R.I.P. Vitek of Decapitated

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Posted: Sunday, 04 November 2007 04:03

If you follow the metal news you have learned that Vitek, the 23 year old drummer of Poland's Decapitated passed away due to severe head injuries from a trafic accident involving their tour bus on the roads in Russia.

As a fellow metal drummer I feel the need to express my deepest condolences to his fellow band members, family and fans all over the world. The Polish metal scene has lost another great drummer.

Personally I am not a huge fan of Decapitated. I've listened to their current album and enjoyed it, but there was no doubt that Vitek was a talented drummer who had a promising future ahead of him.

It's always sad when people die and even more so when they are so young. And that it happened during a tour is quite scary. Week after week, people that I know - and every now and then myself - is out on the roads, driving long distances during uncomfortable hours, and anything can happen. A couple of years ago, my friends in the local punkband The Accidents rolled of the ferry from Sweden to Germany in the early hours and crashed their tourbus on the Autobahn just a few minutes later (yes, their bandmonicker is ironic).

The Accidents were lucky. No injuries or fractures, just a few bruises, a totally smashed tourbus and a cancelled tour. Vitek and his fellow bandmate Covan (singer) weren't.

Let's all hope that Covan will recover and can comeback to the metal scene together with the rest of Decapitated in a new band or under the same name.

Again: my deepest condolences.
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Happy new year!

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Posted: Monday, 01 January 2007 21:45

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Weekend in the studio

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Posted: Monday, 04 December 2006 15:24

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Excuses, recommendations and pleads

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Posted: Thursday, 26 October 2006 17:33

It feels like I haven't been bloging much lately and that's actually true. So much has been going on with the Coldworker album and all that so bloging hasn't really been my top priority. But perhaps I can change that?

Anyway, thought I'd grace your days with some record recommendations of recent stuff that has passed through my ears...

THE HAUNTED - The dead eye

This record was torn to pieces when it leaked a couple of MONTHS ago (please stop this madness!) and I heard a few choice cuts and thought it sounded really weird to say the least. Now when I have the album I can't understand what was weird. I probably heard all the less thrashy songs early on.

In my opinion "The dead eye" isn't that much different from the last album. The production is more luxurious to pick an interesting word, which probably help the less thrashy parts to sound even weirder than they actually are.

It's a really good album and since I really, really love Dolvings non-Haunted stuff, I enjoy his diverse vocals on this album.

CONVERGE - No heroes

Yeah, I hyped this a couple of weeks ago and now I got it. Actually, that album overview didn't really do it for me. It's an abbreviation of the album that doesn't work in my opinion. The actual songs are much better.

So far I've only listened to it three, four times, but I feel that it's a strong album. Not as ultra dark as "You fail me", but heavy as hell. Awesome cover art by Mr Bannon as always...

ISIS - In the absence of truth

To tell you the truth (hoho...) my first impression of this new Isis album wasn't all that positive. It really sounds like pretty much everything else they've done the recent years. For me, early Isis is the shit. The crushingly heavy "The red sea" and the magnificient "Celestial" is their best releases in my mind.

But "In the absence of truth" is very good. Very Isis, and very good. And there's some double bass kicking on the album! How about that?


Really cool and great noise rock band on Neurot Recording. It's like a mix of PJ Harvey and Neurosis. Or something. It's weird and good and interesting.

WOLF - The black flame

Local heavy metal heroes. Always good, always 150% metal! This band need to break through now. I mean, they already have four great albums out... Check it out if you need a fix of 80's metal!

That'll do for now.

Finally, something for the Swedish readers - I recently launched a new website called DVDKritik.se and I need to spread the name and URL. Check it out, and post about it in all your forums and that shit.

Non-Swedish readers can check it out aswell (that'll kick up the hits) but you won't understand much... :cool:
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Possibly one of the albums of the year

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Posted: Wednesday, 04 October 2006 14:07


A new album from one of my favorite bands are coming up soon. Very soon. This might be the album of the year, as Converge's last one "You fail me" was totally outstanding (yes, "Jane Doe" is great too).

Best album this year so far is the new Mastodon though. Check it out if you haven't heard it yet.

Download the "No heroes" overview at Epitaph:
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