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Question from slajsarn (IP: posted September 18, 2006 20:58:08:
så det går inte att beställa skivorna från dig?
Jo. / Anders
Question from Slajsarn (IP: posted September 18, 2006 20:03:57:
Har du alla nasum skivorna på lager om man vill beställa?
Knappt. Det är rätt tunt i hyllorna... / Anders
Question from Harold Rivera (IP: posted September 18, 2006 08:35:03:
Hi Anders.
I Listened Nasum In a cd of releapse and I just said: Grind Core is what I want to do, I did not know Nasum was finished but I understand this kind of love and friendship stuff.
I have an individual grind Core project called PROYECTO PANICA and I just have recorded my first demo-cd in my own house but ditribution is very hard.
from colombia a friend
Well, good luck with your project! / Anders
Question from eq (IP: posted September 17, 2006 03:23:28:
I read most of the post here and now - finaly - i wanna say: Anders! With all respect - people LOVE Nasum, no Mieszko! "Another day, another death"!!! For me this is fucking sad because many stupid fucks live in peace, and really good people die. But this is fucking reality! Then...Why NASUM end here, now ? We - Nasum fans - wanna hear one more time you fucking scream! We wanna hear some real gind! You & crew are the masters of hard, noisy - please - don't kill NASUM...or the world has no chance...
I know...this is not a question...
You don't miss Nasum ?
Goddamnit, Nasum quit due to the obvious reasons, please respect it. Life goes on. / Anders
Question from xdicaniofanx (IP: posted September 11, 2006 23:37:18:
hi anders.what kind of gear did nasum use to record human 2.0 bass parts?
Bass gear...? I have no fucking clue. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted September 11, 2006 22:00:38:
Vad är det jag ser!?
Under "Out now" på Unrest records hemsida finns "Grind Finale"!
Är den på gång nu alltså!?
En månad till release uppskattar jag. / Anders
Question from eq (IP: posted September 9, 2006 08:59:20:
Thanks Anders for this lyrics - fuck! really deep :(
I see the point - polish fans never see the "live Anders action" so maybe this is the chance and D&D ale wery hard&noisy shit...and if we (polish fans) please ? You must see us in "action" - belive me, you be very happy...our reaction for song like D&D ale very "lifeles" so... I count on you!
And tell me why World in turmoil are soo sad? Some life problem or something? Silent Sanguinary Soil are soo..."unhappy"...
And - what do you think abount Bathory ?


Again sorry for poor english :)
I think the title "World in turmoil" says it all. Never liked or listened to Bathory. / Anders
Question from eq (IP: posted September 8, 2006 14:49:29:
You are cruel Anders! But I understand you decision (or maybe it's a "copyright" problem?). Ah what i wanna say? You scream on World in Turmoil? And who scream on En Valrd Utan Hopp? And can you translate text of this heavy shit for me (us)?
No, it's just that I don't see the point in doing Nasum songs with any other band than Nasum.
I only do deep vocals on "World in turmoil", all the other vocals are Mieszko's.
Lucky you, I had a translation of that song:

Our lives have no meaning, our seed gives no crop
I have thought so many times that we might as well just die

Show me a human, show me one happy soul
Show me a truth that isn’t blackened

Our children have no future, our seed gives no bread
I have thought so many times that we might as well just die

Tell me how many people suffers on this earth
How can you feel hope when the only thing that awaits is death?
Pretty depressing shit! / Anders
Question from eq (IP: posted September 7, 2006 14:13:49:
If you really come to us (poland) with Coldworker...can you play some NASUM shit? Like DISTORTION & DISINFORMATION...
And again
Absolutely not. / Anders
Question from Lasse (IP: posted September 5, 2006 17:07:17:
Hallå, Jag har för mig att jag hört att Napalm Death spelade in The Masked Face nån gång (för Nasum/ND splitten). Vet inte om det var här men du borde väl veta, ni spelade ju in Unchallenged Hate (som dessutom var EXCELLENT!). Isåfall har du hört den? Vet du när dom spelade in den?

