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Question from SG (IP: posted April 11, 2007 20:29:17:
You're damn right, sorry!

I've downloaded the live show recorded in Belgium with Shane Embury, and I've noticed Mieszko introduces Mitch Dickinson as a drummer on the Terrorizer cover. What did you play? Did you have two drummers?
Hm... he says "Mr Anders Jakobson on the drums", maybe the "Mr" part makes it sound like "Mitch". Mitch didn't join us on stage until after the Terrorizer song though. / Anders
Question from SG (IP: posted April 11, 2007 10:36:20:
Have you heard some grindcore bands from Serbia like Acroholia or Cobi's Death? What do you think about Brazilian grinders Ophiolatry (
Never heard any of the bands you mention. You know, I don't only listen to grindcore just because I've played in a grindcoreband. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted April 8, 2007 20:33:28:
Hello there, Anders.

I listened to Grind Finale a hell of a lot over the spring break, and the one song that really got to me was, "God-Slave America", and I read it was supposed to be on Human 2.0 but it wasnt..

The intro has to be one of the best riffs you ever came up with, why wasn't it placed along with the other tracks from Human 2.0?
Yes, the intro was great, but the rest of the song wasn't, which is why it wasn't picked to end up on the CD. As the song was permenently discarded (at that point), I believe I tried to use the intro during the song writing of "Helvete" but never managed to work it into a song. Or perhaps I forgot about it? / Anders
Question from JacobAllenNasumfandude (IP: posted April 5, 2007 03:40:14:
Hey Anders
Have you heard of the Czech Republic grindcore band called "Pigsty"? When you hear them tell me what you think, because I think they are one of the most intense and wild bands that ive heard in a while. They have that crushing effect like Nasum did. But you guys were a hell of a lot better.See ya later Anders and keep on grinding buddy!!
Never heard about them, but they sound cool. / Anders
Question from Arthemesic/Atrium (IP: posted April 2, 2007 15:32:50:
Is there a possibility to have ANY kind of correct tabs from Shift? To me, it really is the best album from Nasum. And I love the post-melancholic riffs from songs like The Deepest Hole and Closer To The End.

If the tabs are a no, then just let me know what tuning the guitars were on Shift.

[Respect, forever, R.I.P Mieszko Talarczyk]
As far as I know there are no tabs whatsoever from "Shift" available somewhere and don't know that riffs anymore so I can't write them down.

The tuning was "drop-A". / Anders
Question from SG (IP: posted April 1, 2007 12:21:21:
Cheers, Anders! A 15-year old grind/death fan wants to know, is Ex-Nasum going to continue his life after those excellent demos?

P.S. Do an interview with Danny Herrera.
Keep yer grinding!
Ex-Nasum might do something again in the future but there are no plans for it at this point. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't. / Anders
Question from HL (IP: posted April 1, 2007 00:23:45:
hi anders,
i read somewhere that anal cunt made a song making fun of mieszko. do you know what that song that was? also was there some bad blood between nasum and anal cunt that caused seth to write that song or was he just being random jackass like usual?

(ps coldworker and pig destroyer should do a split)
Bla bla... this is old news that I've commented on a few times already. Look at the previous answers.

(ps We actually will...) / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted March 28, 2007 23:53:27:
this was my suggestion!:)
I would love it, too!
But Anders should put priority into writing good music!

Anders, do you like the band The Black Dahlia Murder?
Besides Nasum they are my favourite musicians!
Even if they have some melodies inside their style, i think they are almost not to beat in brutality!

best regards,
I've heard the "Miasma" album and it was pretty good. / Anders
Question from Jeremy (IP: posted March 28, 2007 00:37:58:
hey anders,
what about a last run of merch?
somebody made the suggestion of printing something on unhooded sweatshirts, i think they are called crewnecksweatshirts. that would be brilliant and i would love it!
Might happen, might not happen. It's not of any priority for me right now to handle old merchandise. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted March 27, 2007 16:01:52:
Well, thank you for taking the time to translate that.

