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Question from Richard (IP: posted March 4, 2007 03:08:49:
Vad gillar du bandlistorna till de svenska festivalerna så här långt? Vad ser du mest framemot i sommar, förutom turnén med Coldworker då?
Hultsfred ser ju fint ut, men det blir ingen resa dit i år. I övrigt har jag inte kollat några bandlistor. / Anders
Question from patatromb (IP: posted March 2, 2007 09:55:03:
Hi Anders!
Reading your answer about the fastest band you know, i noticed the point where you say you only listen to bands with human player. I substantially agree with you if we think about the overall sound of a real drum compared to that of a drum machine. Still, i think that a couple of "drum machine bands" are worth listening to: for instance, i really like some agoraphobic nosebleed records, and also in ministry we can find many drum machine parts...oh, well, anyway, he point is, if a band has no real drummer, do you preclude to yourself listening to it?
bye bye from italy!
Yes, I realised that my answer was a little bit one-dimentional. What I meant was that when it comes to BLASTING bands the efforts of the human drummer is what does it for me. Anyone can program a beat and increase the BPM to the max, but what fun is that? When it comes to grind the thing that defines grind is the tempo of the drummer, so it you add a machine into the equation you have missed the point.

You are totally right - there are lots of very good bands with drum machines, like Ministry, Godflesh and a few others where the drum machine in a way is a defining part of the sound. In grindcore it isn't.

Sorry for being a little bit "short" in my previous answer. / Anders
Question from Andreas (IP: posted March 1, 2007 20:11:35:
Hello Anders

Is that chorus in "Worldcraft" somehow influenced by LARDs "Faith, Hope and Treachery"? To me it sounds similar with those background noises.
I wouldn't say that. I doubt that Mieszko even knew about Lard in the first place. / Anderes
Question from Mark (IP: posted February 28, 2007 05:32:09:
What is a really good guitar to look for for grind/death speed playing? I'm fairly new to the genre, but I'm interested.
Obvious answer: ask a guitar player. The standard answer: it's not only the guitar that makes the sound - strings, pedals, effects, amps, technique etc have their part in the picture, but look for a guitar with EMG mikes would be my answer. / Anders
Question from jacob allen nasum fan dude (IP: posted February 27, 2007 17:36:14:
Hey Anders!!
What is the fastest band that you have ever heard? Probably the berzerker or something?
I only listen to bands that have a human being playing the drums. And my general idea about fast music is that a band is only as fast as the band as whole is. There are bands where the drummer explodes in short fast bursts while the others still play at normal speed. Sorry, but that isn't fast music.
So according to all this, I believe that the fastest band I listen to is Hate Eternal. A consistant fast speed through out the songs and the album. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted February 23, 2007 02:14:48:
Hey again.

I'm making a poster of my favorite bands, using the cover's of their albums and such, and when I got to Nasum, I couldn't quite make out what the picture was from the "Domedagen" demo... it almost looks like a fireman being trained, but I highly doubt that.

Do you happen to know what the image for this was?
Mieszko designed that cover but I believe it is a soldier kicking a corpse or something. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted February 18, 2007 18:32:21:
Greetings from a rather stormy Canada.

In the beginning of "Just Another Hog", is that a movie clip of someone talking or was it one of you guys speaking during the recording of Helvete?
No, it's from a movie. I think I've answered this question before some time... / Anders
Question from Marcus (IP: posted February 18, 2007 10:50:44:
Marcus Nasum Fan from Germany It would be a pity really if to her to you dissolves I at your place the tape would further lead in the name of Mieszko he was a good man why all that surrender so his name further lives he would wish this also determines if you also continued in his name. Greeting Marcus P.S. Nasum is a really cool volume
Ok...? But Nasum is dead and gone forever. Please accept it. / Anders
Question from Träsoppa (IP: posted February 10, 2007 00:34:30:
Anders, vilka är dina favoritband? Både inom den extremare musiken och den lite lugnare..
Jag orkar inte svara! / Anders
Question from Ben Terror (IP: posted February 9, 2007 13:06:07:
I watched the Obscene Extreme DVD 2005 and saw the interview with sayyadina (great band). They said that the grind scene in sweden is actually very small with lots of bands sharing members and not that many people actually come to shows. Jon L. said something like they like to play in Germany for bigger crowds. I really love the swedish grind/crust scene and wonder if you see things this way.
Dream bill
From the Ashes
General Surgery
Jigsore Terror
Your is a great CD - good interesting death/grind with melody and thoughtful lyrics
disregard what Terrorizor mag says
Yes, there are some truth to what Jon says. For exampel Birdflesh, Sayyadina, General Surgery and Jigsore Terror have the same drummer (at least live for most times). As for shows it really depends on the bill of the night. A sort of mixed bill generally draws a bigger audience. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted February 6, 2007 14:32:15:

