorry.
I'm your band vvvery like. My friends likessss your band.
We are south korea grindcore band 'HELL THIS TIME'
Many people are waiting for your band
I very want you and your family to come to South Korea.
It is grory if it performs together with you

come on!!!!!!

nasum is forever!!!!!
Nasum is no more, so we can't come to Korea. Good luck with the band! / Anders
Question from Nathan Dufour (from Canada, eh!) (IP: posted May 28, 2005 05:19:59:
Hello and hails to all. I am saddened to hear that Nasum is no more, but I fully respect the decision made. My question is this more like two, sorry about that. I hope the forum isnt limited to one question. On "Helvete" there is a song called Slaves to the Grind and I was wondering what the reasoning behind writing a song about grind was? I mean, power metal bands write about metal all the time and how great it is, but I have never heard a Grind band write about the excellence of Grind. I was just wondering if that song is meant as kinda making fun of power metal? (though the lyrics are very sincere). Second, another song/lyric question. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar", from Shift, is clearly about domestic violence. Was that song inspired by something that happened in Anders personal life, or was it more of a societal comment on abuse and the damage it causes? Thanks for your time, for bringing the site back, making this forum, and most of all, thank you for the music! Grind your mind.
Re: "Slaves to the Grind": The song isn't about grind in general but rather about Nasum and the situation we were in when we were writing the "Helvete" album. We felt some pressure to something better than what we preiviously had.
The lyrics can also be applied on anyone that has to struggle to improve. I remember Mieszko once said that it could even be about Napalm Death, so it's just a matter of how you interper it.

Re: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Scar": I have no personal experience of domestic violence - thank you very much - and the lyrics came together by accident more or less.
I remember that it started with the first lines of chorus (then: "Count the scars in MY eyes") and were supposed to be about being hurt in a more psychic way, but one thing led to another and the subject of domestic violence came up, something that I previously only had touched upon in the lyrics to "Dead Mirror" (look for it here).
It's just a subject that feel is very disturbing and terrible. / Anders
Question from Anders (IP: posted May 28, 2005 00:24:11:
Ville bara skriva att det käns jävlitg häftigt att få svar av världens bästa och snabbaste trummis, Anders Jakobsson!

och en engång är jag väldigt ledsen för det som hände med Mieszko.
Jag är tyvärr varken bäst eller snabbast, men tack ändå! / Anders
Question from Dendra (IP: posted May 28, 2005 00:18:59:

I just wonder if there are any grindcore band in your style or something, I dont like Goregrind and such bands as Mortician, Fuck IM DEAD, Anal Cunt , Anal Blast etc.

So I wonder if there are a band in your grind-style(?), who has political lyrics, not about Old men raping children...

I´m searching for somthing more like you guys...
I love your music, your grindcore is the best, no one will ever beat you.

And all my respect to Miezsko and friends.
Terrible! R.I.P

Thank you // Andrzej
Well, the first two bands that come to mind is two Swedish acts, namely Sayyadina (with Jon ex-Nasum) and Gadget. They are both playing grindcore that is quite simular to Nasum. I suggest that you head to their webpages and download whatever samples they have and I'm sure you'll love it! and

Good luck discovering new grind! / Anders
Question from Fredrik (IP: posted May 27, 2005 23:53:07:
Tjena! I eran platta "Industrislaven" är det Miezsko som vrålar där också?, det låter faktiskt inte som det. Det låter mer som honom du spelade in låten "Think" med. För övrigt har eran sida fått en otroligt snygg design.

Och till sist all min respekt till Mieszko, hans närmaste och käraste.

Men hoppas iaf att ni kommer fortsätta grinda på iaf, för bättre grindcore band kan man inte hitta.
Grind Your Mind!

MVH ///Fredrik
"Industrislaven" var sista skivan med Rickard och det är han som sjunger så klart, fast det är också första skivan som Mieszko sjunger ljust på. Han kväker lite i "Skithus" bland annat. / Anders
Question from Sam Schrader (IP: posted May 27, 2005 20:29:18:
This isn't a question as much as it is a statement. I don't cry a lot, but when I heard about Mieszko, I cried. I was one who was blessed with spending a night with him and getting to know him and what kind of person he was. He was a kind spirit and would do anything for fans.

My love and best wishes go out to his girlfriend, his parents and of course the rest of the band. While I haven't known Mieszko nearly as long as you guys, I feel in some way connected to him.

I will never forget and I will miss him.


Sam Schrader
Thanks for caring. / Anders
Question from Oliver (IP: posted May 27, 2005 20:07:45:
First for all, I hope all of you are fine. No, I don't know anyone of you, the thing is I know how much it hurts and how long it hurts. I really think that it was o good step forward, to whatever, to have the site online again.
I really engulf all the texts here since I know Nasum and I still do so, I also love what anyone of you wrote, the thing is I never see Nasum live just listening to the records and I guess is some sort of mental savaging when I start reading the sad things on this site, anything. . .
Start and stop crying, without knowing you in real life, but I think it's something like remembering again e.g. funerals I visited all of them were so damn hard.
Guess I'm talking too much sometimes, but I hope you know what I mean.
Wish you all the best,
Thanks for caring. / Anders
Question from Walti Hösli (IP: posted May 27, 2005 19:48:00:
Jag undrar om det finns nån distro eller mailorder som säljer era merch? Det mesta i M är ju slutsålt.

