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Question from Sven (IP: posted June 15, 2005 17:16:12:
Synd Anders, att du missade Behemoth när du va på SRF, det var överlägset det bästa detta året...
Annars va Satanic Slaughter gött o få se innan dom la av och Defleshed med Modin som skinpiskare.... Hur kommer det sig att du missade dessa underbara band?

over 'n' out.


PS. Kanske jag va en av dom me Nasum-tröjja du såg på SRF. Har en luvtröjja med logga! DS.
Men jag såg Behemoth i Tyskland förra året på Morbid Festspeile eller vad det nu hette. Nasum-tröjorna jag såg var t-shirts förutom munkjackan som Swanö hade på sig... :)
Och för övrigt "missade" jag ingenting - jag såg det jag ville se. / Anders
Question from james phillips Malvern,Worcestershire (IP: posted June 15, 2005 15:10:01:
dear anders
before i heard your music i wasn't really into this type of music until my friend gave me one of your albums (inhale/exhale.)

i would like to know what bands your into at the moment and what bands made you think i wanna start a band.

please become active again even if that means the there are no vocals as NO ONE can replace Mieszko.
your music has grabbed me by the balls
I listen to a lot of music all of the time since one of the things I do to earn my living is reviewing music. Right now I'm all into the new Foo Fighters album.
I guess Kiss was the first band for me and ultimately the band that made me want to be a musician. / Anders
Question from Andreas (IP: posted June 14, 2005 22:32:08:
Tjena Anders!
Måste säga att jag avgudar trumljudet på inhale/exhale. Är det trumljudet helt akustiskt eller ligger det nån typ av trigg på i efterhand??

Keep on rokkin!!
Jag minns inte. Möjligtvis är det trigg på bastrummorna, eventuellt blandat med det akustiska ljudet. Det här är en typisk fråga som Mieszko borde ha svarat på... / Anders
Question from Brian P. (IP: posted June 14, 2005 21:50:41:
I'd have to say Shift is my favourite. There's a ferocity there, like "Wrath" and "Circle of Defeat", in both lyrics and music. It just seems, from that album, you guys are really pissed off, at least when you recorded the CD. Controlled anger, to the benefit of self and others. In this humble fans' opion, my fav is Shift, however, I'll hold off until I get my grimey hands on "Grind Finale".

Thanks, man.
Well, to be honest it's a tie between "Helvete" and "Shift". I know that when I listened through "Shift" once it was finished I felt that it had elements from the early days of Nasum, so it is in fact capturing both the old and new. But "Helvete" was probably the album that made Nasum "click" if you know what I mean. / Anders
Question from Brian P. (IP: posted June 14, 2005 21:19:46:
I have a question for you Anders: which album do you think best reflects the spirit or philosophy behind Nasum's work? (and I do apologize if this question's been already asked in Swedish)
I would actually say that "Grind Finale" will be the ultimate Nasum album since it really sums up all the different stages in the Nasum development.
But I guess that's not the answer you'd like. I can't really pick the best one since they are all special to me. For example the first one was born out of love for grindcore and we didn't really have a clue what we were doing resulting in a collection of songs rather than an album. Some song should have been excluded for the sake of quality and length but it seems like "Inhale/Exhale" is everyone's favorite so what the hell...
I guess in the end I would pick "Helvete". That's the best one. / Anders
Question from Felix (IP: posted June 14, 2005 16:47:16:
Hello Anders!

When I listen through your albums I hear the evolution of your sound (more hooks, melody, technical stuff and influences from other genres etc.) In what direction do you think Nasum would have gone with the next couple of albums if you still existed as a band?

ps. Please continue to write stuff like the article about Sweden rock festival and post it here, I enjoyed reading it!
We did have a recording scheduled for January. The idea was to just go into the studio and see what happened, to try to do something different and not so "planned".
I don't know how things would have developed on future albums. I hope that things would have taken a little different direction once Jon and Urban started to write more songs for Nasum. / Anders
Question from Jul. (IP: posted June 14, 2005 16:07:47:

I've got just a little question...I'm french and I want to make a Nasum's fan-site (of course no official, juste for "fun" ). Am I able?

Sorry for my bad english ;) and Good Bye.
You can do what ever you want. But I can't say that I honestly see the need for a fan-site... / Anders
Question from Craig (IP: posted June 14, 2005 06:38:25:
Hey Anders....