I didn't know that this anal cunt said this. If this is true I am deeply shocked. I know there are stupid people on earth but I cant't imagine those stupid people saying something like this.
Such a guy should be treated by justice, I mean the socalled governement.
I am not that family with law and all that but isn't that a crime already?
I am so sorry to hear something like this...
If it had been a crime then AxCx would have been in jail a long time ago as they've always have had provocative songtitles. I think the freedom of speech allows them (and everyother band) to name their songs to whatever.

I don't know if anything happened with that "song" or not. I don't even care, but if it's released I guess the reactions from people will come quite natural. Not that Seth would care. / Anders
Question from NASUMFANSUNITE (IP: posted February 5, 2007 20:54:56:
hey Anders!!
I was just wanting to tell you I was recently reading some earliar posts and I couldnt help but see something saying "I'm glad that faggot from nasum is dead"from a band called anal cunt (what a joke).I just wanted to tell you that ,that kind of stuff dissapoits me when people say they are glad someone else has passed away,also they are an american band and that shows a negative reflection on America,I wanted to tell you please dont be pissed at Americans just because some dumbass clueless band has to be gay. Were not all like that (thank god).I know this isnt a question but rather a statement and opinion,I just had to tell you this so you didnt think we were a bunch of low lives.Keep in mind we all love you man.
No worries. / Anders
Question from Matte (IP: posted February 5, 2007 14:50:57:
men den vita?
är det nått speciellt med den?
för att jag har bara sett picture dics på helvete vinylen.
Nä, det är den vanliga vinylutgåvan som kom ungefär samtidigt som CD:n (kanske någon månad senare). Den finns i grå, vit och genomskinlig vinyl. / Anders
Question from Matte (IP: posted February 5, 2007 13:03:59:
jag läste på nätet om att helvete LPn utan pic disc är rare?
har jag fel eller inte?
disken är tvär vit iaf...
Den "Helvete"-vinyl som är mest rare är den genomskinliga. / Anders
Question from c-tip (IP: posted February 2, 2007 15:12:26:
hey anders!
do you know where i can get the frank lee-lyrics of "the world just stopped"?
the coldworker-album is great! i got it a few days ago and it's really amazing!
You'll find the lyrics on the Franky Lee album! / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted February 1, 2007 03:16:06:
Hey, Anders.

I usually check the Nasum site weekly to see if updates and such are happening, and something that has caught my eye each time is the;

" Yet unanswered questions: 1. "

I've seen that there for awhile, and was thinking what the question was? I'm thinking it could be a personal question, if so, I'm sorry for asking this question.
Yeah, it's rather a message than a question so I'm saving it for future use. / Anders
Question from Daniel (IP: posted January 31, 2007 17:39:12:
Tjena Anders! Fick nyligen hem ett ex av "Blind world" spliten i brevlådan, så nu undrar jag om alla ex var gjorda i blå vinyl. Stämmer det?
Ja. / Anders
Question from Antti (IP: posted January 30, 2007 23:12:39:
Hi Anders!

Let me ask you a question; what equipment did Nasum use to get that guitar sound on Shift? And how many guitar tracks are there (on the average) per song? :)
This question was recently answered in Swedish, but here's a translation then:

Neither Urban nor I remembers the exact details from the recording as it wasn't documented in any way, but it's very likely that the recording was quite similar to "Helvete" when it comes to the guitars, i.e. Mieszko miked the guitars with a couple of mikes (I have a slight memory of only two for "Shift") and all guitars were dubbed (four tracks of guitars in total). / Anders
Question from Radioslakt (IP: posted January 25, 2007 15:12:36:
Tjena Anders.
Jag har en fråga angående blastbeats.
Jag har spelat trummor ett ganska bra tag nu, men jag är helt självlärd och min teknik är nog inte den mest genomtänkta, men ja har problem när ja ska grinda. min vänster hand (jag spelar med höger hand hi-hat) hänger inte riktigt med och den liksom låser sig på något sätt. samarbetar inte. som om motoriken inte stämmer, men de konstiga är att ja kan virla snabbt till förbannelse, men så fort jag ska grinda så uppstår detta problem. Vet du nåt knep, eller måste ja helt enkel öva mer?