Oh, I just ordered Grind Finale from Relapse, and finally got it a few days ago. It's fucking amazing, and I wanted to know if you were the one who created the cool looking logo on the actual CD (the barbed wire surronding the bullets)?
It was Orion at Relapse who did that. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted March 25, 2007 21:50:57:
Good morning, Anders.

I was wondering if you could translate that big message into English, because it seems like an important one if you posted the question.

If you can, thank you with all respects.
The question was about song writing, in an abriged version something like this:

Q: How did you write songs for Nasum? As I've understood it you didn't collaborate but wrote your own songs. Or did some songs emerge from jams? How is the average way you write a song? Any other tips for song writing and creativity?

And my unabriged reply:

A: Mieszko used to leave some room for jaming when it came to the arrangements of the songs, and sometimes a song was born in the spur of the moment. Generally speaking I am not a fan of creating in the rehearsal room - you can be creative there, but to stand and try to come up with things from scratch is a waste of time.

For the Coldworker album everyone contributed with riffs and then we pieced it together, but now we have begun writing more on our own which is a result of us finding our collective style. So my song writing is pretty much in the same way as in Nasum, with the obvious differences (and I'm not really meaning musically).

Most of my riffs emerge when I pick up the guitar as I watch tv or something. You play a little and all of a sudden something resembling a riff is there, and then you polish it until the form settles. In connection with this usually another riff appears as a follow up and then you start to feel what it is - a verse, a chorus, an intro?

After a while you have a few combinations of riffs that might be pieced together to a song, or it becomes multiple songs, or you realise that you can combine two riffs and make something more exciting out of it.

And so it goes. The last year I've picked up the habit of writing down every riff I make not to lose them. The song writing in Coldworker consists of all of us sending recorded riffs and tabs to eachother so everyone can try it at home to make us more effecient on location. It's become a cornerstone in our way of working.

I think about music a lot and now and again ideas are born in my head that I then have to try and "pick out" on the guitar. The Coldworker song "Return to Ashes" is an example of that. Among the new songs we're writing right now there is a part that I first wrote on the drums. I sat drumming through the song as long as it was written and then continued with a slightly strange 2/4 backbeat with some accents and stuff and then went to the guitar to figure out how the riff should be played. It ended up a very good and odd riff, but I think that that method of writing only works when you have a drumpart that is out of the ordinary.

My best tip is to document yourselves as much as possible. You have to have the opportunity to listen to your songs objectively without playing at the same time. I.e. a rehearsal or a simple demo is a must for my song writing right now. A song is rarely finished once you've played it through and feels that it's alright. It's a first draft and there are always things to improve.

Good luck with the song writing - to be creative is the best thing I know! / Anders
Question from eq (IP: posted March 24, 2007 09:23:59:
yo Anders!
do you hear great polish grindcore bands - Rze¼nia and Trocki? If not - try those sites:
for Rze¼nia -

And Trocki -

And what you think about those bands?
Hm, they were OK, but not really something I'd listen to everyday. / Anders
Question from Anders (IP: posted March 23, 2007 01:31:11:
Tjenare Anders, vill först önska lycka till med Coldworker! Ni manglar den bästa döds jag hört på länge.

Jo, det är så att jag funderade på en sak angående låtskrivandet. Hur brukade det gå till när ni skrev låtar i Nasum? Som jag förstått så samarbetade ni inte med musiken till enskilda låtar, utan du skrev dina och Mieszko sina. Eller uppstod även låtar när ni jammade tillsammans på repningar osv?

Om vi tar det genomsnittliga tillvägagångssättet för dig att skriva en hel låt, hur brukade det gå till? Hade du en massa olika riff på lager som du pusslade ihop till en låt i efterhand under en längre tid, eller hade du en klar bild i huvet av låten från första början? Kom du på dom flesta idéerna i huvudet, eller när du jammade med guran?