I feel a great void in me musically to know you guys won't be playing, and when I heard his body was identified, it was the closest I have ever come to crying about someone I never knew. If it isn't too much trouble emotionally, or if you guys would find it appropriate, will you please make In Memory T-shirts for Mieszko? Everyone should be able to show their love.
There will be something sooner than you think... / Anders
Question from Ari (IP: posted June 13, 2005 23:48:09:
Hi Anders. I'm a huge fan from Brazil and I play in a band very influenced by Nasum. If you want hear the songs here
and tell something.
Who's in the Maktmissbrukare's cover?
Hey, that was some great stuff! Sounds a little bit like Terrorizer. Great vocals, drumming and guitarwork! I like it.
Re: the guys on the "Maktmissbrukare" cover... I have no idea! If I find the original picture one day I might learn it from the caption. They should be considered "models" that just happened to fit the "Maktmissbrukare" theme. In hindsight we should probably done the old punk thing with a black tape over the eyes... / Anders
Question from Markus (IP: posted June 13, 2005 23:31:13:
Hey Anders,

this might have been answered two posts below but since I don't speak Swedish, I just wanted to know what's gonna happen with Soundlab?

Thanks and keep your head up.
Yes it was, but here it is in English: Soundlab is now owned by Millencolin who will use the studio as their headquarters, i.e. rehearsal space, storage, office, demostudio etc. At one point Matte told me about renting the studio to bands that has a technician that can handle ProTools but I don't know how much effort they will put into that right now. / Anders
Question from Toto (IP: posted June 13, 2005 22:45:46:
Hey Anders!

Do you like Driller Killer?
I haven't seen the movie, and I haven't listened too much to the band. The little I've heard haven't really stuck in my head. / Anders
Question from Fredrik (IP: posted June 13, 2005 17:14:13:
Tjena Anders, tänkte bara höra hur er relation till Studio Soundlab kommer att bli nu framöver? Lämnar ni den för gott? eller finns det någon annan exempelvis Nasum-medlem som är en jävel på att ratta ljud?

Med tanke på att Studion i sig drog till sig en drös grymma band. Och självfallet blev platta efter platta ett jävla mästerverk tack vare mannen som en gång satt bakom spakarna.

Lycka till med framtida projekt och allt ni kan glädjas åt i framtiden.
Soundlab Studios ägs numera av Millencolin som kommer att ha den som sina "headquarters" och jag vet att Matte löst pratade om möjligheterna att hyra ut den till band som har en egen tekniker som kan ProTools, men jag vet inte om de kommer att göra så eller inte.
Med andra ord kan det finnas en möjlighet att man hamnar där igen, men sannolikt inte. / Anders
Question from olle (IP: posted June 12, 2005 23:56:39:
vintertid behöver en trummis i göteborg. kan du tänka dig att joina? börjar bli frustrerad. kolla in våra låtar på
Tack, men nej tack. / Anders
Question from calle (IP: posted June 10, 2005 23:40:23:
ååå så jävla skit allt som hänt.... skulle se er i oktober men tänkte..... äh ser dom nästa gång......

kommer sakna er som faan!!!!

finns det möjlighet å få signade skivor eller kanske tillochmed få tag i live eller rep tape eller..... kanske tillochmed demo tapes???
kontakta mej på

ta lugnt!!!
Jag signerar gärna skivor åt de som vill det i samband med beställningar. Det är tänkt att något liveaktikt ska komma ut, mer om det en annan gång. Reptaperna behåller jag för mig själv. Några personliga minnen måste jag ha. / Anders
Question from Gardh H-hammar gamal penfighter från hymen tiden (IP: posted June 10, 2005 23:34:47:
Tja Anders !

Sorligt hela skiten !!!

Nasum är ett bevis på att grindcoren fortfarande har starka rötter...

Fortsätter du mangla i nått annat band ?
Tjena Gardh! Ja, vi får hoppas att jag kan hitta nya människor att mangla med. Just nu är det torrt. / Anders
Question from Bill (IP: posted June 10, 2005 16:22:10:
Hey Anders! it's good to see this website back up! man i cried when I found out about Miezko and and i'm a fan from canada by the way...anyways enough with that. I was wondering if you guys will put out a home video or something???even a little DVD bonus dics would be cool. that's all...CHEERS ANDERS JAKOBSON!!!!