Hej du! Jag kan inte utläsa av din fråga om problemet enbart uppkommer när du grindar med högern på hihaten eller om det är hela tiden. Generellt sett tycker jag att det är lite knepigt att grinda på hihaten för det blir ju korsade armar och lite trängre med plats för vänstern. Om man grindar på riden så blir det en mer naturlig rörelse och i och med det enklare. Så funkar det om du grindar på riden?

I och med att du skriver att du klarar av att köra en virvel utan problem kanske du ska analysera hur din vänster funkar när du virvlar och jämföra det med grindandet. Flyttar sig armen på något sätt, slår du någon annanstans på trumman etc. Om du försöker hålla vänstern på samma sätt så ska det realistiskt sett inte vara några problem. Ett sätt att öva kan kanske vara att virvla som vanligt först och sen fortsätta och virvla med högern på hihaten.

Lycka till med problemet och ditt fortsatta grindande. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted January 24, 2007 08:04:30:
Salutes from Canada.

Before my question, I must say that out of all the band sites I've been on, you are the most dedicated to the site, answering questions daily and just all together showing a lot of dedication to the fans, it's awesome =).

But yes.. Out of the hundreds of Nasum songs I've listened to, the one that confused me the most, was "Soendermald", from "Industrislaven"... I know the song is the same as "Ingenting Att Ha!", but the vocals are... psychotic regurgitating sounds.

I was wondering if you could tell me the story or the answer behind the song?
Yet again the fucked up tracklist on the "Industrislaven" MCD haunts me. When the CD was printed two tracks were merged into one, making half of the tracklist incorrect. The songs "Mer rens" and "Ditt öde" is track #8 on the CD when it should have been #8 AND #9. So the rest of the list is one wrong.

"Söndermald" is actually that slow instrumental track and the song you are asking about is called "Revolution II" (as it's a reprise of "Revolution"), and it was supposed to be a hidden bonus track, but it got it's own track #, thus making the tracklist "correct", when it comes to the number of titles and the number or tracks.

I can't quite remember why we did "Revolution II" in the first place. I think it had to do with the original having an improvised vocal part in the middle and we decided to do an all improvised take with a pitch shifter. Something like that. / Anders
Question from pete (IP: posted January 24, 2007 00:19:29:
will you do more nasum merch?
I. Don't. Know. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted January 19, 2007 12:14:05:
Thanks for the great Coldworker Stuff!

This is a bootleg right?

Yes. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted January 17, 2007 22:29:34:
Hey there, Anders.

Have you ever thought about recording a drum video?
I've seen some awesome demo's of other drummers, and I think you could do the same.

Maybe a tutorial on how to do grindcore, or just some wicked beats of yours?

No, I will not do a drum video. It would in all honesty be the worst drum video ever. I've got nothing against those who do those videos. / Anders
Question from bre dyrene (IP: posted January 16, 2007 22:08:02:
a lot of greetings from italy!!
i think i'm one of your youngest fans. i'm fourteen and i want to play guitar like you. is there any tip about playing grindcore guitar?
thank a lot
Playing grind isn't much different from playing punk or metal or any other aggressive type of music. I think you should work on getting the basic guitar playing techniques into your system and then work on speed, muting techniques and so on. Good luck! / Anders
Question from inspector gadget (IP: posted January 14, 2007 01:13:07:
i really like scandinavien languages and swedish is not that far from german like suomi, which i guess is one of the most difficult languages out there.:)
do you speak or understand any german? i heard that the swedish or norway children are learning something at school!
No, I never learnt German in school, but I guess I understand a few words. Swedish, Norweigan and Danish comes from the same language root as German, while Finish comes from a completely different root. / Anders
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