Sköt om er! Har tänkt på hur hemskt ni och anhöriga måste haft det sen Mieszko försvann och sen identifierades...
Om det finns intresse så kommer vi göra mer i framtiden (och med tanke på alla beställningsmail som ramlat in under dygnet så verkar det finnas det!), men tills vidare erbjuder vi det som finns i lager. S passar säkert! :) / Anders
Question from Brian P. Hoadley (IP: posted May 27, 2005 19:11:52:
Just read the narrative, Anders. Honestly, I'm not surprised, and I understand completely. I've read the lyrics, man, some of them written by you. I believe, as an artist, your talents will take on new forms and mediums. Fire cannot be contained as long as oxygen feeds it. May that fire bring forth new life.

I've neither met met you nor seen Nasum perform. The words, however, are connective. As is the metal.
Well, I hope you are right. / Anders
Question from Brian P. Hoadley (IP: posted May 27, 2005 18:57:34:
No questions from me. Glad to see the site back up and Nasum is still moving. "This fucker ain't dead yet! Let's see what he'll do!" Mad love.
Thanks. / Anders
Question from Anders (IP: posted May 27, 2005 18:25:27:
Först och främst vill jag framföra min respekt till Mieszko och hans närmaste. Jag blev otroligt chockad när jag fick höra att han omkom i katastrofen, eftersom att ni var mitt favorit grind band.

1. kommer det ut nån Nasum dvd? jag skulle inte bry mig om det var dålig kvalitet på en del av klippen eller nåt.

2. Och vart kan man köpa Industrislaven?
1. Jag har redan svarat på DVD-frågan, men på svenska då: Just nu finns det inga planer, men om vi upptäcker att det finns tillräckligt med bra material att göra ett försök kanske vi gör det. Vi får se helt enkelt.

2. "Industrislaven" på 12" vinyl kan köpas av mig. CD:n är slut sen 7-8 år sedan... Men den är ju med på "Grind Finale" så klart. / Anders
Question from Jelmer Birkhoff (IP: posted May 27, 2005 17:04:56:
(and to read the newspaper articles who mentioned him as a “heavy metal star”!)

He was a metal star!!

All the best from Holland,
Jelmer, Marijn & Tjan.
If he was a star of some sort, he was a GRINDCORE star! Nothing else! :) / Anders
Question from noisegrind (IP: posted May 27, 2005 15:04:45:
First of all my deepest to mieskzo family and nasum members.
i have a long show called "Live in Hultsfred 2003" and i think that it could be a really good dvd
what do you think about it ??¿?

thanks !!!!
Well, it's by far the best videorecording of Nasum that I have seen, and it sounds quite good as well. It shouldn't be too hard to get the rights for it and use parts of it in a DVD. But right now there's no such plans. We'll see. / Anders
Question from Backlund (IP: posted May 27, 2005 12:54:42:
High Respect to Nasum and Miezsko first of all.

Do you have any plans for the future? Will there still be "Nasum"?.

And when will there be a grind festival or something like it?.

Love you Guys!

"Grind Your Mind" // Fredrik
Again: Please read this long text. / Anders
Question from Niklas (IP: posted May 27, 2005 12:38:02:
Tja! kommer "Grind Finale" släppas i vanliga skivbutiker? eller kommer man bara kunna få tag på den genom er och relapse? ha de bra
Eftersom Relapse har distribution i vanliga butiker så borde även denna release hamna där. Fast "Grind Finale" kommer inte att vara "en vanlig skiva" utan mera som en box (beroende på vad det nu blir för förpackning). Så jag vet inte. Men räkna med att det går att köpa den direkt från oss om den inte kommer i butik. / Anders
Question from emoride (IP: posted May 26, 2005 22:21:16:
will nasum exist in a form in the future? (new singer:( new band name?)....keep on with your spirit!!!
Please read this long text. / Anders
Question from Michael (IP: posted May 26, 2005 21:23:07:
1. Will you expand the merch section? like caps, carmarks, and old t-shirts, and such. It would really be appreciated by the fans?

2. How long do we have to wait for Grand Finale(Örebro,Sweden)?

3. Will you make any last public performance, any Goodbyes shows, anything? It would be really cool to have a last show in Örebro. Just a dream.

I wish the members and relatives of Nasum good luck in their future lives.
Miezko in our heart.
1. I don't know yet. I'm now most interested in get the sales going to get rid of the stuff I got in stock. The general interest will decide what will happen with the merch in the future.

2. The tentative release time is September/October, but right now I can't give any exact date.

3. No, I'm sorry but we can't do any shows. / Anders
Question from Johan (IP: posted May 26, 2005 20:14:16:
First of all my deepest respect to the members of Nasum and the family an friends of Mieszko. I'm glad that you will release the "Grind Finale"-cd's,I look forward to them.

My question: Have you also concidered to release a DVD? It would be so great to see the spirit from Nasum and Mieszko again at home.
Thanks for the respect!

Well, I'm afraid that there isn't enough material (at least in a decent quality) to collect on a DVD that will make it worth the money. I considered making a DVD to include in the "Grind Finale" set, but it was enough work to compile the music for the set.

I'm not ruling out a possible video document of some kind, but I rather think it's going to be something that the fans can download and burn themeselves than a pro printed DVD. We'll see. We have time to think about it. / Anders
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