Tack så mycket
PS: Tragiskt att Jesse Pintado skulle kila vidare...
Nej, de spelade aldrig in den. Det var däremot den låt de (= Shane) tänkte att de skulle spela in i utbyte mot vår "Unchallanged hate". Hade varit enormt stort om de hade gjort det, men tyvärr. / Anders
Question from Martin (IP: posted September 4, 2006 05:32:32:
Jag vill minnas att ni för ett bra tag sen hade en länk-sektion på
Förutom standardgrejerna hade någon även en sektion för spellänkar. Vem var spelnörden? Lirade ni tvspel mot varandra mellan repningarna, vem var bäst?
Det var Mieszko som var spelnörden. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted September 2, 2006 16:30:03:
Vad är anledningen till att det kanske inte blir någon bildvinyl på "Shift"?
Att det inte blev någon samtidigt med de andra berodde på att det var så många vanliga vinyler kvar då, så det blev en intressekonflikt. Om det ska bli någon bildvinyl så är det något som Burning Heart, No Tolerance och GMR får ta ställning till i första hand. Känns lite som om tåget har gått, men man vet aldrig. / Anders
Question from Kurt (IP: posted September 1, 2006 22:25:46:
så det är någonting på g om att spela på satin?
Nej, men i och med att det inte direkt kryllar av spelställen i Örebro kan man dra slutsatsen att när det blir dags för en spelning så lär det bli där. / Anders
Question from Kurt (IP: posted September 1, 2006 11:24:02:
1. Bästa Napalm Death skivan?

2. Vad skulle du tycka om att spela på satin med coldworker?
1. Omöjligt att svara på, men nya "Smear Campaign" är riktigt, riktigt bra.
2. Är inte det oundvikligt? / Anders
Question from lord gore (IP: posted August 16, 2006 12:22:13:
at first
NASUM is my fucking life.and a part of you lives in me forever.nobody can copy NASUM,it´s the spirit of grind,metal,punk and the influce of melodic core,rock´n roll...lyrics about war,hate or human gave us more then music...

when comes the grind finale lp in stores?
do you want to play in another grind core band again?
where can I get rare nasum stuff?
1. Soon!
2. I already do.
3. eBay? / Anders
Question from Fritjof (IP: posted August 14, 2006 15:20:01:
tjena anders, undrar bara en grej angående storlekarna på hoodsen... finns ju ingen measurement för hooden storlek small, men är den mycket större än xs? eller går det jämföra med t-shirten storlek small? ha det gött. //Fritjof
Någon centimeter extra här och där. / Anders
Question from khozeen (IP: posted August 14, 2006 01:54:36:
like eq wrote:polish fans is the best ;) i hope you play some coldworker concerts in poland i will very enjoy this shit in poland so bring your asses into poland hehe :) ...::.:zapraszamy:.::...

p.s sorry for post about stricto coldworker in NASUM site :)

nasum for all who knows what world going to...
Let's hope for a visit to Poland in the future! / Anders
Question from UNKNOWN (IP: posted August 9, 2006 20:39:40:
Jag har länge tämkt göra en "Till minne av Mieszko/Nasum" flash film, och min fråga då är om det är okej att använda foton från eran hemsida och någon låt från något era album, så som typ låten HETS, från shiftplattan, som jag tycker skulle passa in skitbra.Eller måste man be om tillstånd osv?
Ärligt talat så ser jag inte poängen med en sådan film över huvud taget. Men om du ändå tänker göra den kan du väl ändå välja en låt som Mieszko gjort. "Hets" har han inte gjort. / Anders
Question from Lee (IP: posted August 4, 2006 11:25:43:
Hi Anders
what do you think of the band's Exhale and Splitter?
I think their both great especially Splitter, them and a hell of alot of other grindcore band's really show the impact which Nasum had on Grindcore, you guy's have had the biggest impact on Grind since when it started with Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death and Brutal Truth and that is some mighty boots to fill which you guy's done perfectly.
Listen out for the Extreme Noise Terror split with Driller killer on Osmose Productions The Extreme Noise Terror side is the most brutal to date by the band and it's classic Extreme Noise Terror Mixed with Extreme Grind.
Exhale and Splitter are cool bands. They keep the Swedish grind going! / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted August 2, 2006 23:51:50:
Necrony-prylar är eftertraktat:)
T-shirten är sådana som ni tryckte upp va? Att den är "official release" alltså...
Hoppas på en bra spelning på fredag! Vilken dag det kommer bli, Krigshot, Gadget, Skitsystem och till sist Mob 47!!
Tröjan är officiell, men det var Poserslaughter som tryckte upp den. Vi gjorde endast en vit tröja med "Mucu-Purulent..."-omslaget. / Anders
Question from Markus of Nyctophobic (IP: posted August 2, 2006 12:44:45:
Hi Anders, it's me again. I don't think this was answered here already... is the pic. disc version of "Shift" coming any time soon? I picked the other three albums up oin pic. vinyl, so it'd be nice to have Shift on pic. vinyl too.
I honestly don't think there will be a picture disc of "Shift", but I hope so, but at the moment it feels very unlikely. / Anders
Question from Emil (IP: posted August 1, 2006 17:05:33:
Takk for siste svar.