Om du har några övriga tips och trix för låtskrivande och kreativitet så skulle det uppskattas!

Tack för att du tar dig tiden att svara!
MVH /Anders
Mieszko brukade lämna lite uttrymme för jammande när det gällde arrangemangen på sina låtar, och någon enstaka gång föddes väl en låt i stunden så att säga. Generellt sett är jag inget fan av att försöka skapa i replokalen - man kan vara kreativ i repan, men att stå och hitta på grejer från scratch är lite slöseri med tid.

Till Coldworker-plattan var det mycket så att alla bidrog med riff och så pusslade vi ihop det, men nu har vi börjat skriva mer individuellt vilket hör samman med att vi fått hum om vår gemensamma stil. Så mitt låtskriveri går till på ungefär samma vis nu som till Nasum med vissa skillnader så klart (och då menar jag inte direkt musikaliskt).

De flesta av mina riff kommer fram när jag plockar upp gitarren samtidigt som jag ser på tv eller något. Man spelar lite och plötsligt dyker det upp något som liknar ett riff och så putsar man lite på det tills formen sätter sig. I samband med detta brukar det alltid bli så att något mer riff dyker upp som fortsättning och så börjar man känna efter vad det är för något, vers, refräng, intro?

Efter ett tag har man ett par olika kombinationer av riff som kanske går att pussla ihop till en låt, eller så blir det flera låtar, eller så märker man att man kan kombinera ihop två olika riff för att få till något som känns lite mer spännande.

Och så där håller det på. Det senaste året har jag tagit för vana att skriva ned alla riff jag gör för att inte tappa bort dem. Låtskriveriet i Coldworker går till så att vi skickar inspelade riff och tabbar till varandra INFÖR ett rep så att alla kan prova på det hemma först och vara mer effektiva på plats. Det har blivit en hörnpelare i vårt arbetssätt.

Jag tänker mycket på musik och då och då föds idéer i huvudet som man sen får försöka "ta ut" på gitarren. Coldworker-låten "Return to Ashes" är ett exempel på det. Bland de nya låtarna vi skriver på just nu finns det ett parti som jag skrev på trummor först. Jag satt och trummade igenom låten så långt som den var skriven och fortsatte sen med ett lite halvudda 2-taktskomp i baktakt med lite accentueringar och jox och gick sen till gitarren för att lista ut hur riffet skulle gå. Det blev ett väldigt bra och udda riff, men jag tror att det skrivsättet enbart funkar om man har ett utstickande trumparti.

Mitt bästa tips är dock att dokumentera sig så mycket det går. Man måste ha möjlighet att lyssna på sina låtar objektivt utan att spela samtidigt. Alltså - en rehearsal eller enkel demo är ett måste för mitt låtskriveri just nu. En låt är sällan färdig när man repat igenom den och tycker att den känns bra. Det är första utkastet och det finns alltid saker att fila till.

Lycka till med låtskriveriet - att skapa och vara kreativ är det bästa jag vet! / Anders
Question from Anthony.R. (IP: posted March 22, 2007 18:43:16:
Nasum's show with Blockheads was filmed in Nancy (France), Austrasique on the November 2 2004.
Have you got the video, or do you know who filmed it ?
Never seen it. It was a good show, very crowded and very sweaty. / Anders
Question from Jon (IP: posted March 20, 2007 00:15:42:
Hey, i was planning on getting a Krigshot shirt, but i noticed that there were only a few left and the last update was 2 months ago. They still in stock for the Larges?
Yeah, the numbers are up to date. / Anders
Question from adam (IP: posted March 14, 2007 17:33:53:
Tjena! När kommer bilderna på nya setet som du snackade om i bloggen?
Jag är väldigt nyfiken måste jag säga!
Ja, jag har glömt bort att ta med kameran till replokalen varenda gång jag tänkt på det (senast idag - onsdag), men jag ska dit i morgon så då får den följa med. Så då kommer bilderna snart! / Anders
Question from Jacob allen the nasum fan dude (IP: posted March 9, 2007 05:48:59:
Hey Anders.
I was recently reading through the track by track breakdowns and on the song "sometimes dead is better" you said you didnt like your vocals in that song.Why didnt you like your vocals, I thought they kicked ass!