I've answered questions like this before - check out the previous answers. / Anders
Question from Henrik (IP: posted June 9, 2005 21:51:35:
Du vill inte berätta skälen till att du funderar på att sluta vara vegeterian?
Nja, jag vet inte. Det ger mig inget längre och jag behöver förmodligen lägga om mina kostvanor för att må bättre. Fast jag vill klargöra att om jag slutar vara vegetarian så kommer jag ändå äta 75-80% vegetariskt. Jag kommer inte förvandlas till grottmänniska! / Anders
Question from Dan (IP: posted June 9, 2005 19:33:28:
Hi Anders,

I was just wondering if there's any chance in the future of printing English translations of the Q&A's that are printed in Swedish. I noticed one of them mentions Genocide Superstars, and that's one thing I've been wondering about, whether or not GSS will continue.
No, I don't think that will happen. It'll be too much double work. But regarding Genocide SuperStars... Well, everytime I meet the remaining members and encourage them to go on, but I think they will just keep it low right now and see what happenens. Dan and Richard has lots of stuff going on with their band The Accidents so I guess they will devote most of their time to that band right now. / Anders
Question from Rx (IP: posted June 9, 2005 12:18:45:
Has the word "necrony" a special meaning?
No, it's just a combination of "Necro" and "Crony", so in a way it has a meaning. / Anders
Question from Niklas (IP: posted June 9, 2005 01:18:14:
hej! jag läste i ett tidigare inlägg att du o shane från Napalm Death kanske skulle starta ett projekt tillsammans. vad kommer de bli för stil? ja vet att man borde fråga saker om Nasum här men ja va bara lite nyfiken. hoppas de e lugnt...?
Det är en återupplivning av Shanes gamla projekt Blood From The Soul som släppte en skiva på Earache 1993 eller 1994. Det är ganska experimentellt kan man väl sammanfatta det. Jag träffade Shane på Sweden Rock så vi tog tillfälligt i akt och diskuterade vidare. Jag vill ändå vara lite begränsad med snacket om detta projekt än så länge eftersom projekt allt oftare skrotas än genomförs, men det ser bra ut just nu. / Anders
Question from Daniel (IP: posted June 8, 2005 11:53:43:
Sorry if my question will be answered with the release of "Grind finale", but you have to understand I can't wait for such a long time ;)...

Anyway, my question is:
Will it contain the Japan only tracks of the albums as well? In your post it says "non-album tracks", so probably not...?
"Album" in "non-album" referers to the original releases so the Japanese bonus tracks are all on "Grinde Finale"! / Anders
Question from Joe (IP: posted June 8, 2005 08:41:16:
Deepest condolences to Mieszko, his friends, and family. I have a question about some of Nasum's beliefs as a band and as individuals. I have noticed lyrics in the past that have a strong animal rights message, such as "Fucking Murder" and "Fur," just to name a few. What is Nasum's stance on animal rights? and your stance? and Mieszko's stance? Did the entire band agree on animal rights? Did all or any of you support a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle? Were any of you active in animal rights at one time or another? Just curious. Thanks and best of luck in the future.
I believe that Mieszko was a vegetarian for the last 10-11 years of his life and at some point he was a vegan, probably at the same time he wrote "Fucking Murder!" and "Fur". We were never any hardcore activists for animal rights but it was one of many issues that we attacked in lyrics. Eventhough we had simular political ideas in our lyrics, Nasum was very much a group of individuals with different opinions and I can't really speak about the others opinions, but I assure you that no one - vegetarian or not - was against animal rights! / Anders
Question from Trisse (IP: posted June 7, 2005 09:04:21:
Ursäkta att jag tar upp din tid, men jag har bara en snabb fråga.

Kommer man se någon av er spankulera runt på någon festival i sommar?

Jag beklagar sorgen, Lycka till i framtiden
Jag kommer att "spankulera" på Sweden Rock, Hultsfred och Augustibuller åtminstone. De andra vet jag inte. Försöker locka Urban till Augustibuller - både Napalm Death och The Kristet Utseende spelar ju! / Anders
Question from Erik Rosenberg (IP: posted June 6, 2005 21:33:33:
Hej Anders,
Snygg sida. Ett värdigt minne av Mieszko. Kände honom allt för dåligt, men det tiotal gånger vi träffats har jag bara goda minnen av.

Borde inte The Products finnas med på related bands?
Nej, skulle vi lista alla band vi någonsin har varit med i så skulle vi hålla på hur länge som helst. Det är de som har mest släktskap med Nasum, främst musikaliskt, som får vara med på sidan. / Anders
Question from Christian (IP: posted June 6, 2005 16:42:01:
Is your diet also vegan or vegetarian?
It's currently vegetarian, but I'm considering giving up the vegetarian life style soon due to different reasons. / Anders
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