Men dette er uansett ikke tilfellet med hamp. Industrihamp har såvidt THC (og det er da mindre enn 0.3%, kontra 10-14% i marijuana). Det er også ulike voksmønster. Hamp-planten vil vokse fort, ta mer næring fra de mer sårbare marijuana-plantene, og mest sannsynelig ødelegge planten ved å skjerme den for sol (eller eventuelt pollinere den). Mange europeiske land har hatt stor suksess med hampdyrking, uten at det har blitt narkotikakarteller av den grunn.

I mitt syn er det bedre at folk har majja som drog fremfor f.eks amfetaminer og heroin. Vi må merke oss at det er substanser som alkohol og tobakk som gjør mest skade på samholdet. Vi må også spørre oss om det er folks rett å ødelegge seg selv. I hvilket som helst av tilfellene, virker det fornuftig å legalisere cannabis sativa både som drog (særlig til medisinsk bruk hos kreftpasienter, MS-lidende og heroinmisbrukere som trapper ned) og industriplante. Skadene på kroppen er minimale kontra andre rusmidler. Avhengighetsgraden er kun der i den forstand at man kan bli psykisk avhengig, men dette foregår som regel kun i samvær med andre droger.

Samt, hampfrøet er rikt på næringstoffer og kan med stor suksess brukes i f.eks brødverk. Frøet inneholder alle de 8 aminosyrene kroppen ikke produserer selv. Mange bruksområder, med andre ord.
OK! / Anders
Question from eq (IP: posted August 1, 2006 14:54:23:
hey Anders. Sorry for stup questions but why you never in Poland? Polish fane are probably the best in the world :)
We never got to play in Poland when the band existed. Too bad, I've heard many good things about the Polish fans. / Anders
Question from Em (IP: posted August 1, 2006 09:00:49:
Noensinne hørt Towering Flesh from Pig Destroyer's Terrifyer-album? Forøvrig, hva synes du om cannabis (hasch) i medisinsk bruk, og hamp-planten i jordbruk? Hamp kan bl.a brukes til å lage utrolig sterkere klær, og fiberplast (som kan brukes til å bygge bl.a biologisk nedbrytbare biler -- Henry Ford eksperimenterte med ideèn, men siden U.S.A er en kooperativ fasciststat fikk han eventuelt ikke lov). Det er med andre ord ett sterkt alternativ til dagens skadelige og høyst ineffektive bomullsindustri, for å ikke snakke om papirindustrien.
Det är sant att hampa är en resurs som skulle kunna användas i olika industrier, men jag undrar om det skulle funka i realiteten eller om den fria odlingen bara skulle leda till mer drogtillverkning?
Har inte lyssnat på Pig Destroyers "Terrifyer"-platta. / Anders
Question from Markus of Nyctophobic (IP: posted July 30, 2006 00:09:14:
Hey Anders, when I was listening to Grind Finale the other day I noticed that the sound of especially the "Human 2.0" session tracks sound a lot different to the album songs. Weren't these songs mastered? I remember you wrote that Human 2.0 was partly destroyed during the mastering and these songs actually show. I know the entire Grind Finale release was remastered by you but the other songs don't sound that different to the original versions.
Well, the "Human 2.0" recording was quite fucked up even before the mastering so it's really no wonder the unused songs from that session sounds crappy too.
My mastering work on "Grind Finale" was more a matter of adjusting the output volume from one session to another and also adjusting the EQ slightly so the overall sound became more even and not a direct transfer from the original sources. A more "professional" masterer would have worked more with the stuff but I didn't feel that it was necessary to put a lot of money into such demanding work. / Anders
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