keep on grinding man!
I think they came out forced and "throaty" and not really how I wanted my voice to sound. I believe there were multiple retakes to patch together something that sounded good. / Anders
Question from Stefan (IP: posted March 7, 2007 17:18:02:
Tjena Anders
var längesen jag kikade efter skivan nu, men kommer vinylen till grind finale ut för köp snart? har läst lite men inte fått nått defenitivt svar, ha de gott och lycka till med Krigshot.
Hm... ja du, den kom ut för ganska länge sedan nu och har redan sålts här på sidan. Här är en svensk distro som säljer den. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted March 7, 2007 11:41:33:
Just an update about the Carcass Shirt on Ebay:

I contacted The Managing Director of Earache Digby Pearson and he said the following: ,,This is an official t shirt..yes hard to believe I know..carcass approved this!! The first official shirt in 15 yrs."

Isn't it disgusting?
Well, how about that. I'm not buying it though. / Anders
Question from BT (IP: posted March 7, 2007 04:09:52:
Why did Nasum add a second guitar player?
What were your thoughts about guitar solo's, or harmony guitar parts in nasum songs (seems like there were many more parts in later nasum songs where guitars play different things)
Cheers for being available to answer questions
It was a lot of those types of parts already in the older material that we were unable to mirror live, so that was the basic thought behind adding a second guitarplayer. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted March 6, 2007 22:48:51:
Well, I did not know that. Thanks for the info!
I am the best example that this still could lead to worse interpretations than the religious messages shown on the shirt!
Sure, it's a pretty distasteful t-shirt never the less. / Anders
Question from H (IP: posted March 6, 2007 19:55:46:
Hey wuts up man.
I just wanted to know in your opinion your top 5 grind albums?
OK, this is the last "top 5/favorite" something-question that I'll answer for a while. Enough is enough, OK?

How about:
Napalm Death - "Mentally murdered"
Terrorizer - "World downfall"
DropDead - first LP
Repulsion - "Horrified"
Carcass - "Symphonies of sickness"? / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted March 6, 2007 18:04:46:
Hey anders,
Please look at what the fuck they are selling on ebay

I was shocked when I saw that somebody creats shirts of Carcass where swastikles are shown. I don't have any contact adresses from the former Carcass members but I think they would be shocked even more since this would put them in the wrongest light i can imagine. Do you know how to report such shit to ebay?
Well, it's not the Nazi swastika, but the old Hindu symbol (see this link), which makes sense since all the other symbols on the t-shirt are religious symbols, which really hasn't got anything to do with Carcass.

I guess you could send the link to Earache and they might report it or whatever. / Anders
Question from Dogma (IP: posted March 6, 2007 13:36:53:
Discharge till Augustibullret i år. Något du har planer på att se?

02.-04.07 Lindesberg – Augustibuller 2007 (Sweden)
Jo, Augustibuller brukar jag hamna på så det lär man väl se. Dessvärre måste jag säga att Discharge inte var så överdrivet spännande på Fury Fest 2004, men om de ställer sig på en scen bokstavligen 40 minuter hemifrån så är det klart att man spanar på dem. / Anders
Question from Johan (IP: posted March 4, 2007 14:37:25:
What is your favourite Napalm Death recording? And from Carcass?

Little remark on the drumcomputerbands-subject:
The Berzerker was mentioned.They use a drumcomputer but not on the second cd,titled "Dissimulate",it's with a human drummer.
That record is extremely fast and is certainly worth checking out.
"Mentally Murdered" and "Symphonies of Sickness".

Well, I haven't heard enough of The Berzerker to really speak about this subject, but from what I have heard I'd really like to hear the drumming without the triggers... / Anders
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